Hotel Confidential: Insider Tips From Ex-Hotel Worker

Tip early and often, or there's a "thousand ways" staff can get revenge, Jacob Tomsky said.
3:00 | 11/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hotel Confidential: Insider Tips From Ex-Hotel Worker
Looks like a carjacking doesn't. But it's actually a car market wire room hotel ballet captured in a Pittsburgh parking garage and posted anonymous. -- valet Parker probably got hired last week probably getting fired next week doesn't really had a much. Jacob -- he worked his way from. Ballets too much valued currency -- and now in his book heads in beds he reveals much coveted secrets of the in experience. For example the -- -- -- -- -- -- Balance and make any money to get that dollars so it so there's there's a focus on speed of course when it comes out students. There. Announced he says come to the -- but your friend president Jackson -- upgrade to yours. Flash attitude instead. Watch your back is it true that there is a culture of revenge that exists on behalf of the staff. Without a doubt there's a thousand ways that I can get back to you. For something you don't even know you did you know you yell at your your daughter -- -- I don't like you know you're gonna get a -- room. And -- do with a straight face absolutely longtime policy -- Michael Fazio -- -- or cheap guests have their behavior secretly recorded. Computer -- we know people it. -- So it's an absolutely. Even if you check into a different hotel from the same chain and we'll learn that you or a Peta. -- -- -- -- -- So when I show up I want to carry my bags at the forms of -- man I don't wanna pay the -- through it you're aware that guys like me exist. What is you know guilt and fear is that can be applied to you very easily I would just say the Bellman and taking -- -- -- -- real declarative. Sentence that you can't you can't really fight. Probably if you spread that risk look -- Not the -- and enjoyment are as varied that it lingering. Tied to very strong skill and a lingering SMS and ever been applied to you like someone just. You know stands a little too long makes -- a little too uncomfortable. And then you reach for you while.

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{"id":17819904,"title":"Hotel Confidential: Insider Tips From Ex-Hotel Worker","duration":"3:00","description":"Tip early and often, or there's a \"thousand ways\" staff can get revenge, Jacob Tomsky said.","url":"/2020/video/hotel-confidential-insider-tips-hotel-worker-17819904","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}