The Heroes of Hurricane Sandy

Meet the brave nurses who saved tiny lives in the face of Sandy's wrath.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for The Heroes of Hurricane Sandy
As you've seen this weekend so many of us here in the northeast -- felt firsthand. It often takes the worst to bring out the very best in people. From going door to door to rescue the stranded two offering something as simple as a warm meal for a chance to recharge cell phone. The heroes of hurricane sandy are definitely out in full force. So actually makes a hero tonight as his first phase of search and rescue winds down. And the brand new fear moves to gas and fuel running out take a look at some of the most memorable heroes on land and sea. The rain has really not good preview program -- -- 150 yards out what we already have rescues ongoing. -- sixty million Americans braced for the storm of the century the images were -- win. A devastating waterworld the flooding fire -- here. But in the midst of those heartbreaking losses were stories of heart -- courage. Every rescue of a desperate rush to save lives -- to -- up to my -- sometime -- over my head with a second story window do. These -- helped them down from the second. -- -- Some of the most vulnerable and that twenty tiny babies catalyst in the ninth floor neonatal intensive care unit. At NYU -- and medical center. They were among the hundreds of patients evacuated. After the East River flooded the hospital and -- backup generator lost power. We -- something in -- nurses it's a challenging job in the best of times and babies ranging in size from just under two pounds to four pounds. And require constant and careful planner with patients like. Access -- -- what is what is your job entail exactly are you monitoring constantly these babies and every single -- absolutely you can see the monitors at all times. Late Monday afternoon. Hurricane sandy is in full force as winds and rain -- but the windows it is time for regime change. The -- nurses begin briefing the night shift nurses currently settings on the ventilator are such and such in the east feeding this the medication is best suddenly the room plunges into blackness. Those machines keeping busy he's -- if all goes silent. And for one brief moment every one freezes. Then the alarms begin to ring as emergency batteries kicking in -- -- -- -- action for the generators to Ellis hospital work but for now we UN shock that you and -- is absolutely absolutely. Everybody ran a citation make sure that the babies were in the fine if you -- your phone with a flashlight on a phone you held it right over the baby every time and commitment. -- thankfully they have gas that's your instinct when the scariest moments for me wise. When I looked out the window and they -- that. 34 street was completely flooded and at that point we hadn't started evacuation -- And I would in my mind I was like how we can best -- -- that the eighties were considered critical needing help from machines debris. Without power the nurses reliant battery powered respirators to pump oxygen into diabetes lungs the clock was ticking what was your best estimate collectively just how much time you had. Before you were in real trouble with these tiny base I would say four hours. In -- would've worked for four hours. The rest of you about the same time. -- to retrieve any rock she was the nurse for the most critical baby -- just had abdominal surgery that -- before. And since it's a two to accountable to pound baby just out of surgery centers and to me that's still unable to breathe on his -- On medications to -- -- his blood pressure. I'm not so that cardiac pull back so it was our first it will take up. Each baby was surrounded by -- team of medical staff at least five -- child. The security guards and secretariat joining the journey ninth place down. Unable to generate their own eat the babies are placed on morning -- and -- -- Flashlights and cell phones like the way the use hand held bags to pump air into the babies it's we literally. Synchronized our steps -- going down nine flights. I would say step step step. Step today they showed us how they carefully navigated the stairs with their fragile cargo. There's so tiny. You you have to how did you know how much to squeeze when -- manually that game because isn't there a danger you couldn't. -- alone I think too much parent asked her if you had to be careful because. Your adrenaline flow -- Charles igniting a baby down -- -- Hank and are we calling else -- -- that was -- was it scary. To hold this tiny being this tiny child this treasured baby and I found I was -- worried about. OK let me not trip on the staircase southern carrying somebody is precious child health and -- silent -- be unforgivable in my particular patient on. She had her eyes -- she was really -- -- that something is going on -- things are changing here this is not my usual environment. Let -- emerged -- line of ambulances was waiting. This video a nurse Margot Condon cradling a tiny baby -- moved on a Gurney. Struck a -- worldwide. But Condit had a singular focus is making sure that this too was in place and the baby -- -- that you're never taking your eyes and I mean I was packing plant and maybe what that to. Like the other nurses she did not -- -- it. Her precious patient helped keep her home. I am I felt like big babies we're giving you those confident -- because yes I -- -- CMA not. Not to be patents only celibate every time it looked down that they need debate and is ultimately -- It was -- iconic image of Margo and her claims charge that symbolized this kind of listen. But so many during hurricane Stanton. During the. In the darkness of the storm I think we also saw what's brightest. In American nurses. NYU hospital -- fragile newborns. To safety. Even President Obama. Talked about you ladies. And the work you did after seeing that picture of you mark what this out why. It -- -- get -- -- Arabia. -- You know our home -- -- being mentioned that was very touching. But president -- shout out can't hold a candle to the emotional gratitude from the parents of -- Eighty Jackson was one of the last two evacuated by nurse CNB Keon -- during. He is now -- -- fewer hospital. Now I'm just so thankful. And he was -- from my client through the whole time. -- -- -- -- And at mount Sinai hospital. Lewis Martinez wrapped her arms around her spent Malarkey. And let anything happen. -- whose arms -- to pound baby Emma survived. And then and apparently -- was. -- -- -- -- Something to give to anyone of them but I -- this is thank you thank you and thank you.

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{"id":17631284,"title":"The Heroes of Hurricane Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the brave nurses who saved tiny lives in the face of Sandy's wrath.","url":"/2020/video/heroes-hurricane-sandy-17631284","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}