Mark Winger elopes with nanny Rebecca Simic: Part 5

After their marriage, Winger wrote to the mother of his first wife, Sara Jane Drescher, to tell her that she would no longer be called the “grandma” of his first child, she said.
5:39 | 04/17/21

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Transcript for Mark Winger elopes with nanny Rebecca Simic: Part 5
balcony, and prince charming is cooking breakfast. It's very easy to understand why I'm going to marry this man. Mark and I eloped. We went to maui. And it was kind of a secret and a surprise, and I didn't even tell my own family. Here's Mrs. Winger. Aw. On film for the first time. It was just so hurtful in knowing that, in his life, donnah could be replaced so easily. I said to myself, what? Now Rebecca's pregnant? Now they're going to going to Hawaii and getting married? It's hike, seriously? Can I say it on camera? What the I'm sorry, but seriously, who does this? I remember when mark told me that he was going to sell the house and buy a house in the country. It was my dream home, and my marriage. I just think when we built that home, I had so many ideas of what would happen at that home. And then we had Anna. Peek-a-boo. And then, a year later, we had Maggie. Look at the little teddy bear. Home videos show their growing family filling the house in the country. Where's Anna? I was so busy with life and kids. We were just living our best lives. There's mommy and Anna and Bailey, hanging on the end. This is Bailey's interview, take one. My name is Bailey Elizabeth simic. We had a pond in our backyard, and we would all go, like, play out in that together while my dad would fish. I think for donnah's family, they're probably torn. They wanted mark and Bailey to have normalcy. But as mark, then with Rebecca, started to pull away from the family, it was really very painful for donnah's sisters and her mother. Sometimes when Sara Jane would be around Bailey, she would just cry. Because she would see Bailey, and she would just want so badly to share that with donnah. And she would just get emotional. That bothered mark, because he didn't want her to cry around Bailey. I remember visiting the new house. Sara Jane had the baby in her arms, and she had a necklace that had donnah's significance on it. She wanted to put it on Bailey, and it upset mark. Mark said, mom, could you please take the necklace off? It makes me feel bad. That was the first instance where we felt that mark said something that was inappropriate. That was kind of the beginning of the end. I received a letter from mark one day saying to me I could not be called grandma. So I wrote him back, and I begged him, please, let her call me grandma. And he said, I'm sorry, there's no way that I am going to allow her to call you grandma, and that's the way it is. We really all decided together that we just couldn't continue enduring this type of pain. And mark was somebody that we just no longer knew. I mourned that for a long time, and I really felt that when this child is old enough, she will want to know about the first three months of her life and about her mom. Every year for my birthday, they would always send a birthday card. And I always remember asking my mom, who's Sarah Jane and Ira? And my mom would always explain, like, those are donnah's parents and they just, you know, want to let you know that, like, they love you and that they remember you. Happy birthday to you Yay! Mark wanted to go and be checked out at the emergency room because he wasn't feeling well. And I looked over in the waiting room, and I saw Deann. And she glared at me like she was just very angry to see us again. And it sort of triggered Deann. After donnah's death, her life went one direction, and mark's went an entirely different direction. Mark told me that we're probably going to be hearing from her again. My life and the home that I had built was completely shattered. Deann Schultz's statements were an absolute bombshell. Now that this woman came forward, hello, there's your

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"After their marriage, Winger wrote to the mother of his first wife, Sara Jane Drescher, to tell her that she would no longer be called the “grandma” of his first child, she said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77129403","title":"Mark Winger elopes with nanny Rebecca Simic: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/mark-winger-elopes-nanny-rebecca-simic-part-77129403"}