John Robinson kills more women as the internet becomes his hunting ground: Part 4

Robinson led a double life, luring women from adult chatrooms by day and leading the life of a husband and father by night. One by one, women went missing and the trail finally led to Robinson.
7:22 | 10/05/19

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Transcript for John Robinson kills more women as the internet becomes his hunting ground: Part 4
The devil. The devil. Pure and simple. How else can you look a person in the face and take their life? How could he go home and look at his children? Robinson was a 9:00 to 5:00 serial killer. He committed all his crimes during the day. At night he's home with the family, wife and kids, later grandkids. Nobody knew what's hidden in all those barrels. By the late '80s, two more women are missing. 1984. That's when 19-year-old Paula Godfrey disappeared after making connections with Robinson. 27-year-old Catherine Clampitt was reported missing in 1987. That was one of the things that has always troubled me about this case, is all of these women disappearing. Over such a long period. And never really coming back to him. I think police had suspicions. Robinson was investigated as a suspect back then, but charges were never filed. There are people that just want to be gone, or disappear from their families, when family members are getting letters, I mean, who's to say that these aren't legitimate? It's easy to try and pin some of this on the criminal justice system. John E. Robinson was a charming, practiced liar. He fooled a lot of people in his life. John Robinson finally does go to prison, but it's not for murder. It's for fraud. He gets a job working in the prison library. And the woman who worked there as a librarian was Beverly bonner, who was married to the prison doctor. And starts an affair with her while he's an inmate. And after he was released, we Bonner leaves her family to become Robinson's girlfriend. And somewhere along the lines, she dropped out of the picture. But he collects her alimony check for a long period of time. Later, members of the family started receiving Christmas letters from Beverly bonner, who was traveling the world, having the grandest time. Police say 56-year-old John E. Robinson made many contacts over the years, most recently over the internet, in sadomasochistic sex chat rooms. The internet changed everything for us. But the internet also changed a lot for John Robinson. It gave him a new weapon. He will have five computers set up in his home. Now he had the whole world of the online, and the bdsm subculture, to be his hunting ground. We think that he is the first serial killer to transfer those skills onto the internet. He fires up his five computers, and he surfs, and sees what he can find. Polish immigrant izabela lewicka also has ties to Robinson. They hook up through the internet, and he wants her to come to Kansas essentially to be his submissive, and she suddenly disappears as well. There's a woman in Michigan named Suzette trouten. Suzette trouten picked up and came to the Kansas City area in early 2000, and ultimately her case was the one that sort of the whole house of cards came tumbling down on Robinson at that point. John Robinson was easily able to scam her into coming down here to be the caretaker for his supposedly elderly father, who had been dead for many, many years. Part of what also attracted Suzette to come down to Kansas City was this alternative lifestyle. I'm a wealthy businessman. I'm gonna take care of you. You can be my slave. And, by the way, we're gonna travel all the time, go to exotic places and just have a wonderful life. She went down there three times and he took her to the airport in a limousine, she stayed in a guest house. Trouten came here in February and very soon her mother sensed something was wrong, telling a Detroit reporter her emails were strange. Things weren't worded the way she would word tm. Everything was spelled right. And that wasn't like her either, huh? No, no. As Carolyn did not hear from Suzette, she became worried. And worried enough to the point where she decided to make a phone call to the police department. Literally within three or four days, we had a task group up and running. Suzette trouten has two pekingese dogs, peeka and Harry, who she's very, very close to. She doesn't go anywhere without these two dogs. Carolyn had told us, if you find peka and Harry and Suzette's not around, something very serious has happened to Suzette. Suzette would never have gone anywhere, not sailing, not across town, nowhere without those dogs. We needed to find those dogs. The day Suzette goes missing, there is a discovery at the trailer park where John Robinson lives. Two pekingese dogs, abandoned. Animal control is called, so they come and take the dogs. Once the investigation gets under way, a detective goes to visit one of the families who adopted one of those pekingese dogs, to find out if it could be Suzette's dog. He calls peeka by name. And says, "Peeka, come." His ears perking up, his tail starts wagging. And the dog runs immediately to this investigator. It's Suzette's dog and Suzette's probably dead. Two detectives from Kansas come to my office, and they says, "Do you remember the name John Robinson?" I leaned over and opened the bottom drawer of my desk. And I took out a file about this thick, and I laid it on my desk, and I said, "Yeah, I remember John Robinson." Carolyn trouten and the investigators are pretty confident that John Robinson had a lot to do with the disappearance of her daughter Suzette. So what does she do? She decides to get John Robinson on the phone himself. Who is this? This is John.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Robinson led a double life, luring women from adult chatrooms by day and leading the life of a husband and father by night. One by one, women went missing and the trail finally led to Robinson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66075176","title":"John Robinson kills more women as the internet becomes his hunting ground: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/john-robinson-kills-women-internet-hunting-ground-part-66075176"}