Incredible People Who Became Heroes This Year

Act 6: Honoring those who rose above and renewed the world's faith in the human spirit in 2013.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Incredible People Who Became Heroes This Year
in the face of tragedy or impossible circumstances, there are people who decide, sometimes in the blink of an eye, to step in and take action. In 2013, there was no shortage of heros who inspired us and renewed our faith in the human spirit. Reporter: Anid chaos of faithfuls boston bombing, heros emerged. Heroes like carlos arredondo. A 53-year-old handyman. There handing out american flags to honor his son a fallen marine who died in iraq. People just wounding everyone. I jumped the fence and then another blast. We start to see the catastrophe that happened there with people really, really serious conditions. Carlos in his cowboy hat, helping the victims became a symbol of heroism. A symbol of boston strong. Carlos was a man we hoped he would be as humble as he was. He didn't think he did anything special. The fact that he stepped in and didn't feel like a hero -- she a bit in shock still. That's why he's shaking. Or martyr. He just responded like he would which is a great soul. Arredondo wasn't the only bystander who decided not to stand by. There's new york bus driver, darnell barten. 37-year-old driving over an overpass when he saw something that disturbed him. Barten stopped. Miss, you all right? Left his crowded bus. There's nothing that serious. Are you okay? And literally talked her off a ledge. Where she was was a dangerous place. Reporter: Barten sat with her until police came and when he returned to his driver's seat, his passengers applauded. Showing their support. Would silence us but they failed. Reporter: This year, outspoken pakistani student, malala showed a a taliban bull let to the head would not silence her to support girl's education. We are starving for education. For us, it's like a precious gift. It's like a diamond. After everything that has happened to her, to continue to speak out despite death threats at her edge is remarkable. Having myva pricy has helped immensely. Reporter: And the three cleveland women held captive for a decade by a monster showed their spirit with raised voices. I am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. The idea that she just said you will not own a piece of me. People just lost track. 32-year-old michele knight, bravely faced her excaptor in court. You took 11 years of my life away and I have got it back. I spent 11 years in hell. Aerial, it's just a game. Reporter: THIS YEAR WE SAW That disease does not have to define you. 73-year-old actress, valerie harper who brought us rhoda learned in january she has inoperable brain cancer. I have what they call -- are you ready for this? Reporter: And when "dancing with the stars" called -- ♪ Reporter: Harper stunned america and showed off her moves. ♪ I know I can't express ♪ I'm way past my expiration date and I'm dancing. Valerie harper is inspirational. The fact that she came back not only fighting but on "dancing with the stars," it showed everybody I can do this. I can believe. It's good to be alive. It is good. And it's better to be dancing. Oh, yes. Reporter: Angelina revealed her decision to under go mastectomy. What angelina did was create a conversation. Especially amongst women. This is a real option I can have that has the highest chance of having me survive some of this. I'm 40. I'm the age and I have been putting it off. Just last october, one of our own, amy robach, wanted to show our viewers how painless a breast exam could be. How are you? You did it. And weeks later, a shocking result. Amy courageously shared that the test revealed that she had breast cancer herself. I have decided to have a bilateral mastectomy. I'm going to be aggressive. I'm young. I'm 40 years old. I have a lot of life ahead of me. And having you to push me to do this to say you can do this, you save midlife. ♪ daylight. I know god hasn't given up and I'm not either. Reporter: Some heroes are not content to settle for the hand they've been dealt. In october, 15-year-old life-long foster kid davion only stood before his local church and asked the congregation f a family, any family, could adopt him. I'll take anyone he said. Young or old, dad or mom, black, white, purple, I don't care. To love me forever. I just want someone to love me for who I am and just me. Have me in their house and love me no what thor what. Reporter: His simple requests led from hundreds of applications from families. He wanted love so badly. I don't care what you look like. I want love. And I want to give it back. Reporter: And the best news -- davion moved in with a perspective-forever family. And if all goes well, it looks like he will be getting his wish.

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{"id":21285340,"title":"Incredible People Who Became Heroes This Year","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 6: Honoring those who rose above and renewed the world's faith in the human spirit in 2013.","url":"/2020/video/incredible-people-heroes-year-21285340","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}