Mexican Actress Begins Messaging With Infamous 'El Chapo': Part 2

Kate del Castillo and Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman messaged each other using encrypted phones.
7:42 | 03/19/16

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Transcript for Mexican Actress Begins Messaging With Infamous 'El Chapo': Part 2
Reporter: It is 8:52 P.M. On July 11th, 2015. A camera is focused on a maximum security cell in Mexico's most heavily fortified prison. The prisoner is el chapo, and by the way, his name means shorty. He's about 5'6" inches tall. Look closely as he seems to be going into the shower before bed. But wait, did he just disappear? Incredibly, lift up the bottom of his shower and it drops into a tunnel where a motorcycle on rails is waiting so he can drive out fast. We're inside the el chapo tunnel. Reporter: ABC's gio Benitez showed us the stunning engineering, fortified walls, perfect ventilation running about a mile to carry el chapo to freedom where he can head back to his beloved sinaloa mountains. When it's over, seven prison officials will be arrested as complicit. The Mexican people are outraged but not very surprised. Intense manhunt now under way. It's laughable. Reporter: Seven were arrested. Seven. Oh, seven. Come on. Come on. Reporter: You're sure that tunnel could not have been built? No. Reporter: -- With more than seven people complicit? No. And what a tunnel, right? Just perfect. Reporter: The night it happens, Kate del Castillo says she's out with friends in Los Angeles. She gets a text from one of chapo's lawyers in which the lawyer says he's celebrating the escape and she says, me more. Reporter: Were you glad? Were you happy he escaped? I don't know. No. Not -- it's not exactly that I was happy that he escaped. I was just stunned. I think most Mexicans were. Reporter: Did you think, "This would be good for my project?" No. I was devastated. In that -- I said, "Oh my god, I -- my copyright just vanished." And I talked to the -- to the producers. And one of them said, "No. It just got better." Reporter: She says she's now found two producers to raise money for the chapo movie project. They're well-known in Hollywood for their work with oliver stone. And they tell her they have another well-known Hollywood friend -- the actor Sean Penn. She's says she's excited he wants to meet with her and she thinks he's coming to help her on the project. You know, this big Hollywood actor will give me more credibility. You know, about that I was -- I'm serious with this movie. Reporter: And when they meet he has an idea -- take the fugitive el chapo up on his offer for a meeting and he, Sean Penn, will go with her. So she asks to meet with el chapo. The answer comes back yes, and this time it's directly from the man himself. "Hello, friend, what a pleasure to greet you. Eager to greet you personally, friend. Are you going to be around here?" He sends word, she can bring whoever she wants. Yeah, I mean, I was being nice because I wanted to get the story. Reporter: If she is being pleasant, so is el chapo, who is known to have a soft spot for beautiful women. His current wife a beauty queen, 26 years old. And as he awaits del Castillo, we count 37 text messages to his lawyers as he tries to decide which phone he can send her to correspond that would make her happy. Will you like the color. And is it the right color? And do they have it in pink? I mean, this is a guy with a case. I didn't know about those texts. Again, I don't know how truthful they are. But it definitely -- I can't -- I just -- Reporter: She says the parts of the texts that are leaked are designed to make her look bad. Is he seducing you? Are you seducing him? Who's the cat? Who's the mouse? Right. Well, again, it's out of context. I don't think it was necessarily me, Kate del Castillo. He was probably, had a crush on Teresa Mendoza. Reporter: Had a crush? Wait a minute. Well, maybe. I don't know. I think he's maybe an admirer? I don't know. I'm -- okay, maybe, yes. I don't know. We'll have to ask him. Reporter: But whatever is happening, the trip is on. Reporter: So was it crazy? Was it naive? Was it a wild escapade? What was it? I think a little bit of everything. It was naive, for sure. Reporter: She says she's moving a little too fast, without thinking. And she has no idea when she picks up that phone el chapo sent from the lawyers, the government is already watching. In the meantime, up in the mountains, the mysterious king of the drug trade has embarked on a kind of cartel party planning. Perhaps distributing even more of his notorious bribes to people in the area, perhaps sending out hundreds of his men into the woods to create a safe path for her night. He moved a lot of people. A lot of people. So, I mean, the risk was enormous. Chapo Guzman was incredibly reckless, or was head over heels in love. Reporter: This is Jorge Castaneda, a Mexican academic and former secretary of foreign affairs who can't believe what is happening. Did a lot of very foolish things. Reporter: But for all his amorousness this is the man who changed addiction around the world, reinventing the drug trade. With his planes, his submarines, inventing the snaking tunnels that connect the drugs to nearly every American town. You have a person who uses terror, uses murder, uses corruption, uses unspeakable amounts of violence to build an empire. Reporter: This is grainy cell phone video, reportedly of el chapo with an unhurried swagger interrogating a man tied to a post with his pants around his legs. In America, there are seven indictments of el chapo, some of them citing murder. Chicago has named him public enemy number one, like Al Capone. Murder, torture, that -- either directly or under his umbrella, under his direction. You're not disputing it. No, not at all. Reporter: So what will she do about this in her film? It is going to glamorize him. He's not going to admit to murders. Well, I don't know. They say that he wants to retire soon. So I think -- I think he's just tired. And I think he -- you know, those people have egos. Reporter: But even as thousands of Mexican troops and Dea agents are searching for el chapo, Kate del Castillo posts a picture on instagram with the hash tag, nothing is what it seems. Taking a bottle of her new

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Kate del Castillo and Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman messaged each other using encrypted phones.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"37762031","title":"Mexican Actress Begins Messaging With Infamous 'El Chapo': Part 2","url":"/2020/video/mexican-actress-begins-messaging-infamous-el-chapo-part-37762031"}