What the Jury Didn't Hear

Some evidence and experts were not allowed to be presented during the trial.
4:54 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for What the Jury Didn't Hear
So what was in the jury allowed to hear over the course of the three week trial possible skeletons from the closets of both George Zimmermann and -- -- Martin. And what those details not permitted in court had changed the jury's verdict. Once again tonight back up. For more than fifteen days this is what the Teresa on. Theatrics. This fits of anger its own. Outrageous that the state would seek to do this at this time not not. -- -- even bad humor Jordan -- George food. All right good your own injury. But what didn't -- seeks female jurors here and wine. The judge excluded a number of negative. Personal. Items. About -- -- -- For a year the defense team desperately wanted the jury to see what it called seventeen year old -- bond Martin's checkered past. Like those three schools suspensions including one for having been caught with traces of pot. And another for allegedly having burglary tools in his backpack. There's this video -- shot himself the only available sample of his voice. The laughing his enlistment played over -- -- bottom then there are these photos from his cell -- Martin giving the finger marijuana plants blowing smoke. But the judge said -- no dice the only reason to introduce that picture. Would've been too. Smear trim -- on Martin and that's not what this case is about. Was most important piece of evidence you think they didn't hear well I think he can -- they had the right to hear about -- on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Zimmerman defense attorney Margo -- is talking about text messages which marred boasts that could not command down -- -- single punch. I lost the first round but won the second and third he wrote. I'm not done with his -- he's gonna have to see me again. But Zimmerman had skeletons in his closet to eventually prosecutors would lose their bid to introduce -- prior accusations domestic violence. And then there's a 2005 arrest for allegedly assaulting a police officer that charge was ultimately dropped. And remember that explosive 911 call of those blood curdling screams. -- unite -- World and it wouldn't -- So much was made of that 911 call the -- who was screaming. Why was that's so important. Well I think for both sides that case is important because I think that if that was a definitive answer -- that would tell us what happened. But the judge barred the prosecution from calling to audio experts who would have testified they believe those. Desperate cries for help there. Then came from mark. The judge ruled that the science was too on reliable. It definitely would have helped. Prosecutors. You have experts. To Stanley cups -- -- -- who could say. I believe very strongly that that's -- on Martin's voice on it. The most contentious arguments in the way from the jury's view came just this week 10 o'clock at -- we started this morning. For the defense prosecutors isn't even the judge no court does he's thinking very much -- -- sparred over whether it would create this elaborate. 3-D animation into evidence. It depicts what Zimmerman says happened moments before he shot and killed -- -- on -- She did however allow the defense team to reference it during its closing argument. Save -- -- two days of testimony went grades of judge tells choice of words was picked apart by the defense on the Specter of race was really raced. You don't think that creepy ass crack her. -- -- -- For jury never that was all just in words spoken -- to the prosecution's closing -- profiles but. What you -- -- little hypocritical. Because he's acting that your mind is why its -- suspicious. These were already but banned from the courtroom was the actual race and racial profiling there's no question. That there's an undercurrent of race and that these jurors. Are very familiar. We -- the fact that the prosecution believes tree -- Morton was targeted because pork. In the end none of Zimmerman sideshows played a part in determining the outcome of this case -- as far as injury was concerned. They didn't exist. So many opinions about this not guilty verdict tonight for George -- many of -- been tweeting me at David Muir. We hope you'll continue to treat -- -- the past take ABC 20/20.

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{"id":19660360,"title":"What the Jury Didn't Hear","duration":"4:54","description":"Some evidence and experts were not allowed to be presented during the trial.","url":"/2020/video/jury-hear-19660360","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}