Lori Vallow moves to Idaho after husband’s death: Part 4

Vallow moved with her kids to Rexburg, Idaho, where Chad Daybell was living with his family. Friends say Vallow was preparing for the end of the world, storing water and medical supplies.
7:57 | 02/27/21

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Transcript for Lori Vallow moves to Idaho after husband’s death: Part 4
Charles knew his destiny. This guy, last name is value low. Copy. Several gunshot wounds. He was able to see his own demise. You lost your brother? Yes. He and I were extremely close. We don't know what J.J. Saw. We don't know what tylee saw. I am tylee's aunt and Joseph Ryan's sister. As tylee's advocate, I need to chase down the truth. I need to turn over every rock I can possibly find. When we were finished with the search warrant and we left, that's the last contact that we've ever had with them. Yeah. They've never called, asked questions. Charles Vallow told me that he had a $1 million dollar life insurance policy on his life, and that Lori Vallow was the beneficiary. The wife just showed up. And when we have allegations here that Lori was directly saying that she was going to murder Charles, that's a problem. The next time I talked to Charles, he told me that he had changed the beneficiary to Kay woodcock, his sister, because he trusted her to give the money to jj. The party's over Lori didn't know that he had removed her from the policy. After the shooting of Charles, Lori did just, you know, up and move to Idaho pretty quickly after that. We know that the landlord asked her to move out by the end of August. And now she didn't have her meal ticket or the million dollars. And they moved to the promised land of rexburg, Idaho, in the company of Mr. Chad daybell. Rexburg has always been a strong, faith-built community. Very trusting, where neighbors love each other. The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is very large in this area. And rexburg is once again one of the safest communities in Idaho. If Lori had designs on Chad, things are about to get really interesting when she moves to rexburg, because Chad is married to someone else. Facebook photos show Chad and Tammy as a happy couple. Chad and Tammy moved here about five or six years ago with their family. In his memoir, "Living on the edge of heaven," Chad daybell describes being called to rexburg. He writes, a voice said moving to rexburg will be a tremendous blessing on your children and your grandchildren. What I remember of them is a perfect couple. Good mom, good dad, good kids. Tami was a real spitfire, though. She had a mind of her own. And she was not one that was easily walked on. Chad daybell and I served as missionaries for the lds church, back in the late '80s. Chad was the most humble missionary that I ever knew. While Lori and Chad have been known to attend lds services, Chad has also written books and lectured on his own personal beliefs, which are distinct from lds theology. Chad was the author of these doomsday books that had a peculiar prophecy about the end of the world and how people should prepare for that. His books are all about the end of times and dying. His visions deal with dying. When Chad lived in springville, Utah, he was a gravedigger. Chad was the cemetery sexton before he resigned. A few years ago, Chad wrote his autobiography. And it gives you a glimpse of the way this guy thinks and what he believes. In his memoir, Chad daybell writes, I don't fictionalize any of the events portrayed. My torn veil allows information to be downloaded into my brain from the other side. The scenes I am shown are real events that will happen. He was gathering people to rexburg. They were moving there because Chad daybell said this is where you need to be. We don't yet know the full size of this group. But what we do know is that at the very least, Lori Vallow and four members of her family relocated to this area. At first, everything in Idaho seemed to be going smoothly for Lori, tylee, and J.J. J.J., already making new friends, is seen playing outside on a neighbor's doorbell camera. They played every day almost. Until he said he was moving to his grandmother's. There was three facetimes after Charles' murder. The last one being 35 seconds. He said a couple little things, and then you could see his eyes look up and -- He was looking at somebody? He's looking at something else and he goes -- Not looking directly at the cam -- I gotta go, I gotta go, bye. And then, boom, it was just that fast. Was gone. And that -- that's the last time we saw him. Or heard from him? Or heard. You were in communication with police and investigators because you wanted to find J.J. And tylee. Oh, absolutely. In September, I believe, we learned that they had moved to Idaho, but I still didn't have an apartment number. She and Chad together, they just feed off of each other. They were actively preparing for the end that was inevitably coming very soon. And what was she doing, according to her, to prepare for that? Storing medical supplies, storing food, water. All the things that you would need if you weren't able to access them for whatever reason. So, she planned on surviving the end of the world? Yes, because she was one of the 144,000. Their mission right now is to gather the 144,000 that will be left here on Earth after the doomsday Bein July 2020. Do I see him as drawing people to him? Yes. Chad's message is what draws people to him. That Jesus is coming again and that we need to prepare. I'm an author and podcaster. Chad daybell published my first five books. Chad daybell did try to say that we'd been married before. He claimed he was methuselah and that I was one of seven of methuselah's wives and he named some other women. Did she ever mention that her kids were among the 144,000? She never said one way or another about the kids. Within seven days of Lori moving to rexburg, she takes a trip to yellowstone park with tylee, J.J., and her brother Alex. Authorities say no one ever saw tylee again after that point, after that very last photo with Alex and J.J. When I found out about yellowstone, what, did Lori take J.J. One direction and uncle Alex take tylee another? I don't know what happened. Weeks later, yet another one of Lori's family members has a bizarre run in down in Arizona. 911 where's your emergency? Oh, someone just shot my window.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"Vallow moved with her kids to Rexburg, Idaho, where Chad Daybell was living with his family. Friends say Vallow was preparing for the end of the world, storing water and medical supplies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"76147179","title":"Lori Vallow moves to Idaho after husband’s death: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/lori-vallow-moves-idaho-husbands-death-part-76147179"}