Modern Office Romance

Despite office security cams, "co-workers with benefits" are having sex at work.
3:00 | 11/09/12

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Transcript for Modern Office Romance
Reporter: Another workday begins at terracycle in trenton, new jersey. The staff, mostly young and attractive, is committed to the main business here -- innovative recycling. But then there's the side business. Is there sex in the office? Not right now. Reporter: At terracycle business and pleasure absolutely mix. Do you see open flirting like on a day-to-day basis? Everyone is friendly. Reporter: Friendly and over friendly? You could get a little bit of both. It's hard to tell where exactly the line is. I wouldn't care if I was touched or hugged by any one at any time. There are no boundaries really. Nerf gun fight. Reporter: No boundaries for sure. There's so much interoffice action, this place needs a hookup flow chart. Just recently someone on the executive team dated someone in the graphics department. Another person dated someone in accounts management. Meantime, another accounts person dated someone in graphics. Yet, a third person dated the office manager. Meantime, someone in product design was dating an intern. It's obvious, sex at work or romance at work happens. Reporter: Terracycle founder and ceo tom szacky has one golden rule on office trysts -- you can hook up with each other if you want. Reporter: Be respectful of others. But there are no written guidelines. You just can't create policies for those things. Reporter: When he started terracycle out of his dorm room ten years ago, there were wild parties at the so-called intern house. Check out the body painting. It lead to two known pregnancies. Check out the body painting. Today, as the company has matured, things may be somewhat tamer., But legends still abound. It's well known that this conference table has supported a lot more than fourth quarter estimates. Stacey, you were talking about your friend? Yup, someone I know had sex in the office. Reporter: Someone you know really well? Somebody I know kind of well. Reporter: What did your friend say it was like, something extra fun about it? It was just an opportunity that arose. Excuse the pun. Reporter: Being the passionate person that she was? My friend took advantage of it. Reporter: Is it okay to have sex in the building? That's a great question. Reporter: Seriously. Szaky says sex during business hours would be a no-no, which may be why no one has ever been caught on this office security camera. But we found countless examples on line of offices where couples supposedly were. Security cam sex. People on the move on the job. You really want this position, don't you? Reporter: Sex at work is such a fantasy there are plenty of porn sites devoted to it. But workplace romance need not be sordid. It can be sweet. And maybe nowhere does it fly higher than at southwest airlines. They don't call themselves the luv airline for nothing. There are more than 1,200 married couples who both work here. Their pictures hang proudly in the company's dallas headquarters. We are a luv couple. Reporter: One is colleen and kevin russell. She's in finance. He's in cargo. Together they're in love. I did something I've never done before. I asked him out over an e-mail. I sat at my desk holding my hand over the mouse just thinking, "can I do this? Can I do this? Is this okay?" Reporter: It was more than okay. Eight months later, they were married. Southwest is totally supportive of the "luv" couples, as long as the pair work in different departments and neither manages the other. Thankfully we are at a company where it is okay to fall in love with who you fall in love with. Reporter: But whether it's for a long time or just a good time, ere are rules for office romance. If your career is important to you at that organization, then you have to think about how that might be impacted. Reporter: Caitlin friedman has written several guidebooks for women in the workplace. HER TOP THREE DOs AND DON'Ts -- Number one, do take it seriously. Workplace romance can have consequences for your reputation. It makes people uncomfortable. Even if they say they are okay with it, they're not. Reporter: So, number two, don't have public displays of affection. Tru me, nobody wants to see it. Reporter: Friedman says keeping the relationship quiet just makes you more professional, which leads to number three, don't travel for business together. It can lead to troubling questions. Was this really business? Was this pleasure? Exactly, exactly. You just don't want to go there. Reporter: And that's all when the relationship is going well. 50% of marriages don't last, and dating couples split way more than that. And if life in cube-land sitting beside a bitter ex isn't bad enough, that's nothing compared to aexual harassment suit. Just ask dov charney, the ceo of clothing giant american apparel and a notorious workplace lothario. You've had relations with some of the people who work for you. Look, I -- Reporter: Isn't that inappropriate? Well, 57% of americans meet their spou at work. And it's perfectly normal and natural that love can take place within the context of the workplace. Reporter: Chaey sounds a bit like an older version of terracycle's tom szacky. The difference is, he's rich enou for people to try to sue his pants off. This past spring charney was interviewed on "nightline" after one of several lawsuits against him was settled out of court. Other cases are pending, though no allegations have been proven in court. All of those accusations are baseless and meritless. And what has happened, you know, high-profile people such as myself, are often in the firing line of that kind of stuff. Reporter: There are 14,000 sex harassment suit filed annually in the u.S., and, in fact, back at terracycle, tom szacky says he's already been named in one of them. On top of that, he says he was once harassed himself by a customer who wanted more than his business. I've experienced all aspects of this personally. Reporter: But overall, he remains optimistic. He's seen many more good romances than bad and still thinks when cupid visits terracycle, it's good for everyone. Happy employees mean a better work product, basically, at the end? I think happy employees eal higher profitability. And isn't that what every ceo is in the business of?

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{"id":17684452,"title":"Modern Office Romance","duration":"3:00","description":"Despite office security cams, \"co-workers with benefits\" are having sex at work.","url":"/2020/video/modern-office-romance-17684452","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}