How life changes when you're 11 years old and arrested for murder

Jordan Brown, now 21, shares the conditions he faced after his arrest at age 11 for murder and his life today after his conviction was overturned.
6:31 | 10/18/18

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Transcript for How life changes when you're 11 years old and arrested for murder
No. What does this it's like for you how much they mean to especially early on when you are 111213. Knock on weight. Because of divisions for it to afford. So I can't wait to a two. And their life honestly I wasted getting antsy. But. Looking back now I don't know loud about it reminds me they'd be ruined Keaton and street. 230 miles round trip every day every. For years when else and so what made you need to be there he's my side. Some equipment that that's parent anybody who. What do that. Shame it was pretty hard to. Because to a lot cost me my job and what money that I had coming in mourning for the guests think won and things that he needed. All the time I went without for a long time. And I remember going offices and he would sit back and keeps it that is. You what we put icing today one kid threaten us and one in the neck. You know while we were eating fewer 1112 along with like seventeen year old partners. Did you see finds. And in the days and it is. Come to Afghanistan Eyewitness News me you've got to stay away from these people you're good kid keep your head on straight. And he did he just you know. Traders had kept his focus I understand you didn't get written up her bad behavior. There's no point. Getting angry and known actor now anyway because it's nothing could cost an average isn't it sent back. Monks introduced. Did take away education and went on leave him in any town we wouldn't have seen them when they had a rule you know. We we have private business. So we've what if we want to take a pizza or ice cream or ten dollars or something we could just a different one for him. Bit about for everybody and we've done dozens. Of times there. It was like pizza party for the oh come on weekends. And they loved it you know groups treatment today it never happened just a single interface reaction it's. It's something. How did you read books when you are. 1112 victims I would agree with the addition and because. I sort of Reading but then I didn't realize that most of it hamas' reading stuff and I understand what was going on because like the words. So I'd be viewed in seeking a so I was read something. Come across aware I didn't know look it up now when know what it was time and he said that's not right what kinds of books country. Houses big fantasy created a ticket it was a bit of escape for you always it was a whole different route outflows and read. And you're a guy who had a lot of time to pass went. So redolent of both. That's on ideas they've disclosed she talked to injured by the black crows and then of them. Attacking ones but. The hardest part it was easy to know how to play knows how to how to read making music. Disease basically self taught guitarist while played any day world powers and he also tie yourself card tricks my hope who. He knew he was issued magician healer healers magic and he's accompanied visit me needs you that he every time making monkey being me. And you said it treats during a summer it was nice sound depending on who was working distaff but it is sad for our you know they ask when and how much did you look forward to that. Photos and everything you know let's assess. When your. What was that like for you isn't. Heart heart wrenching to be. In that position. And had any control. You know. Really mean others there's legal guardian but he was in my in my custody so of course controlled everything. And I left for court I'm you actually see outside never I would go from an eerie sounding new castle's report iPad shackles and handcuffs. I used to get so mad about that a human upset. Over power from him an eleven year old and eleven year old. Who's four foot nine he was certain earnestly forcefully and off of the floor just dangling with shackles on doubted handcuffed placed. Unbelievable I gave him every opportunity. Journalist some happy accidents happened it's happened. Some my can be valuable your dad. Never not going to be your dad ever not going to be here every day and what he's saying never never changed. His story maintained his innocence throughout from day one the police believe that you killed cans. Did you kill Kenzie you know. I'll be honest with guy suffer from Pete here's the over this it changes who you wore mentally emotionally. But some level. That it has affected him. We'll be accused of this disease will filming McCain's going. He's about me all the time he's hated it and after the point where it about a man on hand right now currently at gopac was your hopes for your future as one it gradually colleagues. And did you in my meeting and. He successfully telling about attack on her farm. It's just Jordan's name and birth date. He's my son. That is my sons Flemish pattern. The individually innocent person is to him wouldn't go through this adapt and overcome. You know course here and it's just it's amazing and you know what the world an old person he has today. He's not that can then mug shot. It's better than that much.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"Jordan Brown, now 21, shares the conditions he faced after his arrest at age 11 for murder and his life today after his conviction was overturned.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58591526","title":"How life changes when you're 11 years old and arrested for murder","url":"/2020/video/life-11-years-arrested-murder-58591526"}