Martin MacNeill's plot to steal daughter's identity for mistress: Part 5

While his daughter Giselle was in the Ukraine, MacNeill gave her identity to Gypsy Willis. They were both convicted in connection with creating a fraudulent birth certificate and ID cards.
5:34 | 06/15/19

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Transcript for Martin MacNeill's plot to steal daughter's identity for mistress: Part 5
8-month. Seresto, Seresto, Seresto. Michelle Macneill adopted four girls. I typed in international adoption, I saw this little girl, I said I have to have her. On the computer. Elle, Ada, Sabrina, and Giselle. Giselle was the oldest adopted daughter, and she had family members back in the Ukraine. Just a few months after Michele's death, martin decided to send Giselle back to the Ukraine for the summer. I got text messages from gypsy saying, "Your father is too ill to go to Ukraine. Is there any way you can take her over to Ukraine to be with her sisters for the summer?" My dad had just basically said, "We'll get her after the summer." Martin sold this as this great chance for Giselle to go back and visit with her sister in Ukraine. That was all bologna. Martin and gypsy had bigger plans once Giselle was on that plane headed to the other side of the world. They were right at work, stealing Giselle's identity. Martin had actually taken Giselle's social security number and created a new identity for gypsy. He gave his daughter Giselle's identity to his girlfriend. They went into court and changed the birth date 20 years. That's called perjury. Gypsy Willis used the identity Jillian Giselle Macneill, and alleged that she was the spouse of martin Macneill. The investigation also found that on that form the marriage date that was listed on that form so happens to be the funeral date for martin's former wife, Michelle Macneill, April 14th of 2007. How did this idea come up to take Giselle's identity? When I got together with martin, I had a lot of tax debt, probably in the range of $50 or $60,000. This was martin. This was martin's idea, this was martin's activity. Why did you do it? I said I didn't want to. He said that this is the best way to do it, it's temporary, it's not gonna hurt anybody, no one will notice. You are talking about a state id card. You are talking about bank accounts that were opened up under false names. Martin did a lot of things that were not very sensible. So you're saying martin did all of this without your He would tell me he was doing things and I'd be like, okay, whatever. You got two fake military id cards, three joint banking accounts using a fake name, you got a fake birth certificate, a fake Utah state id card, and a fake social security card. And you're saying all you did was sort of sign away and not ever ask or wonder how many laws I've broken? How could you be a passive participant in that? Martin was very powerful. He was very influential. I just assumed that he knew what he was doing. He'd been successful all of his life. Gypsy, you're an educated person. You bonded over quantum physics. And now you want me and us and the authorities to believe that you just checked your brain at the door and agreed to all this? When you love someone you do things that don't make a lot of sense. He had everyone confused. He was this pillar of the community. He'd been bishop twice. He had all of the accoutrements to be convincing. Giselle had no idea what was going on, that her identity was being stolen. So that was his whole motivation for abandoning his adopted daughter in the Ukraine. Michele adopted her for a reason, and that reason wasn't just to have her get shipped back. When Michele's sister Linda discovered Giselle was still in the Ukraine, she set plans in motion right away to bring her back and sent her daughter Jill to go to the Ukraine. Once she arrived, she discovered that Giselle had been living in deplorable conditions. There's one room, and it has a pull-out sofa bed, and it's her, her sister, her sister's husband, and their two kids, and they all share that bed. There was a little pan on the floor and I was like, what's in the bathroom. And she's like, that's our shower. You just stand in there. Here's Giselle. You have to have such compassion for Giselle. She thought she was going to ukriane for a couple of months, and she ends up staying nearly a year. What the family didn't know was this incredibly compassionate act of bringing Giselle home would put a total wrench in martin's plan. Because now there is two people with that social security number, there is two people with that name. Once the identity theft was uncovered, martin and gypsy were both arrested and they were both convicted and sentenced to separate prisons where they served time for the identity theft. Martin's gone, but not forever. He's only behind bars for four years, a four-year sentence. He will be out eventually. And the family wonders, what else is he capable of doing? He's a predator, and will be

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"While his daughter Giselle was in the Ukraine, MacNeill gave her identity to Gypsy Willis. They were both convicted in connection with creating a fraudulent birth certificate and ID cards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63726532","title":"Martin MacNeill's plot to steal daughter's identity for mistress: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/martin-macneills-plot-steal-daughters-identity-mistress-part-63726532"}