Meet 'Shark Tank' kid entrepreneurs Mikaila Ulmer and Mo Bridges: Part 3

Mikaila Ulmer introduced the sharks to her lemonade, while Mo Bridges promoted his ties.
7:00 | 02/25/17

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Transcript for Meet 'Shark Tank' kid entrepreneurs Mikaila Ulmer and Mo Bridges: Part 3
There is a saying, you're never too young to accomplish anything. But remember, a baby shark is still a shark. Still a shark. So here we want to know, when there's a child or a kid who comes through that doorway, what are you really thinking in your head? I mean, are you rolling your eyes? Or are you thinking, there could be something here. Aw. You're doing the "Aw." Hi sharks, I'm kiowa grace kavovit. Hi, I'm Madison and I'm 12. My name is Andrea Cao. I'm Mallory, and I'm 10. Hi, we're the inventioneers! It's great to see the kiddies, but it's not good to negotiate in front of them. It can do long term damage. Really? I hate when we have kids on. Why do you hate it? Because you can't be honest with them, you know? You don't want to give them false hope. And so you can't just say, you know what? I know this is mostly your parents, and I know they're pushing you to do this, but the idea sucks. Sometimes we'll go, how old are you? How old are you? How young are you? How old are you? I'm 9 years old. But one of those kids was mikaila Ulmer of Austin, Texas. In season six, her flaxseed and honey lemonade won the sharks over. She walks in. She says, "I got a sweet deal for you." When was the last time you tried something so good and refreshing and wondered, could this be good for me? Well, sharks, guess what. I created a product that's both good for you and tastes great at the same time. I wanted the sharks to know that my company isn't just your average lemonade stand. It's a lemonade stand that's trying to make a major impact on saving the bees. That's right, she's out to save the bees. She was and is the face of the brand. Sweetest little thing in the world. It's a deal! I think he believed I was only 9, and my business was small, he could turn it into a big business. Before we went on "Shark tank," I was in only 35 stores, now I'm in over 200 stores. I see her once a month, and I'm more, and more impressed. He always responds to texts. She has people like Starbucks and various other people interested in her. Just phenomenal. And tonight, there's new buzz, because she just landed a new distribution deal with whole foods and "W" hotels. I ask this question all the time. Are you ready to quit school and work full-time? And you mean it? When Kevin said, "Drop out of school," I knew that that wasn't going to happen. It's certainly family first, but we understand as a family, we've got a commitment, and we've got a passion. We've got a mission to grow the business. It's amazing that she's able to balance this business that she's created while at the same time making straight a's. So I started off with flaxseed and honey, and mint -- flaxseed and honey, and mint -- Mikayla still makes time for the personal sales pitch, a sort of lemonade stand at the local grocery store. "She's a natural born salesperson. And, then were those three invites to the white house. I will be back on the job market, so I hope she is hiring I have a lot of big, big dreams for me and the bees and I want to take it step by step and day by day and see what comes our way. Would you like a cup? I love when the kids come in. I find it so inspiring. If you don't come from an environment where your mom and dad are business people, or you don't know anybody who's a businessperson, how are you going to get ahead? Let me ask you about Mo's bows. He marches in there and says he's going to be nbt. My name is Mo bridges, and I was on season five of "Shark tank." I was about 11 years old when I went on. We asked Mr. Wonderful for $50,000, and he said -- I don't want any equity in Mo's bows. I want three dollars every time you sell a tie. I was just like "Uh, no." I thought Mo, will be 50 years old, still paying Kevin $3 a tie, that's insane. I suggest you don't take on investors at this time. So I wanted to mentor him. There was no deal for Mo, but Damon couldn't help falling in the love with the boy in the bow tie from Memphis. A mentorship was born. Do you agree with that, Mo? Mo is the CEO, but I am the CEO of Mo, so. Shazam! I'm on my way! He did bring me recently to new York, and he showed me where he lived when he was younger. This is the house that I was raised in. I think daymond was trying to teach me that we both came from the same background, and that we can both do great things. If you forget where you came from, then you're really not going to have much direction on where you want to go. I'm going to end up working for this kid sooner or later. You already are. You showed up at the dressing room with the ties and tried to get me to buy. What do you think? Very studious of you. It becomes a challenge at times, trying to keep a balance with Mo between work and his social life, and of course school. Whether it's picking out swatches over eggs and bacon or making sure Mo's bows are front and center at this department store. And, now we have Mo. Mo and his bows are always on the go. When people come in, they see the ties, and we tell them about them, they say, are those the ties from the little boy who was on "Shark tank"? When I walk into a department store and I see Mo's bows next to these big brands, I'm just like, oh my god, I can't And tonight, he's just signed a deal to make his bow ties for the NBA, and he served up a warning shot for that NBA owner. Better watch out, mark Cuban! The CEO of Neiman Marcus calls. I haven't been able to sell fubu to Neiman Marcus since day one. I go, hi, how you doing? She's like, can I speak to Mo? I'm like, here, Mo. He got himself into Neiman Marcus. We have a message from mikaila and moziah for you. Hey, Mr. Daymond. Thank you for making such a big impact on my business. Daymond, thank you for all the help and support that you've given me throughout my company. Congratulations, sharks!

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Mikaila Ulmer introduced the sharks to her lemonade, while Mo Bridges promoted his ties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"45727329","title":"Meet 'Shark Tank' kid entrepreneurs Mikaila Ulmer and Mo Bridges: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/meet-shark-tank-kid-entrepreneurs-mikaila-ulmer-mo-45727329"}