'General Hospital': Afternoon Delight

Part 3: A survey of the evolution of sex on "GH," from the prim old days to pasties and thongs.
5:26 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for 'General Hospital': Afternoon Delight
When you've got so you know that means sag. And lots of the and bringing the general hospital aren't you guessed it he's the you -- Who doesn't want. Amounts of television. Person comes to the show and it's an embrace it may have been nine on the. Plus does make you comfortable. -- -- -- -- -- Yes. First order of business and a love scene gentlemen he's losing that's -- -- -- give you quality take Richard up from two weeks previously put the phone down to couple -- -- off from work. -- Thank you for three days before you do it. -- -- -- We believe they will still velcro into insurance that the woman just -- the -- turned off. Without having to be a long drawn out admitted that -- Some fifteen officers Kittanning open condom wrappers that their -- and it's not just the men agreeing on the afternoon delight. Here you are having an opportunity to -- in -- with the most beautiful women in television. My -- just don't have any class they make Nellie is let Steve Burton street Bernard you know I'm not fair. Think nice -- -- follows port Charles and Texas Roger collar fan and garage. I mean the list goes on -- -- Panama. -- and normally and complaining that could have been Hastings didn't she. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you think that's outrageous consider that -- Monica -- -- to a spot had an affair with a tennis pro who was later revealed to be her husband Alan nephew Ned Ashton son of Monica's sister in law Tracy Porter me. All of my friends yeah that's right yes I didn't know that I had a brief fling with my nephew Ned and I were involved -- green -- like yeah. But this -- fifty shades of GH field. And one of -- shave it. He is too good to stay cuts coming you don't have to keep -- -- on the ground and kissed him. -- sure yet that hasn't always been so racy. Back in the day it took a lot less to cause -- scandal you couldn't say pregnant and look at Columbia. Intimacy on television machines throughout the years and think with someone's hands touched back in the fifties or sixties. There's a very electric moment over the years ago you couldn't even issued a husband and wife in the same ballot. -- This in anything about a bed with the -- still here. I don't know what -- fast. I don't know that I ever actually. Made not demanding that -- A lot of sofa love a lot of people are low not many -- have bedroom fast because the cost a lot of money so generally if you're having sex. -- -- -- -- -- It's at the hospital. -- -- against Islam or its in the ring. Sand on the grass but no matter -- location is. -- -- unless you come with instructions. -- You know move your arms -- shoulder turner a little -- the last move your head out of the way she rollover touches. Days with so much stop and -- -- It's hard to get in the movie fell in love and money you can you can try you know enemy but then he got -- -- to show there than we -- -- -- that the army -- has the -- and yet it's and I think frustrated the what's the mood is sad and it handles magically ignited just picture the fire doesn't get too hot if you know what I mean. We had a long running joke with the managed to code word was. Dead puppies this think about that -- Amounted to spend. It's either that -- grandma's. And I was sorry for -- we can't say that can. Little little chemistry in real life doesn't hurt when you're trying to create chemistry on camera to have them to. Sex appealing -- -- secret lust and get a secret. Questions -- I have some other Michael but I did not have an -- on the -- of its announcement I must say she knew that the -- -- Actually -- something from them but it's not. I have been on the -- -- general hospital where they realized coupled with playing a love scene and they were just completely new. And more realistic and every way which. What I could do what I wish I could do I usually was doing when the scene was over. He out we'll just give them Dresser much can we -- that.

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{"id":18898537,"title":"'General Hospital': Afternoon Delight","duration":"5:26","description":"Part 3: A survey of the evolution of sex on \"GH,\" from the prim old days to pasties and thongs.","url":"/2020/video/general-hospital-afternoon-delight-18898537","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}