Hear O.J. Simpson speak for the first time under oath

Part 3: Attorney Daniel Petrocelli, who represented the Goldmans, asked about his relationship with Nicole.
7:16 | 02/19/17

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Transcript for Hear O.J. Simpson speak for the first time under oath
In the months after his acquittal OJ Simpson had gone back to his life in the limelight. Beaming at golf outings and autograph signings. But friend Kim Goldman are plotting their second chance at justice a wrongful death lawsuit. For the first time PS to testify. In the criminal case you can say I'm not gonna testify. In a civil case you don't have that right. To prepare for a OJ's appearance on the stand lawyer Dan Petrocelli will spend eleven days reeling him in a pretrial deposition. With a video camera recording every moment. They are in a tiny windowless conference room joining them across the table is Fred Goldman. This was day the subject of great great. Discussion about his civility to sit through and be within three or four feet of OJ Simpson. Get a conference room where there there's a bailiff is a security guards did you ever searching for a weapon. No Heidi insurgent he had hall of his trust. In the legal process. Columnist for among children a process that resulted in 121. Hours of deposition. Of OJ Simpson and other witnesses. That video long stored away in these boxes is part of the stash of evidence from the civil case. Combs through by filmmakers. And then featured in two documentaries. On a any and LA man. Transcripts excesses thousands of faces transmitters it includes pages of Nicole's diary. It's a very shocking terrific read the abusive and actually start the very first year they famous blue jays golf bag. Some size twelve golf shoes. That still have the dirt and for the last golf game and those tapes these are just some of the deposition tapes that were recorded on agency VHS. The Haitian S deposition of Orenthal James Simpson. I'm curious what they too if you thought when you first watched us it was incredible moment. Good morning mr. Simpson. My name is Daniel Petrocelli I represent plaintiff Frederick Goldman in this lawsuit against you well when he first walked in I was panel. Justice frivolous kind of attitude. Actress dreaded then making jokes jokes at a deposition about it and learned never took any of it seriously. A clerk. He put his arms behind his head and leave waved back in the chair to his now home. Known Janice. And little while later he put his head down on the table and you could hear mumbling and cancer now naming him Louis just another. Inconveniencing. For Dan Petrocelli was ammunition Gloria do you know why the blood on the console of the bronco is consistent with a mixture of Ron Goldman's and Nicole. Yeah. You know why the blood on the socks in your bedroom snatched Nicole's blood you know. Your mission during this deposition was to catch him up. On every single inconsistency. Because if you can prove either lying about. All these small things he can also be lying about the one big thing exactly ethnic of course what this little baby and where were you between ten and eleven. I don't know will be asked whether a question. I was told Dan didn't take any crap from him. We're here to get your if they get asking what did he say I don't recall parents were so I don't know what I say but don't you ask me I just hit where we're allowed to US news. Dan Petrocelli spent days hammering at OJ's tumultuous relationship with Nicole grilling him on the photographs of her bruised and battered face. You cross scars on her face didn't. That's incorrect and you can't airlifted to conduct incorrect you hit her with your best and you Carter lived to split open his act rank that's incorrect you see those bruises on her face no. I don't see anything. Not how messy this I think. I'm you don't think this picture reflects any of bruising or injuries and her remarks on the poles faced don't I don't what do you think this reflects and reflects doing a movie the word dorms we're doing makeup. I really thank. Cup. She did that pretend like he's he's done really well he says she was wearing makeup for a horror movie that they were ash. He had so many at explanations. What you do to erupt over what does that mean certainly that my hands on her. And I was trying to force her out of my bedroom. We rattled. Eventually Simpson admits to hurting the cold it won't say how old. Never struck anyone in this case correct correct. He never pressure wife either correct nor heard my life yes he never struck with your hands for I never punched her yes. He ever strike or no giver herder yes you were physically harder yes giver bruiser yesterday were making black and blue. I think any marks has all her I take full responsibility for I don't know what else you want me to do I take total responsibility. Why forward because I should know. Hammond the situation where did all my life from the cold no matter what was going on how to handle it without being physical winner in that time I got physical weather and I'm ashamed of it. How we should not have happened. The only thing he will admit to is this sort of blames yet. I am responsible. I was responsible for but I didn't do it. I'm not asking you about moral or other responsibility I'm asking for what happened. OK yes you had your fingers around her throat correct. I could've touched her neck yes we couldn't touch initially had a violent episode wasn't at the rookie Justin was. She's my intro was I take full responsibility and has though this. You know this was an apology made on some pressed for something you know we're in a foreigner legal proceedings. You know rages affair. Description of the year your state of mind correct or not it's not not anger and anger intense anger. Anger and the angry not at hitter that's. I don't know what you just continue to batter him for a better him. That's right and appropriate word mr. baker. One of the witnesses also deposed is AC cowlings OJ Simpson's best friend and the driver of that white bronco. He is asked about a time he took Nicole to the hospital for injuries she sustained from O Chang. There is a rather substantial. Injury she had over right on that tape and here's that wasn't mr. carlin's I and I don't morals are she'd stated to me that Gloria was certain that I was concerned. For her will be mister Collins I'm going to ask if you recognize that picture. Us and he recognized that faith. And does that he begins to cry what happened. I think Al Cowlings was deeply conflicted he was very close to know called. Good Morning America clear creek. Collings however who has blindly loyal listeners.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Part 3: Attorney Daniel Petrocelli, who represented the Goldmans, asked about his relationship with Nicole.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"34058371","title":"Hear O.J. Simpson speak for the first time under oath","url":"/2020/video/hear-oj-simpson-speak-time-oath-34058371"}