Lotto Murder: A Man Wins and Loses the Lotto

Act 1: Abraham Shakespeare goes missing after giving away most of his $30 million lottery winnings.
9:16 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for Lotto Murder: A Man Wins and Loses the Lotto
I get rich quick well -- -- just to win the lottery jackpot. The number of people who do these days is staggering some 16100. Instant millionaires a year. And the jackpots just seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Most of us are still grieving over not winning that 440 million dollar jackpot just a month ago. Why we're still here in Columbus that big check -- -- should always get the warning be careful what you wish for we've all heard the stories about friends and families being torn apart over new found wealth. But murdered. Back up and on the case in Florida tonight when crazy stupid luck runs out. Six. Of the thirteen it seeks help us 3442. -- until sometime later and those six numbers and the -- Six Feet Under. These Bonnie eventually discovered during -- -- -- concrete slap in the backyard. The incredible story begins far from the glitz and beaches most of -- -- of -- floors. Pass -- citrus fields in the middle of the state all the way to the outskirts of the sleepy town of Lakewood. And the doorway of this barber shop it's here where owner Greg Smith reimbursement of two year old man it's homeless -- name. -- -- -- -- It paid off arms on the his name Abraham Shakespeare. Folks both the old testament and Elizabethan place. But our modern day tragic hero would've -- neither he was illiterate and down on his luck and -- news. -- less fortunate person in you couldn't make it up. Shakespeare was like a living breathing -- commercial kind of -- He'd love to see moving from the courthouse and the -- overnight. Breaking lottery news you're not gonna believe this and one fateful date. -- Cherry -- came true. And people Abraham Shakespeare won a jackpot worth thirty million bucks and one day content and bottoms up. And even that. Great -- home. -- this. -- -- about me and call. I hear -- otters and yet it is an honor but we -- Shakespeare bought himself -- new car. Fancy new house and lots -- But as often happens this Lotto winners from a -- and stick to the script that's because the money also crossed -- want to detention. Novelist and longtime Florida crime writer -- -- in seen it before. All of a sudden you have friends who didn't know you have and their crawling out of out of every rat hole you can imagine. Do you know that he was losing his fortune. Did you know though that money was being frittered away we have heard the rumors are in the community you're giving money to -- -- sister zoology. Says Abraham was so sweet natured. He couldn't say no to the editor smooching and -- Shakespeare's million slipped away him so -- -- sunny disposition. He comes in March. -- Wish I go back to -- polls. I wish I mean have homeland. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then one day a woman magically appears on the stage and no one knows exactly how she found Shakespeare's. The event -- he was all over the -- Her name. How would you describe -- as a person. She was -- person just couldn't confirm puts it bring. -- was surely different. Unlike everyone else clamoring for his money he claimed to be interested in Shakespeare himself -- constituents wanted to write a book about him. Organized the email and dividing -- -- -- finance. She seemed perfect to help Shakespeare a money manager who came from Central Florida. She was married and supposedly running -- nursing staffing agency. But -- Shakespeare checked into her background. Without some huge red flags convictions for writing bad checks and making -- -- full story about violent carjacking. But I think there's a lot of TV's out there and you go to any any city in Florida Beatty would pop up with you on the lottery and maybe more than one why do you think he trusted -- What was it in her that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what she had that introduction DD convince Shakespeare -- she had the financial jobs to salvage what was left of his winnings. Talk more about it. -- have a problem but I would find it. Yeah yeah. This is this is somebody with pretty much of a room temperature IQ and yet here she she moves in Shakespeare purchased this house to -- run this. The -- never materialized. The only pen to paper appeared to be DD writing checks of Shakespeare's name. Asking. For many. But pay close attention to this the only video of DD and Shakespeare together. You'll notice instead of talking about the past DD ask Shakespeare about his future. -- -- -- The Californian. Proven -- very from them. Later on this video would become critical when detectives came to suspect something sinister here and -- your home. -- does not long after this interview the man was everywhere suddenly -- win Shakespeare stopped coming into the barbershop. Don't saw him driving around town -- anymore -- -- and how many cases do you think you weren't. Sixty to a hundred investigations. Where does the Abraham Shakespeare once ranked the -- -- number one it's the -- sticks -- the most. Detective David Wallace and his team of investigators. Entered the picture soon after he knew something was fishy. But it seemed like he didn't have enough evidence -- current with everyone wondering what had happened he was the only one with an answer. -- -- She explained to the detectives and anyone else who asked that Shakespeare -- skipped town. Tired of people pounding him for cash just does that videotape she created seemed to suggest -- you -- -- Here. And only one problem that -- like no corroborating evidence Shakespearean simply left on -- zone. We certainly hope Abraham's alive and well. And he has successfully. -- himself away but our investigation doesn't lead us to believe that at this time. It's about this time that DD reaches out to Greg Schmidt. Turns out Greg is in just -- boss he's one of these borrowers to EO Shakespeare in 63 grand. I was going to some banks issue homes and -- we -- right did you know loan -- you well. Why don't you just pay me back next -- I know he had paper thrown out 63000 ballots it. The cubs -- -- that DD now has a proposal for Greg. Help her avoid -- -- moment she'll help him avoid his debt. Fast forward a few weeks to eat most unusual night at the local Cracker Barrel -- having dinner with Shakespeare's mother Elizabeth. PDs phone rings and she says -- -- calling from wherever he is but in reality the -- is none other than Greg Smith. -- friend and boss from the barbershop now in cahoots with DD. I was like. -- -- How you are you don't want. This Abraham. Oh okay. -- -- -- let you know. Okay. To that -- how this -- the jets are slowly and holding his lights out. Why would -- do such a cruel thing. He says he thought it was okay because would making Abraham's mother feel better when he didn't know was that the cops are already all over DD. There -- surveillance tracks he's phone and a short time later. They pull him over. And this is right after me that phone call via -- leg -- -- car. Almighty do you suppose it. So now the caps are questioning the -- is still following the Blue Line feeding. At that point know what could have predicted we -- the -- -- go. That the big break. Comfortable and it can't read.

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{"id":20220219,"title":"Lotto Murder: A Man Wins and Loses the Lotto ","duration":"9:16","description":"Act 1: Abraham Shakespeare goes missing after giving away most of his $30 million lottery winnings.","url":"/2020/video/lotto-murder-man-wins-loses-lotto-20220219","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}