Losing It: Domestic Disputes

Part 2: Michael Brown was acquitted of assault, then arrested again.
5:04 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Losing It: Domestic Disputes
Doctor Michael Brown looks anything but the -- of -- and this film videos of his children following his divorce from Carolina. Maybe that's why all the sensational publicity surrounding his aggravated assault case didn't ruin his practice. -- caring father. The passionate CE oh somebody who is done so much good for so many people. Doctor Brown's patience either don't know or don't care about his personal controversy. After his 2001 divorce Brown's business rides. Several new offices open. He's got a private plane new homes and things were going great. That is until he was called the Texas board of medicine. It seems the private plane was -- the only way to good doctor was getting high -- certain. -- -- to have problem with cocaine and that's how he ultimately. Who lost his license even though his license was revoked brown continued to live a charmed life. A. Yeah there was a beautiful new wife Rachel. And in -- family and more children. Doctor brown polished his image. Distributing these photos from a self published book showcasing swanky parties social events with luminaries like President Bush. Brown even -- -- humanitarian award but once again behind the scenes the picture perfect marriage was collapsing. It sounds like he there's an aspect of his personality that is all about control. And him just being able to. In spite of everything that he has to lose express themselves in whatever way he wants to how news -- something about the way. His personality functions that he continues to just blame and react and hurt people and he finds that it acceptable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ritual recorded these phone calls from Michael in late 2011. I am not big -- -- you tell me my clothes they're. And. Rachel who declined to do an interview with 20/20 one and proof that doctor brown was out of control. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those recordings became evidence after -- accused brown of twisting her arm. As you can -- to -- it. Prosecutors charged him with felony assault. He's repeat offender and I -- -- thought he is a dangerous man. He held accountable for what he -- this time. The trial of a prominent former hand -- is about to get underway. The case -- the local news and Rachel takes the stand to tell her story. Each back home winning -- -- -- I -- I -- my head I'm really proud -- -- she stood up to him. She testified and told the -- and her but her testimony isn't convincing. Doctor Brown's lawyers call her -- money grubbing. It's all about money. I don't think that's what happened in his previous divorce case it was all about money. Any troubles that he's head can be traced to that. -- has found a former surgeon not guilty and -- -- -- his wife. In the end the jury doesn't believe rape -- and doctor brown is acquitted. I think everybody knows who doctor -- is very well known hand surgeon. That you can't judge a case. On Louis is what is what he has what -- up. But I just feel like there was not enough concrete evidence to convict him you can't worry about any prior cases. And. Triumphant in court -- Brown's lawyers could cut off his electronic monitor for the cameras. -- and they. And then doctor it was a -- once again to go about his business so I'm just really didn't want to take care my kids to follow my life. -- seems the doctor had vanquished all of his enemies. Except perhaps himself. Fast forward to that flight from London this January. Doctor brown allegedly wanted his dinner before the crew was ready to prove planes that led to a shouting match. Which ended with -- grabbing and finally joking flight attendants. Resulting in his arrest. The US attorney in Miami is considering charges doctor Brown's attorney claims his -- doesn't call any of it. Due to stress relievers mixed with alcohol as for Darlene -- doctor Brown's brutalized and Hawaiian. -- she'd like to forget about doctor Brown's behavior to her emotional wounds to heal. I don't think -- -- you know and you don't take take accountability for your actions. You can't change he has never take accountability for what he's done to me.

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{"id":18894143,"title":"Losing It: Domestic Disputes","duration":"5:04","description":"Part 2: Michael Brown was acquitted of assault, then arrested again.","url":"/2020/video/losing-domestic-disputes-18894143","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}