Mom goes 'undercover' on crusade to free her son convicted of murder: Part 3

Doreen Quinn Giuliano, who believes her son John Giuca is innocent of the murder of Mark Fisher, attempted to gain the trust of one of the jurors in the trial.
6:45 | 04/07/18

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Transcript for Mom goes 'undercover' on crusade to free her son convicted of murder: Part 3
Eporter: John giuca is sentenced to 25 years to life for the "Grid kid slay of llege football player mark fisher. It was ae of a trial. Reporter: Outrageby her son's guilty verdict, John giuca's mother, Doreen Quinn Giuliano, decides to take action immeately focusing on the jurors whoquickly convicted her son. She was crazed with hysteri and terrified for her son's future. Reporter: It's fair to say what she does next, few mothers woever consir. What made you decide to G undercover? A mutual friend of John's who was in the audience, recognized one of the jurors. The guy with the baldy head. Repor Doreen beeves that if that bald juror knew anyone involved in the trial, especially the witnesses, it shouave disqualifiim as a juror. The key point here is less about how much did he know about these pele, and more did he intentionally lie to gn the jury. Who was juror number eight? Juror eight was Jason allo. He knew my son's friends. Reporteould she som get him to admit that he should never have been on that jury? He committed very serious jur misconduct. Reporter: Doreen, who at the time had been married for 1 years,onfides the deils of audacious plan to H husband, giuca's stepfather. He didn't want me to do it, hostly. He said, no, no, no. You went to a tanning booth. Yes. I just was trying tock off me years. Reporter: These pictures of her transformation were Ta for a "Vanity fair" magaze shoot. I bought a whole new wardrobe. You know, low-cut blouses, push-up bra, high heels that I had to practice wag in 'cause I wasn't good at it. This is not how you're drsed today. No. No. I'm ptty conservative. You were wearingots of makeup? Ls of makeup. I had to, you know try attract him. You becamur own private investigator. I did. Siing there for hours. You just can't take your eye off the prize. And you called him "The target." Iid call him "The target." Yeah. Repr: For months, Doreen stakes out "The targ" every ve on this Corin bensonhurst, csidered the title Italy of Brooklyn. You spe hours and hours, basically on thireet corner. Yeah waiting R him to come home from work. Reporter:e point, she evens aurka. A Muslim friend hooked me up withhis beautiful burka, and said, "You can get up closto anou want and eavesdrop." I remember ING to a conversation. He was talking about blondes. He liked blondes. That's when ded to go really bnde. Reporter:ive long months the sting she is ready to make hove. I rode my bike past H several times up and down the block waiting for him toe me then his friend whistled at me, and my heart dropped, and I said hi. And I said I was from California, andas new to the hborhood. And he said I could give him a call. Reporter:perate for any she thinks will sink her new persona also rents a elorette pad. There was a futon for a bed, and a table, couple of chairs, designed to be a so-called playgirl's. How long were you here? A year. Maybe a year and a half. Reporter:ed with a brand-new life and a sexy cover, she is ready for next brash move, a R romance dinner for two, with juror number GHT. You would've done whatever it took? Yes. Ven if it meant taking him to bed? F course. Of course. But ididn't come to that. No. No. We had a friendship. Reporter: They drink wine, order Ta out, and list to the rolling stones -- whdoreen says, allo was rolling something else. A you're also smoking weed with him? I'm, like, am ING to feel paranoid, you know, am I goi to blow my cover? How mucour conversations were audio recorded All of it. Reporter: Yep, it turns in aition to her push-up bra and Daisy kes Doreen was wearing something else. A wire. Nd you kept it where? Between my boobs. Hello, hell M nervous as hell. And so durihis entire time you are this califo gi Yes. I grew up in California. So, no offense, but you don' sound like you're from californ. One Tim caught on and he , "You sound like you're from Brooklyn." And I said, "Iaking classes. So they must be working." Reporter: Slowly don builds allo's trust -- tng their conversations toward her son John's murder trial. And you could have got excused. The's a million and one ses to get excused. The number one exse, I'm prejudiced. You're what? I hate Jew He believed that John W jewish Reporter: It's hardly enough to win a retrial, but then, Doreen sayllo drops a bombshell. Technicallylaw if I knew that, I shouldn't have even been in that jury. Say that ag-- I shouldn't have even been in that jury because -- Why not? By law, you're not supposed to be. Reporter: F Doreen, it's gotcha moment. Shsays, if what is saying is true he should never have en on the jury bause he knew some of her son's friends. I'll tell you this, I'd R tell anybody else. I actually had some type of infoion. UT? Remember when I tolu that they hang out over here Somes? HT. So when allo started confessi that maybe he didn't belong on this jurd that he had known some of the kids, what was yourctions you're tape recording this? I was disgusted with him because he sit proudlynd, he's bragging how he put this kid away. Whad you wantdo? I wanted to punch himn his face. Reporter: Doreen thinks she finally has the goods juror eit, and believes it can win her son's freedom. But in sodoing, she may have lost something else. What did the undercover sting O your marrie? It destroyed it. You were qued as saying, U know, "I can get another husband. I can't other son. That's right. Reporter: Can she get her son's murder conviction overturned

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"Doreen Quinn Giuliano, who believes her son John Giuca is innocent of the murder of Mark Fisher, attempted to gain the trust of one of the jurors in the trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"54296390","title":"Mom goes 'undercover' on crusade to free her son convicted of murder: Part 3 ","url":"/2020/video/mom-undercover-crusade-free-son-convicted-murder-part-54296390"}