The manhunt for Gianni Versace's killer ends on a houseboat: Part 5

Eight days after Versace's murder, police found Andrew Cunanan on a houseboat after he had shot himself in the head.
6:54 | 07/08/17

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Transcript for The manhunt for Gianni Versace's killer ends on a houseboat: Part 5
execution style, it was one bullet in the head. Everybody in Miami is converging on south beach. When I arrived at the scene, it was, like, in full chaos. People crying. There was people throwing flowers on the sidewalk. It was a media circus. Hundreds and hundreds of journalists. At the time, there was nothing bigger than the Andrew Cunanan odyssey. It was the coup De Grace for Cunanan. Nobody is going to be any bigger than Gianni Versace. We saturated the city with police cars, everybody was looking for Cunanan. He was spotted everywhere. The leads went from the hundreds to the thousands, so we couldn't keep up with it. Miami beach police received 100 calls just last night. If you spot him again, call me back. The guy is smart. I'm telling you, you're dealing with a cunning guy who keeps moving. He knows how to stay ahead of everybody. He walked around south beach for a long time and nobody recognized him. I was wondering if you had seen Mr. Cunanan in this area? No, but he has a familiar face, though. I knew he had to pop up. He had to get some money somehow. After the Reese murder, Cunanan goes to a pawn shop to get money for a gold coin that he stole from Lee miglin. In Florida you have to get your fingerprint taken when you pawn something and you have to show valid id. And on the pawn receipt was Andrew Cunanan's name, his date of birth, a thumbprint, his signature. He gives the normandy beach hotel as where he's staying. He used his real name on his passport, and it went to the police department. The guy that reviews the pawn shop records was on vacation that week. So he lucked out again. Employees of this Miami beach hotel this afternoon tell ABC 7 news that Andrew Cunanan stayed here nearly every day from may 12th to July 14th, the day before the Gianni Versace murder. He was very quiter, nice, a decent person. And he was the kind of guest we like to have here. It was one of those gob-smacked moments. It's like, oh, my god, he's been living in this motel for two months. We get a warrant for room 205, which was the room number that was listed on the pawn slip, but he ends up changing his room number like three different times. Do me a favor, please don't go upstairs, you'll get your chance to go upstairs and see whatever you want to see as soon as we're done. Okay? That's when we had our first issue with the media. We walk into the normandy beach hotel. The desk clerk is there. And opens the door and says, "Have at it." This is the last room where hotel records reveal Cunanan stayed under an alias. We see the camera panning, and it looks like stuff that Cunanan would have. So, we're all like, "What's going on?" In the bathroom found what appeared to be beard trimmings. If it's Cunanan's, it could provide authorities with DNA samples. An empty box from hair dye or something like that. They were going through all kinds of evidence, all personal effects, obviously contaminating and tampering. Well, that's their fault. They should have searched that room. They had control of the entire building for hours. At this point, everybody in America knew who Andrew Cunanan was. And everybody knew what Andrew Cunanan looked like. And I think he could no longer hide in plain sight. He was totally alone. He had no one to go to for help. He's broke. He's desperate and he knows the hounds are right behind him. He had skipped out on his rent on the normandy hotel. He just looked for a place to escape to. And it ended up to be the houseboat. Shots fired inside the houseboat. Subject may be still inside. So Cunanan, how ironic is this? He's hiding in the old house boat across from the fontainebleau. There's evidence of somebody sleeping in there, and heard a shot from within. I had a pretty good feeling that this was a break that we needed. The caretaker says I can hear the TV going inside and I can hear the news reports. And the caretaker calls 911 and of course the entire media descends on this houseboat. My dad heard gunshots. It's a boathouse. What else did your father say to you? He just told me to call the cops fast. It was a scene out of Hollywood. Media is there. People are there. Cops are there. It's chaos. Police have that entire block cordoned off. A S.W.A.T. Team is in position. There's helicopters all over the place. We couldn't hear ourselves talk it was so loud. Now every cop in the world is there. S.W.A.T. Teams are come by little zodiac boats into the river. They got snipers and everything. Is it Andrew Cunanan? Could it be him? The man who has killed five people. Hold up traffic. Let no one go southbound on Collins avenue. Reference S.W.A.T. Team in route. It was kind of reminded me of the O.J., you know, the chase and all that. The world was witnessing this as it was happening. This does not look like a situation that is going to be going away in the short time. Does any unit have binoculars? The most difficult part was the four or five-hour wait to finally get into that house. I have a visual on the front door. It seemed like it was going on for days when it actually went on for about four or five hours. You can see through the windows, they put in flash grenades. They put in tear gas. When we first entered the home, we kind of had to back out because the gas was so, so strong, seemed like he'd been there for several days. He had no money. He knew he was going to be captured. I went up the staircase and that's where we found Andrew Cunanan, lying on the bed, in the bedroom. Next to on the bed stand, his signature glasses. The gun was consistent with someone that had shot themselves in the mouth. When they found his body, they found newspapers with Versace killer in the headline. I mean he had become notorious and that's what he wanted. This is me coming out of the houseboat. My major approaches me right away. He wants to know, is it him? I let him know, yeah, it's him. And the nightmare ends. Tonight, all across the nation, our citizens can stand down. And breathe a sigh of relief. The reign of terror brought upon us by Andrew Cunanan is over. It was street justice and he administered it to himself. He got everything he deserved.

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{"id":48513530,"title":"The manhunt for Gianni Versace's killer ends on a houseboat: Part 5","duration":"6:54","description":"Eight days after Versace's murder, police found Andrew Cunanan on a houseboat after he had shot himself in the head.","url":"/2020/video/manhunt-gianni-versaces-killer-ends-houseboat-part-48513530","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}