Harvey Weinstein fired from his company, says 'I gotta get help': Part 5

On Oct. 5, The New York Times published its story reporting allegations by numerous women saying Weinstein sexually harassed them.
7:09 | 10/14/17

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Transcript for Harvey Weinstein fired from his company, says 'I gotta get help': Part 5
Reporter: Time lapse, sunset Los Angeles 2017 and Harvey Weinstein is in a familiar routine gearing up and campaigning for the 89 lt academy awards. Executive producer of another best picture contender. "Lion". I have to find my way back home. And his now decades old secret. Al dwlegations of sexual harassment and assault is guarded from the public. The culture of silence exists became it is a scary thing to go public. But that culture is change. In fact a climate change is under way even as Weinstein walks the red carpet, equally powerful media titans are being toppled for allegations of sexual misconduct. Bill Cosby. Fox CEO Roger Ailes. And late today, word of a major change at Fox News. Reporter: Bill O'Reilly. Even a 10-year-old recording of a boastful, future president trump, has come to light. When you're a star you can do anything. Reporter: And now, the facade around Weinstein begins to slip, his latest Oscar contender, lion, looses and according to some of his alleged victims, the feeling in tinsletown is, at last, Weinstein's power is waning. Goliath may finally be defenseless to his David. He's weaker. He is weaker, in the words of one producer I talked to, he was the second or third most powerful person in that business, and Nohe is the 200th. Reporter: And just 8 days ago on Thursday, October 5th, at 2:07 in the afternoon, "The New York Times" harpoons their white whale, the Weinstein story breaks. "The New York Times" reporting allegations by numerous women who say the Hollywood mogul sexually harassed them. When the times dropped their story, it was seismic. It was a culture-changing moment. I would say. Reporter: For some of Weinstein's accusers, like Paula Williams, it's a sigh of relief. Sglifs very happy. It's the shame. It -- I could feel it lifting. It -- made me feel Normal almost. And amongst good company. Reporter: In that article "The times" brings forth allegations of incidents spanning nearly 30 years, reported payoffs to at least eight women and the first bold face names, rose Mcgowan and Ashley Judd. 2:26 that same day Weinstein's first response to the allegations. Saying in part: "I appreciate the way I've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it. Reporter: But it was followed up an hour later with a more defiant Weinstein telling "The New York post" and "Daily mail" he's suing "The times" for an "Inability to be honest with me and their reckless reporting." I don't know why he thought that was a good idea, when you have all of these women coming forward. Reporter: And in fact, Lauren Sivan says, it's that response by Weinstein that brings her out of the shadows. I don't think I would have come out publicly until-- until he issued that statement. It -- it angered me so much. It just showed me how -- how delusional he is about his own behavior. Reporter: Time lapse, new York City, night. It's Sunday, October 8th, 7:35 P.M., the Weinstein company announces Harvey Weinstein has been fired from the very company he founded. By late Monday October 9th, an increasingly vocal chorus of a-listers who once sung his praises, come out to condemn him. Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, Kate winslet and by the next morning, Jennifer Lawrence has issued her own condemnation. And at 9:18 A.M. After five days of public silence Ben Affleck, a Weinstein protege, denounces him on Facebook. Writing in part that he was "Saddened and angry" and "We must support those who come forward, condemn this type of behavior when we see it." But his response has an unintended consequence. Rose Mcgowan calls out Affleck on Twitter, accusing him of knowing for years about Weinstein's alleged incident with her, she claims Affleck once said, "I told him to stop doing that." She adds in her tweet, "You said that to my face, you lie." You can just see in her words what a life-transforming event her encounter with Harvey Weinstein was for her. The level of trauma is spectacular. Reporter: She would later tweet a bigger bombshell not naming Weinstein directly but claiming hw raped me. Tuesday, October 10th, 10:50 A.M., a new bombshell report publishes online, this one in "The new Yorker," by Ronan farrow. Did you ever imagine when you wrote this article, the fallout. As huge, and as far reaching as it's been? The very first interview I did for this story was an on the record actress with an allegation of rape. From that very first moment of reporting this, it was apparent that this was something historic. His story raises the bar higher his figures accuse Harvey of raping them. In some cases accuse Harvey of sexual assault. And that changes the nature of the conversation overnight. Reporter: Weinstein, this time through a spokesperson, issues a statement: "Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein." The ink on his response isn't even dry and the story has blown past his apology. Reporter: By 7:15 P.M. That night, with his storied career in a spectacular five-day freefall, the chickens have literally come home to roost. That evening his wife Georgina announces she is leaving him after ten years of marriage. Even his own brother, and partner, Bob Weinstein castigates him publicly calling him "A very sick man." I don't see this as a grand shakespearean fall in the sense that was not someone we placed great love and affection for who fell. He was feared. He was admired. And in some ways it's the kind of thing that only happens in the movies. Reporter: Wednesday, October 11th, Weinstein makes his final public comments to reporters in this video, before allegedly heading to a treatment facility: "I'm not doing ok but I'm trying. I gotta get help, guys." Reporter: But he might need more than rehab.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"On Oct. 5, The New York Times published its story reporting allegations by numerous women saying Weinstein sexually harassed them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"50474358","title":"Harvey Weinstein fired from his company, says 'I gotta get help': Part 5","url":"/2020/video/harvey-weinstein-fired-company-gotta-part-50474358"}