Medical examiner's ruling on woman's death questioned by family's expert: Part 5

After Michelle O'Connell's family had her body exhumed, their forensic pathologist discovered a jaw fracture not noted in the original autopsy report.
6:06 | 06/02/18

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Transcript for Medical examiner's ruling on woman's death questioned by family's expert: Part 5
Reporter: Besides her then-boyfriend deputy sheriff Jeremy banks, only Michelle o'connellnows what truly happened when those two gunshots were fired that September nigh was there more theuld learn from exhuming Michelle's body? Patty O'Connell was waiting for the state to do it emselves. She gave them permission and then they never did. It's hard. She's Reing in peace. But I just had this, a desire for the truth. Y would they mto exhume her and then not exhume her? And so obviously the family felt strongly enough Abo it that they decided to do it themselves. Reporter: T'connells get in touch with Dr. William Anderson, rensic paogist and former deputy chief medical examiner for Orange cy, Florida. I was asked to examine autopsy on Michelle and then that, do a scout Reportehimining Michelle's original autopsy, something in an gets . Anderson's attention. There was some indication that theas some other injury on the body, when we did the humation, the Jae was in two pieces so that indicates there waac. Reporter: A fracture that comes as a surprise to the mily and anyone following the case. Ow to new develots in a deadly mystery. Reporter: Dr. Anderson's figs make national headlines. He family Ta new autopsy. Reporter: And as soon as St. John's county sheriff dashoar learns about the exhumation, he goes on the Atta issues a scathing statement about the family. He Hane on to say that, our family's basically paying one to autr a report for us, so we'll better, which isn't the case. Despite rumors and statements to the contrary, we did totallo Bono. Reporter: In that statement, the shf goes on to say olesting Michelle from her place of rest using some freelance typeacis Yo unconventional, it was reprehensible." To the sheriff, I say, " You." Bee no right, even if he doesn't agree with it whatever, he should in no way, shape, or form ever speak, public release, whatever, to a family using thoorer. It really shows his character. Reporter: And news of the fracture brings into question the workthoriginal mical examiner, Dr. Hobin. There's a fracture right there. Right. Repor this was never on the autopsy report. The x-rays, IST jumps out at you. It's beyond me how you could miss that in the origin autopsy report, because that is a big deal. Reporter: So the fact that 'S not on ateport, what do you attribute that to? I think this was just S ink that theice said it's a suicide, well, it could be a suicide. Ju sort of wte it off and keep going. Mclsays Dr. Hobin was aware of michelleawbone fracture, evugh it's noticed in this autopsy sketch. In his notes he has noted mandibular separation. It's not in the autopsy report, it's in his field S. Well, teah, that's very sturbing actually, too, because if it, everything else is very fully descri a you leave out a major finding four report. It's not good practice. I'm not an EXPEN fractures, but even I could see, I go, "Oh, my gosh, her jaw's broken." When you're tamily and like that is going to seem inly suspect, right? Hy didn't wew she had a broken jaw?" Thats seem signifi. Reporter: Significant not on B it was not reported in the autopsy report, more importantly for wh Dr. Anderson says it reveals how Michel died. Oexplanatiothat I can see 'S reasonable that there wnother force, a blow to the chin that broke the mandible prior to the he gunshot wound was inflicte opinion, was a homicide. Reporter: Jy S alys denied hurting Michelle the night of her death he has never been charged with a crime. Wthmily wants to beorhat the th wantbeoposed Wass that she must have beet, really H well, there's a problem with that there's no M.E. Worth his salt that willl you that in an intraoral gunshot wound such this with ghowered weapon Thate often than you expect to see mandibular ration. Reporter: It is possible in some C that a shot could split the jaw. But Dr. Andersays that's not the case with michelbased on the evidence he reviewed. Tas a gunshot to the moutat put a hole in the tongue, but didn't do any other damage to the teeth, to the gums, to the floor of the out the very soft ti that basiy would've been destroyed if there had been enough force from that blast to bre jaw. If she had been hyou would see bruising, you would see abrasion, you'd see something. E's nothing. I've probably done 8,000 or 9,000 autopsies. If you die quinough, you ll not have bruising. Reporter: Having gotten T answthe family was looking for, Michell returned to an open grave. But her death is still an open question mily. Year, therida medical examiners commission reprimanded Dr. Hobin and Dr. Bulic, a small vindication for the O'Connell family. They determined that they had mishandled some componts of the investigation.r Hobin, was the brought some material home and hadn't kept it in the medical examiners' office. Rtencluding Michelle's aed death certificate. And tbulic, I think, had just showed autopsy photthat he wasn'pposed to show to also called out for his poor cordkeeping, fai to document the jawbone fracture in his autopsy report. Thdical examiners anate attorney all declined to comment this STO in a statement, the sheriff's office told us, "This case has been extensively reviewed by name investigators," who "Hcontinually D death a suicide." Based on as things straight now, do you think it's possible to prosecute Jeremy banks for murder? It doesn'und like you're going to be able to do it he state of -- Reporter: Why not? -- Florida. Wellmean, how many STA attorneys have looked at this case? Repr: So you K this case isn't prosecutable at this point? Esappear that would be prosecutable in St. John's county, Florida.

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{"id":55599305,"title":"Medical examiner's ruling on woman's death questioned by family's expert: Part 5","duration":"6:06","description":"After Michelle O'Connell's family had her body exhumed, their forensic pathologist discovered a jaw fracture not noted in the original autopsy report. ","url":"/2020/video/medical-examiners-ruling-womans-death-questioned-familys-expert-55599305","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}