'General Hospital': A Visitor's Guide to Port Charles

Part 4: Take a witty tour through the town that "GH" has called home for 50 years.
5:46 | 04/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'General Hospital': A Visitor's Guide to Port Charles
If -- checking in here at the metro court hotel in port Charles any time soon whether for business or pleasure. We thought you might need -- visitors guide to help you navigate your way around town. -- how do. Just look at what -- tell. This city and expecting -- expert. When you're asking for your -- support -- -- closed for. I couldn't weather and good about these rituals by the end at palm -- and would -- -- from his yeah. Don't forget America. There's always a slight chance that -- -- we'll try to freeze the entire city. Decided to lower the temperature and watch those -- will be. There's only one full service hotel in port Charles. Where is where it all goes down -- the and I mean full service and my hotel I -- -- Allen make down the middle of my hotel and like I am the worst hotel -- And -- yes a few years back the entire town was taken hostage here I am that man. Looking for a place to grab a meal -- at least for local. I'm Kelly it's the meeting place would -- -- have a romantic lunch with the permanent. -- sit down. -- -- irritability and not beautiful or if you're doing a little traffic. Must try the floating -- The floating -- this -- bar -- -- -- Where people sometimes there's a song he's an anti -- on the tables Smith will invariably be a funny. Our have been -- something at someone else. -- one cautionary -- when driving from one hot spot to another. Really careful. His -- a terrible drivers. Penn street and runs. -- I just wait you know ran right over the body can't go. And then -- into my license. If you're unlucky on the roads -- don't worry. A general hospital will receive downright miraculous care. It's not as if they don't -- mishmash -- it's amazing things today within a couple days to discover that what we're looking there's an acute case -- and there are -- Be aware there's a good chance he may run into gunshot victims while you're at general hospital and -- -- -- for the first PlayStation start with the returns because everybody -- have to. Access to -- -- and finds a gun. Had been shot and I've been held at gunpoint I got shot in the back how many times my -- insurers can't thank you have lost track. I shot myself in the foot and wants to Wear a bulletproof -- the best way to stay safe during their visit to prevent the -- Certain on a dark room. No one goes get a -- You can conclude that it's a place for serious conversations you should not interfere didn't gunfights. -- -- -- Perhaps you're just in town to attend a -- -- -- Stunned that I would like they didn't drink and -- more often than not -- -- cash price point it's lovers. Stunning confession. And some -- yes you guessed it. -- -- Okay. Let it actually did take place don't always last very long and once you get married you know pretty much that it's been. Six months management's. Yeah. -- pretty. In -- expectant mother you should know that women here are prone to going into labor. At the most unexpected times. In elevators. Don't -- all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- mom with even shocked. -- -- -- -- Be sure to keep -- -- sign on your children in port Charles. The only thing when I mean what would you have to have a home for its Seattle. -- -- -- I was very quickly you -- And yeah. And Jordan condition known as -- -- -- -- -- -- He's -- effect only so hard for children. That happened and I remember one teachings so it's. Years. Their legs you know. Never seen him in changing diapers no sudden there right. Low. And held event happens that hit the million. -- -- -- Yemen port Charles is clean -- And that's why are. -- -- --

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{"id":18898637,"title":"'General Hospital': A Visitor's Guide to Port Charles","duration":"5:46","description":"Part 4: Take a witty tour through the town that \"GH\" has called home for 50 years.","url":"/2020/video/general-hospital-visitors-guide-port-charles-18898637","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}