Hotel housekeepers use panic buttons to call for help: Part 4

"My Reality: A Hidden America": Several housekeepers told ABC News' Diane Sawyer they have been harassed by guests and some hotels have given them a device to help them feel safer.
6:39 | 04/21/18

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Transcript for Hotel housekeepers use panic buttons to call for help: Part 4
They are so K. No clothes. The other guys tried to HOL down. Rhere is a silent, invisible force of workers tonight. Mess from roomleaners, housekeepers asking us to tell their story. Eveime that I going to the room, I say oh my god, 'S going THA today? Repor one and a half million of them, 88% female. They tell us for one who speaks, many morereust too afraid of getting fired. Pletely naked and told me welcome. Hokobe. Ter: Overhe years D think that was the fact house keepers wi I had no idenyone W here. Don't wor AUT it. No big Al. Reporter: No big deal unless you are the person in that housekping unifo but gave up her managerial job in Mexico to coo legal American worker. Bye, mami I LE Papi. Reporter: She just wanted her family tve a widerorizon. To find a better future. Reporter: She alsys we have no idea what housekeepers face. Telling usutguest who asked her for extra towels. I ring bemes, nobo. I was like he's not I get the towels, them nicely, put them in the bathroom. He was wng he was nude and masturbated. I said, what!I was, my leking. Reporte she says she got a sense some people thought she was over-reacting. Everybody do time, here, you know what, not in my face. The problem is the guests think that we are included in the price,heel price. In the amenities. Amenities. We are workers. Eporter: A tag a look at the shear isity of what Ty do Hi. Reporter: This is jetmira, who shows us the daily athleti challee. Have to do4 rooms a day and 14 bathrooms. It's very very hard work Reporter: It is stron her ba, and the bending, the pushing, the lift it's no nder one mal journal shows housekeepers have a lot more iies than oer service workers. Tmira had ceamed of become a lawyer, but life gave her a family to support. So she puts her talento clean. This is for the tiles in the throom to inside the Rep she won't leave the room until every inch is exactly right. Reporver wonder about those perfectly unwrinkled sheets? We use R to spray the sheets to remove all the wrinkles. H Rter: Yet evetmira who always follows her training to knock three times loly, never surp a guest, admits to being wary of what might be on the othede. You have a T half naked and is just waiting behind the door, and you doknow -- And it was not anent? No, it's not an accident. Orhen we look more deeply into the shadows of anstimated tee to four million domc workers who cleauses and oic day ghemselves. It was just my word over his but it was one of the most humiating times offe. One M told us, we are not people who are valued. Eporter: It's a woman in seatnamed etelbina who's cleaned houses for 18 years. She makes ab$23,000 a ar. $20 in herank acco she makes a small lunch and heads out to clean. She phones us because she wants everyone to know she wor about fety. But if she has to E a job in fear, shy not get id and etelbina says that not paying herills means not having a home. Reporter: So re anything anyone can do? In cgo, Millie Irons her hotel uniform, gathers ur back brace and her wrist brace she us because of the in of her work.e says she H to escape some hotel guests by locking herself in anothoom. But she wants us to know that there's a L can a big difrence in her life. Think anyone can he. Reporter: Her union has been fighting to get H a panic button. She's hoping to have it soon. Jetmira already hae now E feels safe. We can put it in our pocket, and nobody can see Rht Bause nobodknows what I'm doin' and I might be playing withirt and then I can St press it and nobody knows that. Help is onheay. And it just vibrates. Yes. So doesn't sigthem. No. It jusvibrates. Reporter: We found out it rks. Here? Reporter: In minutes, the security chief bls up to T or. We just were testing it. Oh, ok. It worked. It wo. Thank you. You're welcome. Repr:s he shows me how the button helps him track a HOL worker. If she hides in a closet, a stairweleeds help am. I can track her. F she goesnto another room, we kshe went io anotheom. Rorter: As of tonight only about 2% of hotel W have buttons. One afternoon he midwestwe just pl off the ad and walk into a ranhotel. We seeleaning attendant, we ask to speak with her. Were you at your stn? W in a roomleaning. Reporter: She tells us her manager on duty, a woman, ly do care about hefety, but L she has her own strategies. I always keep the door open always. Ays. And they go and thdoor, I go back and I open the door. Reporter: She kther housekeepers think about how to fend for themselves, too. Mace, carry mace. If you el that it's necessar Ta self-defense class. Reporter: For some of the rest workers his nation a hidden reality. Only askinf is poss, don't L them behind.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"\"My Reality: A Hidden America\": Several housekeepers told ABC News' Diane Sawyer they have been harassed by guests and some hotels have given them a device to help them feel safer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"54624359","title":"Hotel housekeepers use panic buttons to call for help: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/hotel-housekeepers-panic-buttons-call-part-54624359"}