Medical Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Act 3: What takes place inside the mind of someone who is diagnosed with OCD.
3:00 | 11/16/13

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Transcript for Medical Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
After four months at home paralyzed by fear or afraid other students -- -- contaminated. -- -- tries to go back to school one class at a time. Science classes first. Dorm rooms -- and read -- Felt like old tonight get back -- war scenes like I can do it she's crossed the first big -- she's there -- collapsed. That right away within minutes of the first period. We noticed Michelle is already anxious about something. Asking about the -- -- bomb an overnight trip to Hershey park once you want to make a trip that still two months away. Can't imagine in the overnight we will -- -- home and she's just trying to regain its -- and science and. Chaotic capital. O'Hare -- those kids are like where have you wrong. It is not just your friends asking questions or even the principal seemed uncertain. About just how to handle Michelle and her first day back I put my hand to kind of get behind -- and she didn't blink and she high five me and I knew Iran right. Michelle is made it back to school but next comes to hold more. This has nothing to do with school -- this is the continuing fight against her OCD. After school she goes to -- the one department store she fears most. -- -- -- -- Not because of the store itself but because of the other students -- scene there -- going to be able to pull into the parking lot. Can you stick your hand out the Linda. What's happening. -- -- -- -- -- She'll -- her fear is irrational. But that is OCD. -- -- And then again. -- here on gets out of the Clark. In the reaches down to -- the patent. She then touches your daughter to show for nothing bad would happen. Now the hard part actually walking toward the store to the interest Michelle hasn't walked through. Over four months. And -- -- What about the people out there who might say you know were were enabling these children and a little tough love. Would would probably be better just push him into the departments to think about when you -- afraid. Of anything if someone tries to push you against your will. Part of and you feel ready to your tendencies to dig your heels to say you know to just -- -- They want to get better. There's nobody more motivated -- they don't want to stop this thing from consultant airline. Do you want one we're just. The idea is that once you face your fear and you're -- over and over and over and over a period of time you become less sensitive to. -- After nearly making that front door of the store. Hug from her mother and even -- Michelle was unable to go inside they still consider this a -- milestone. Before they head home for the day. Well back in that therapist's office Bridget is still -- to get home for her it's been six months living only for her family and. Home. And Bridget is about to face her biggest fear of all discussion -- be contaminated by her own father of six months it's been six months since -- even spoken. -- fifteen these missed half of that year. -- -- -- Her father walks in. And because he works undercover longed for and the family has asked us that we not -- his feet. -- Make eye contact with who own father. -- -- -- I'd like you try. To our -- yourself. -- in the room for 35 minutes. Project still trying to calm down she still can't even look in the direction -- for own father. And in the small steps begin. Bridget -- the courage. To look at her father's shoes -- brand. Anything. But what passes where. The doctor asks Bridget to look beyond the -- beyond the pants directly at her father a full hour has gone by. And then she never -- Steve. -- again. Her father. Leaves the room. We wondered if she ever breakthrough can she ever go home. We'll be OCT win. Doctor David Rosenberg is convinced bridges and other children like Kirk can conquer it. His team at the children's hospital of Michigan is on the front line to -- against OCD. In a ground breaking study they're now looking closely at the animal rights of children who have OCD they can actually see and the brain's anatomy it's make up the child's genetics. Actually revealed the disorder. Chemical it's physiological and we can see -- iron -- The doctors here say they made a major discovery and big deal with the brain chemicals -- is critically involved in ocean dean as the brains light switch. And there's either too much or too little -- children who have the disease which means to legs which is broke. And it turned the part of the brain it gives most of us the all clear when we're worried. Ever -- statement. They never. Get the all clear signal they have to worry obsessively over and over again because the brain's arousal center. She's just getting him the message that you have to check -- and over. Many of -- just as George would be -- the house with a still sometimes two or three times constantly asking ourselves questions about it looks like. Rocco did with his mother I don't remember -- -- -- and eventually our -- give us the message that it's OK to move -- With children who -- CD. It's different instead of saying relax this and worry more alarmed danger and for human meeting we might get an alarm but then once we check the alarm goes away. Exactly right tells us -- there's nothing to worry about that never happens in a child with obsessive compulsive. This. In what's doctors could pinpoint what's going on the medication can help resent that chemical imbalance. Anti depression or anti anxiety medication is most often used. Depending on the child. That's significant. Is huge. Huge because the doctor says we don't know we -- this typically takes 72 weak years for parents to find the -- kind of help to do children many parents don't -- -- their child. The suffering from and now they say this combination of the right medicine and that exposure therapy we've now been witnessing for months did help children keep there were recent days. In these doctors aren't the only ones trying to get the word out. My name's Elizabeth and I have obsessive compulsive -- Remember Elizabeth she was a teenager who once punched holes in her wall she -- that health therapy and medicine. And since that home video three years ago she's now gone to college and she is now the national spokesperson for the obsessive compulsive foundation. How long it takes. You -- -- this morning. I'd say 3040 minutes -- typical girl talent is take a simple elegant adding that's a huge -- -- and remembered taking. Five to six hours hours. And if she could do we wondered -- about -- My parents parents told us they couldn't get the money -- merry go round without watching duke only dissolve his worries about what could happen about getting sick. Just weeks ago we met them again at New York's Central Park. He is now an anti depressant medication that medicine and therapy he's working. On this particular morning he did struggle to get out of the house but he got here. Under that merry -- round. -- -- He boasts of -- baseball team's record. But his parents know the biggest victory was just getting here all of those mornings that couldn't get him out the front door. Thinking of -- make a great team the coach usage of the -- They can walk to school. Even for -- thinking -- speaking. But putting -- -- timid and help Rocco understand pain I have OCD. -- in this town than in dealing. What our journey with the children is far from over. When we come back. Two young women still facing their biggest hurdles. Pub crawl away from home. And that simple ability to even go home safe and may do it without -- OCD taking over the.

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{"id":20911743,"title":"Medical Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 3: What takes place inside the mind of someone who is diagnosed with OCD.","url":"/2020/video/medical-treatment-obsessive-compulsive-disorder-20911743","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}