Joey Buttafuoco pleads guilty to statutory rape of Amy Fisher: Part 7

Courted by numerous media outlets, the Buttafuocos began making TV appearances. After Joey’s plea deal, he was sentenced to six months in jail, a $5,000 fine and five years’ probation.
7:12 | 11/09/19

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Transcript for Joey Buttafuoco pleads guilty to statutory rape of Amy Fisher: Part 7
So the three movies were "Amy fisher: My story," which was based on my book. And then "Casualties of love," and that one starred Alyssa Milano as Amy. The third movie was ABC's version, "The Amy fisher story." Whatever Amy wants, Amy gets. And that one starred drew barrymore. There were three made-for-tv movies? The story kept cloning itself. Each day got crazier and crazier. I couldn't believe this. You know, a month earlier, I'm a housewife from Long Island, and now I'm national news. When I first went on, in 1991, oh, my gosh, there had to be seven or eight daytime talk shows. We had Phil Donahue, Oprah, Geraldo Rivera, Joan rivers, Jenny Jones. You had myself. Many, many of these shows were courting us. It was a staple of television, and we all co-existed, because there was enough of an audience, and yet at the same time, we were very competitive. Donahue calls, promising the world. "Come on. Tell us your story. Tell us your side, Joey." Right? I thought, "Okay, this is a good chance for me to tell my side." My dad loved it, and I think my mom hated it, but went along with it 'cause she didn't know any better, and she didn't know she could say no. So we get on Donahue and it started out not so great, and it got real bad real fast. From a woman to a woman, I just want to say, wake up. And it was an ambush. It was an absolute ambush. I sat there like a deer in the headlights. If it looks like a snake, talks like a snake, and walks like a snake, Mary Jo -- It was degrading. It was embarrassing. It was just a nightmare. Six months after I've got a bullet in my head, I'm -- I'm being lambasted because I'm sticking with my husband and he's a liar. I'm not pretending to be a tough guy, but I wanted to punch him right in his nose. One of the biggest regrets of my life is that I did not get up and tell Phil Donahue to go Himself. Joey's lawyer didn't think that was enough. He says, "Now we gotta go on Larry king." I've got a bullet in my head. I'm -- I'm sick as a dog. I'm on all kinds of medications for anxiety and pain and my lawyer is yelling at me, "You've got to do this. You've got to do this." Nobody badgers Mary Jo into doing anything. She does whatever her mind tells her what to do. Joey went off on the "Clear Joey's name" tour. She's the daughter of a customer, Mr. Fisher's daughter, and that's all she is to me." And he wound up getting' himself indicted. Had Joey, when he was being represented by kornberg, not opened his mouth, he never would have been arrested. He was constantly goading the media and making statements to the point where people were coming forward. The person that ended up coming forward was an employee at the auto body shop, and he came forward on "Geraldo." Did he ever mention a young lady by the name of Amy fisher to you, George? He told me that he made love to her several times. When I asked how old she was, he admitted that she was 16 years old. With all of this information coming out, and the witness coming forward, the d.a.'s hand is forced to charge Joey with statutory rape. So they came up with a 19-count indictment against him. The buttafuoco indictment charges him with 6 counts of statutory rape, 12 counts of sodomy, and a single count of endangering the welfare of a child. I don't think the public would've been satisfied. After a while, they had to charge Joey. It would've looked like a mockery if they hadn't. I went to Dominic and I said, "Dominic, I just want to end this. I need to end this." He says, "Let me see what I can do." So he met with the judge, and he met with everybody and made a On New York's Long Island today, another sad chapter in the story of Amy fisher and her onetime lover, Joey buttafuoco. He was in court today to be sentenced for statutory rape, having sex with someone under the legal age. I will never forget. It was like a roar, like this, like -- here he is kind of thing? It was an odd noise. Like, people were cheering for him in a weird way. When this relationship began, I was not just a 16-year-old teenager taken to bed by a man more than twice my age. I was a 16-year-old teenager shown a world I was not ready for. You can save your face or you can save your butt, but you can't save 'em both at the same time. So what do you do? In the beginning, I saved my face. My butt was on that grill for a long time, and then I just surrendered to it. The judge threw the book at Joey buttafuoco today, sentencing him to the maximum allowable under the plea bargain. Six months in jail, a $5,000 fine, and five years' probation. I'm glad I took the plea because I would rather be here dealing with this than inside, trying to get out. I did something I never thought I would have to do in my entire life, and that was go visit my husband in prison, and I took my children with me. I wanted them to see their father. Well, the first time my dad went to jail, it was pretty surreal. What sticks out the most now is, and it makes me kind of sad, I drew a lot of pictures. I colored a lot of coloring books so he could post it on his wall. You know, and that's just messed up. That's a messed up exchange between a father and daughter to have to do. We made it through the first bout of jail. Buttafuoco was released from the Nassau county jail this morning after he served four months for the statutory rape of Amy fisher. I did what I had to do to end it. I did my time and I'm going home to my family. I'm going home. We were home, and I thought, "Okay, we --" each week I would think, "Okay, we made it. We made it, we made it, we made it." And now Hollywood comes calling. My dad, he's always getting into mischief. Mischief seems to always get into him. Things would calm down for a little bit, and then, you know, Joey would do something'. Another shoe would drop. Joe was asked to come out to California and he got arrested for soliciting a hooker. Well, he gets arrested for driving up to a prostitute in front of an ice cream store, which caused a violation of probation. Comes home again. It wasn't him. It didn't happen this way. He didn't give her the money, whatever. You know, it was the same That I heard over and over again. He was on probation for the statutory rape. He's gonna go back to jail. That was the end of the marriage, right then and there. But I went into a spiral of depression, and I was very suicidal. Then I thought of the kids, and I thought, "Well, I'm not leaving them with this craziness." I'll put them in the car and I will asphyxiate the three of us. I'm just done. I've had it. I can't do this anymore.

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{"duration":"7:12","description":"Courted by numerous media outlets, the Buttafuocos began making TV appearances. After Joey’s plea deal, he was sentenced to six months in jail, a $5,000 fine and five years’ probation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66865264","title":"Joey Buttafuoco pleads guilty to statutory rape of Amy Fisher: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/joey-buttafuoco-pleads-guilty-statutory-rape-amy-fisher-66865264"}