John McCain taps Sarah Palin as running mate in 2nd presidential run: Part 5

After a failed bid for the presidency in 2000, McCain makes another run in 2008 and makes a surprising running mate choice.
7:55 | 08/26/18

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Transcript for John McCain taps Sarah Palin as running mate in 2nd presidential run: Part 5
The senor from izona labors for more than 30 years in what bee called rld's greatest deliberati body the united States senate. There, he didot exhibit flhts of soaring or toir nor a flare for the achemy of legislation. But behan so many others, John McCain was practiced in the St mag of leadership. Ccain was in many ways the champion of lost causes. M apuican, was known for reaching acro the were bipartisan achievements. He had no problem crossiaie. Bipartisan ship was not a badnhose days. During the Clinton Ni, McCain and anr democratic senator johnkerry, together, pushed for normalizing relations with a fr enemy -Vietnam. , He dt for his country, not for him. And it was pge to be an eyewitnesso that kind of patriotism. He pushed for finance reform. The result? The bipartisan campaign reform T, better known as the cain/feingold act. Heh Russ fi Feingold. And one O his other priorities, immigration reform. He understood that the only they're going -- the GOP and the countr going to suced they have immigration cis that E strongnd compassionate. Enor McCain wanted very badly to bece president McCain. Thank you V ch. He first ran in2000. And my principles and now M ideals and I kno M als for the future of this county. Nobody knew who was. In an effort T a get better known, H wanted full access to thdia all the time. Thus was B the strain talk ess. He was a cord. I compayself to Luke Skywalker. He was just rolling adventurer. Where you want to Ben janu 20th, 2001sir. I'd L to be raising myand I'd like T saying toamerican peopl you PEOP noreat causes anymore. Ace WHE the a hungry child, there's a great cause. Every play where there's a seitizen without a home, ther great and every place in the world where people are killing each the because of ethnic O age-old antasm,re's a great cause and'm calling to them. Snr M douhink you'ng to be president of th states? I think I H every good possibil onning. Bytime,enew we had something special happening. Headquarrsere flooded with people. Surprised the , georgebush, with an early victory in N Hampshire. He ends up winning by more than 17 points. It was this colossal la upset victory. You will always hear truth from me, N matter what, in this campaign. But he hit a snagn south Carolina, W H told voters it S them decide if told aplo the conferate Flo over the capita he was opposed the fact that F waslyingn the tath Carolina. But his advise had convinced him comingutnd saying thatld be devastating for him in south CARA. It was one of the fewes you saw McCain out a D thing tt absolutely his own persona convictions. So, M actually returned to South Carolina publicly apologize. And I wants today by owning up to my ilure. He lost south carolinnd faced a formidable oppt George wbush, G with a barrage of nege attack ad McCain would not preva in race. The majority of Republican voters made clear their preference for president is governor bush. Obama in 2008. It took himther to theht and much closer to the white house. Joh mn, terestingly, understood that he lost 2000 in P bse he did have enough conservative mantra. It's a totally different campaign from 2000. Much mor ca more ripted. But he's still not afr to speak his mind. Thatt when the wo steps up and say she's afraid O O and that he's a Muslim, wasintage McCain. Can'tst obama.I have read about him a not -- he's not -- he's a - he's a Arab. No,ma'am, no,ma'am. He's -- he's a decent family man, citizen, just happen to have disagreements wi out. And the pla to fear of foreig, fear ofimmigrants fear of tifferent than us, asnti-john McCain as you uld get. The biggest surprise of McCain's camp running mate. Hisrust gogether and says, youknow,here are lots of women who resthe fact that Hillary Clinton didn't get the nomination O pa if put on the we're G to get a L of those Tes. McCain said, well, might B a od idea.woman? They loo ad andhe see this new governor Alaska. They don't know mabouther. Picking saralin was, I some sense, the ultimate maverick move. Plucking a junior governor out of Alaska because liked her spunk, he liked attitude. Decision. He talks to her for an hour and 15 minutes. They don't talk heavy theorr politics. They don'tk about the P process in the Middle East. Buys the argument that a woman on the ticket will help him and he says, she's my running mate. Sarah Palin. He a great convention each. It looks, for a moment like this was atrokef genius I was just your arage hockey mom signed up for the pta. I love thosey . Youknow, they say the Ence betwe Hocke mom be a terrible disaster. McCain los 2008, he didnlose. Shellacked. I mean, heot beaten badlyy Barack Obama. It a Lande. The defeat was tough on him, and I K it was tough on M in part because ultimately, hediun the that he wanted to Mark salter wrote McCain's concession speech. He es, I want it to be Shor I want it to be GE, I want to is aood ING for our country. I want I to be clear that I think election of an african-amer president is a great step for the countrmerican people hav spoken and they have son clear In hindsight, many wond what did think about his choice Sarah Palin? He nevd a critical word Abt her bef or after or during orafter, notvately or publicly. I thinkit's something haunted McCain for a long tid I think didret it and had a hard time acknowleg, admitting to himself how big a mistake was. Never a quite aft his two failed presidelruns McCain's political career was far frover. He became chairman of the senate D services committee and a key er in foreign policy.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"After a failed bid for the presidency in 2000, McCain makes another run in 2008 and makes a surprising running mate choice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57408441","title":"John McCain taps Sarah Palin as running mate in 2nd presidential run: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/john-mccain-taps-sarah-palin-running-mate-2nd-57408441"}