Lotto Murder: Police Have a Suspect

Act 2: Greg Smith helps police gather evidence on Dee Dee Moore with a Red Bull can.
9:02 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for Lotto Murder: Police Have a Suspect
-- got there. Once they started doing a lot of Florida all of us. Life. The recipe. For disaster for something. Call -- C news poll found these are Florida murder the real -- -- covers in the Miami Herald. What's he -- up. Novels like. You Florida lottery winner. Since a dead Florida it really is a magnet that's a magnet for predators it's a magnet for scammer since it's safe it's a magnet for sleaze. It also makes for the stories that are. Are beyond what you would even think of writing -- and -- like this who. Abraham Shakespeare and illiterate worker and a Lakeland Florida barbershop. Won the lottery. And then vanishes. His boss Greg Smith has been -- but cops. -- -- phone call to Shakespeare's mother pretending to be Abraham right away they realize it's no criminal. We ever suspicious of Greg. For the first day obvious. But it became clear in the first interviewed him he was a victim of DD more -- manipulation. He seemed cool -- -- this -- posted financial planner -- hired to manage his money detectives suspected her son instead of putting Greg Smith behind dollars. They'll put -- to work. In -- convoluted. That -- -- -- trek deep. -- actually turned the tables on are actually scanned her and that's the beauty. From that moment -- in nondescript back lot -- shopping sinners all around Lakeland. -- -- record like this would pull us. It is extraordinary count begin. -- -- Was no police experience whatsoever. Barbara Greg Smith has become -- sunshine state Serpico. A top secret -- -- Get reelected -- TD more attractive DC and everybody in towns seem to think that. -- come to a bad way but nobody had any evidence. And set -- plant in the kitchen -- It's almost -- -- -- to do what he did was reported no -- after our conversation with CD more. Tricky with a homemade spicy says. Straight out of James Bond did an extremely. Delicate life. Australia's ambassador to the poor kids -- he had devised this catch kid himself. Recording device inside a red -- case there was no drones there was no sophisticated eavesdropping she shoot off for mouth. And guys talking into a -- man. But it's perfect that worked undercover narcotics for years and -- what the games open this. How critical was Greg's Red Bull -- with the microphone inside. It was great because if it got this conversations. I mean 90% of -- tapes speak for themselves. DD thought she had bought -- loyalty remember cops say she told him that if he helps her. She would help him out. Forgiving the 63000. Dollar loan. Taken from Abraham. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In this conversation she wants -- to -- man who'd been telling accounts Shakespeare was dead and using the fake voice. -- him Abraham was alive and well. But it's. Now they've -- work and I've got -- PDs dame of course it was not to be drawn up. What I don't know what to it -- I don't. Those the other bases one of the many recordings revealing CDs plots and -- -- on its. It's your right if you cooldown I don't. You don't understand where did you go go. That's the way radio from the village -- going to start the -- DD I never suspected anything believing they had dad's business arrangement. That's different than it did a little night. And at this point were you convinced that -- -- that. Carlson Henry showed him this time that he won't see him. Even though the police said they suspected -- murdering him they have a suspicion that he didn't know what would you do about. It does it take -- call. So every time you may have heard you were there watching with the exception of one or two kinds ever point that what you felt like Greg Smith was in danger threatened to -- there were times that he put himself. You know just by helping us out probably did put himself in harm's way Smith -- 22 TDs yes man agree to anything she suggested. -- is a dangerous drug dealer DD fabricated. -- named Ronald. Who wrong. Who's there who's wrong. Well wrong is that gap that drove over from -- -- -- for the Celtics if I'm wrong but. Can't imagine a year -- wouldn't tangled web TD was weaving and Ronald connection to everything. Would be unclear for some time. -- -- -- Not until another conversation makes car that January and DD had jumped the gun to mourn each Shakespeare but to -- Barry. Foods that I would do most of them -- Greta do decent physical com. She acts and he would -- here at home. -- -- -- my home. -- -- they didn't do you put on this. -- -- -- -- -- You heard it right DD has just revealed to -- -- cops she knows where the bloodiest. Greg says he suddenly realize is the true then he's speaking to Abraham Shakespeare's killer then she goes on the say actually where the bodies that. But the problem is the bodies on my property. -- locker room -- Who monitored the movement of fighters. When you first heard that what was your reaction -- -- to like a wonderful ballgame at that point. The evidence mounts on this Wal-Mart security -- DEC -- its carbon and other items -- told her he would need but even more damning he convinces her to give him the 38 Smith & Wesson pistol. Shakespeare she trusted you that much that she handed -- the murder weapon. -- who who. Homeless who. Of course. We can't just run on -- I -- we still have everything they still need -- body. But soon thanks to Greg Big Dig it up right through -- had told that it -- be. Her property under -- concrete -- Cause of -- two shots 38 once they found the body. I was so. So where he didn't crawl in there himself and the only one who had a motive to do that mr. The UK the jig is up but DD is still dancing. On this interrogation tape she tries to blame the murder someone else that's a common defense tactic is to come up with -- -- mysterious. Intruder a mysterious person killer a bad guy who comes and does the food and vanishes. Tearing a page from the -- areas playbook DDC is that drug dealer named Ronald was the real killer. Threatened to -- of -- if anything. Dean. -- -- -- -- No one buys this story DD apparently forgot she -- great to pretend to be Ronald the drug dealer. She forgets that she could you -- to be Ronald. Exact and that you know that he's imaginary exactly. CC we are not that Smart after all you can imagine her shock -- -- -- -- been working with the cops. Along. Today from your every move. He's start telling so many -- into triple realize that that's. That's very -- is just about greed it's all about greed and -- the jury years -- Shakespeare lost his wallet. When he lost his life she made it sound like she wanted to clean him out.

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{"id":20220270,"title":"Lotto Murder: Police Have a Suspect","duration":"9:02","description":"Act 2: Greg Smith helps police gather evidence on Dee Dee Moore with a Red Bull can.","url":"/2020/video/lotto-murder-police-suspect-20220270","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}