Kentucky grand jury makes decision in Breonna Taylor case: Part 8

Protestors wanted officers involved in Taylor's death charged with murder. Grand jury charged only one former officer with first-degree wanton endangerment for shooting into Taylor’s neighbor’s home.
7:31 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Kentucky grand jury makes decision in Breonna Taylor case: Part 8
That historic settlement in the breonna Taylor case. Breonna's family reach add a $12 million settlement with the city of Louisville. Our city, Louisville, is ready and waiting. The mayor of Louisville declaring a state of emergency. Anxious and very concerned about the final decision from Kentucky attorney general. People were watching the city being boarded up and were like, this is not going to be good. The city seems to be preparing for war. This decision has been hanging over the city's head for months. The city begins stationing police officers at different parts of Louisville. It was a sickening feeling. Because, you know, when to expect something, you didn't know what to expect. Anything less than murder charges for all three will upset a lot of protesters, but there are also people who would be just as upset if all three were indicted for murder. As we're all waiting for the attorney general to announce the grand jury's decision in the breonna Taylor case, sergeant Mattingly takes it upon himself to send an email to fellow police officers. It takes shot at seemingly everyone except police officers. He describes the protesters and others as thugs. That email was not read in context by the media. I didn't say protesters were thugs. I said the people throwing rocks, spitting on you, throwing urine on you are thugs. What message did you want to send to your fellow officers in the email you wrote? Keep your head up. Don't do anything stupid. We've got guys throwing stuff at you, taunted you. You say, I know we did the legal, moral, and ethically right thing that night. Morally -- taking drugs off the street the the right thing to do. Legally we were within the law. Everyonic was up to the news that an announcement is coming that afternoon. I know if presented properly, there's going to be an indictment. I was nervous. I know what did was right, but with the situation that we're dealing with, with the emotions, all the feelings, all the pressure, you don't know if that's going to have a play. Let me show you a live look right now. This is Jefferson square park. This is something everybody has been waiting. The city has it shut down. We went to the square and set up a phone to the speaker they have at the square to just allow everybody to hear the grand jury decision, which of course was being broadcasted live. In the matter of commonwealth versus Kentucky versus Brett Hankison. People were there on the edge of their seat waiting to hear something they have been fighting for, fighting as hard as anybody could fight, and then the charges come up. The Jefferson county charges as count one -- They're bringing three counts of wanton endanger, all against Brent Hankison. He shot a gun into the apartment occuied by initials -- C.E. The charges aren't were endanering them, their neighbors. That concludes the business of the grand jury sitting for Jefferson county in September thank you, ladies and gentlemen, you may be excused. That's it? My wife cried. I almost couldn't talk at first. It was just -- whew. This part's over. I knew it wasn't over. I knew it was just the beginning. Brett Hankison pleaded not guilty to the charges. Tamika immediately breaks down, because she knows wanton endangerment doesn't have anything to do with death. I said, Tamika, do you know who the wanton endangerment charges were for? She's crying, she says, the neighbors. The little bit of wind she had it came out at that point. Almost like opening up the initial wounds from March 13th. That's it? Is that it? Whoa. I knt's not it. That's not it. That's not it. A lot of people were like, what, what -- I don't understand. They didn't understand where breonna Taylor's name was. All of a sudden, all I hear is women wailing. How could they just get away with this? Just kick a door down and just bang, bang, bang, bang, and get away with it. I have to live through this because you -- you did not do your job! Take my frustration out on y'all's stupid ass, and I'm mad. The anger that I saw was because a person died and nobody is being held accountable. No justice! No peace. Say her name! Breonna Taylor. Say her name! Breonna Taylor! The FBI ballistics analysis concluded the fatal shot was fired by detective Cosgrove. The attorney general expert witness why he won't be pursuing charges against officers Cosgrove and Mattingly. According to Kentucky law, the use of force by Mattingly and Cosgrove was justified to protect themselves. This justification bars us from pursuing criminal charges in miss breonna Taylor's death. I was angry. I was sad. I was disgusted. I felt disrespected. I kind of figured it would end up like that probably. Just because that's the way things go. Like, it's the police. Breonna was black, and Kenny's black. You don't want it to be the case of different justice systems based on race, but I don't know how else to explain it. And that's when it became black and white to me, because had this been a white person, I believe that it would have came out a different way. People are walking, marching in larj large groups. They're chanting, they're yelling and then all hell breaks

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"Protestors wanted officers involved in Taylor's death charged with murder. Grand jury charged only one former officer with first-degree wanton endangerment for shooting into Taylor’s neighbor’s home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74329732","title":"Kentucky grand jury makes decision in Breonna Taylor case: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/kentucky-grand-jury-makes-decision-breonna-taylor-case-74329732"}