Three Florida Women Found Mysteriously Murdered

Part 2: Former truck driver Oscar Bolin was arrested for the murders, but he claims he is innocent.
8:54 | 08/22/15

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Transcript for Three Florida Women Found Mysteriously Murdered
Temple Florida a city of crisscrossing waterways and highways. Today a buzzing metropolis. But in 1986. This Gulf Coast city is a sleepy destination for retirees. It's in this slower more plea Tampa Natalie blanch holly is growing up. And you can see lynch year to meet here. Anita Holley Blatche is older half sister. Give me since implant just personality. Outgoing she was quite precarious. She was happy. Somebody want to talk. Show something. Lies the key heartbreaking words. On January 25 1986. Blanched leaves work from a local fast food restaurant and never makes it home. Cousins house clean and says science news. Your sister's. Kids. Been murdered. Natalie village following had been stabbed about twelve terms and her upper torso and her body had been dumped about. 1215 miles from where her car was found. A stunning crime. But residents of Tampa a barely noticed. That same day a bigger story pushes pledge Colleen right off the front page. It is the worst disaster in the history of the American space program. The Space Shuttle Challenger is destroyed full seven astronauts on board. Are killed. Eleven months passed and the holly case runs cold bin. On December 5 a second dead woman found north of Tampa 26 year old Terri Lynn Matthews a bank clerk who never made it home either. Right over here is where Terry's. And body was dumped right here on the embankment. Detective Gary clean the Pasco county sheriff's office. She was wrapped in a hospital sheet we've noticed that she had several stab wounds in the chest area she also had. Blunt trauma basically. Wounds to our head which was caused by a heavy object. Terry Lynn was last seen here on a post office security camera picking up her mail after work. Her car door was open lights were on and she had mail that's here retreat from her post office box scattered on the ground and it's a mystery. But police have barely put up the crime scene tape. When there's a third grim discovery. There was another young lady discovered in Hillsborough County. On the same day Stephanie Holland. This seventeen year old high schooler was reported missing when she never made it to church choir practice. A month lays Stephanie his body is found a half hour's drive somewhere Terry Lynn Matthews. Was discovered. When Terry Matthews body was found that subsequently Stephanie Collins on the same days. It was extremely shocking for. It left a lot of people at long armed a lot of people called and frightened. The blanched colleague Terry Matthews and Stephanie Collins three young women abducted beaten and dumped. All within a twenty mile radius. Couldn't do murders of these links. Police had no way of knowing and the investigation stalls and even on the reward for information goes unclaimed. It isn't like for the family all of these months and months and nothing you try to tuck the pain away and deal with a little bit at a time because it's it's perilous. Did after four painful years of great. A crime stoppers tipster puts detectives in touch with Cheryl Joseph Colby who has an incredible story about her ex husband. His name Oscar Reeve Boland. Sheryl Coe V. Admitted being at home 1 evening when mr. Boland Walton and through. Through a person. In front over the fact is she saw a driver's license of a female that was in the purse. He told her that he just overthrown. Phelps Natalie blanch following. Commerce. An even bigger shock. Colby also reveals that she was wit Oscar tonight Stephanie Collins went missing this time saying it wasn't just a person she saw what a person. Cheryl moving wind with mr. Boland to an area in northern Hillsborough County health -- bridge road games actually observed him dump the body. Stephanie Collins have truck in the roadside. But what about the third murdered woman Terri Lynn Matthews. Police reach out to other bowling family members including Oscars half brother Phil. When we. Met with fil a bowl and he told us of the night of traders murder when he walked out to Wear Oscar was he Saul. They body wrapped in a sheet and at that point Oscar bowl and struck her several times in the head. The noose now tightening around one person. But it's fibers found at all three crime scenes that ultimately tie Oscar golden to all. Three victims who actually took evidence. That they recovered the crime scene different samples and sent those for the FBI laboratory in Washington DC. And that's where the FBI laboratory was able to link forensic league. Those cases. We've got to hear match from his head to the Stephanie Collins case that matches his head here. The FBI laboratory also found war firebird that connected the Terri Lynn Matthew's case the Stephanie Collins case and the Nathalie Blanchard. Homicide case also all three case. Finally police believe they've found their killer a serial killer there is no way us issues. We've got overwhelming evidence. We've got him when forensic that we. With these homicide cases. Oscar only works as a trucker but when police go to arrest him he wasn't traveling the open road. They find him here in Ohio's eleven on prison serving 25 to 75 years for kidnapping and rape. Bowling is arrested and brought to Tampa by the time he stands trial years later he says he can't remember where he wants the knights of the three murders. There's the band you're able. Cause the death of Terri Lynn Matthews there is no tie there. Is no connection. To Oscar Ruble and. To this offense the defense goes on the attack saying the evidence is circumstantial. Witnesses lied and that this state is setting Oscar up. Each murder is tried separately. Yet through all the testimony the grieving mothers of all three victims are banded together sitting side by side air. Three game there was an amazing strength balancing the three of them together. Can't imagine how would have been if they'd been alone they were sisters in pain they were right there for each other since he's Susan Payne. On and they learn to love each other respect each other he supported each other. After countless days of testimony multiple trials and hearings Oscars fate is sealed. Eisenhower and into the court that it impose the death penalty upon Oscar ray boon junior. Three death sentences for us prove we've only emotionally distraught victim's families only. I believe there's one death penalty came back like less than ten minutes less time than you would think it would take to make the vote and press the button for the bail. What went through your mind when we heard him saying that. It just me and I felt that he got what he deserved and it's just great sense of relief. But that. Relief is short lived cook of forensic evidence that helped put Oscar Boland a weight actually be his ticket to three dump all these years later. Once the FBI won't this is what I've been waiting for. And while the verdict is one nightmare for the families another is just beginning. And the breaking news comes from us or you're telling me. It's definitely on imminent. Now. Not at this moment. I. Chris crime. Stay with us.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"Part 2: Former truck driver Oscar Bolin was arrested for the murders, but he claims he is innocent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"33242824","title":"Three Florida Women Found Mysteriously Murdered","url":"/2020/video/florida-women-found-mysteriously-murdered-33242824"}