Murdered fashion writer's ex comes under suspicion: Part 2

Tim Arnold, who is no longer a suspect in Christa Worthington's murder, called police to say he found her body.
7:25 | 11/25/17

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Transcript for Murdered fashion writer's ex comes under suspicion: Part 2
Come the late fall, the weather turns vicious. The loneliness, the sense of isolation, definitely builds. The quiet is so thorough, so deep that I think it scares certain people. The cape is not a popular place in the winter because it's cold and it's isolated. Christa, as a writer, kept diaries. I do feel storm bound. The cabin fever is so intense and it has become part of my metabolism pumping like blood. This crime happened in the dead of winter, in January. There are even less people around in this small town. Everyone is thinking, "Oh, my goodness. We have a murderer amongst us." After the murder of Christa Worthington, there was this free-floating anxiety everywhere. People started locking their doors overnight. It was a transformation. Stim Arnold was the fwhunl suspect in the investigation. Tim Arnold is a former boyfriend of Christa Worthington. They dated for a while over a year. But at the time she was murdered they were actually broken up. The police, they always take a close look at the people who are in the orbit. He was a boyfriend. He was an ex-lover. Sometimes that generates hard feelings. So that was one. Two, he found the body. You always take a close look at the person who found the body. It was a Sunday afternoon. There was an important patriots football game going on. Tim Arnold says that he was watching the game with his father and his father suggested that he return a flashlight to Christa. His father drove him to Christa's house. He's heading to the home, spots two unopened newspapers, immediately makes him wonder why are papers unopened? And he looked through the kitchen door window and saw Christa lying on the floor. She was totally still. She wasn't moving. So he pushed his way into the house. He went and he found ava next to her mother and he leaned over and he touched Christa and she was cold. He picked up ava and she knew him, she responded to him. He takes her in her arms, he takes the child out to his father and he turns towards his father and says, "Christa is d-e-a-d." Doesn't want to say it out loud. 9-1-1, this call is recorded. What is your emergency? Please send somebody to 50 depot road. Okay. What's the problem? It's Christa Worthington. I don't know what happened to her. I think she fell down or something. I'm sure she's dead. I think she's dead -- is anyone there -- I am friend was just returning a flashlight, her 3-year-old there nursing on her body. I'll send someone right over. The police took Tim Arnold back to the station. To question him that night. They spent some time with him and then they drove him home. He walked into the house, and his father was in front of the TV, and I was very shocked when Tim told me that his father said to Tim, "Tim, did you do it?" His own father asked him that. From that moment on, the whole town was asking questions like that. Did Tim do it? It's clear that Tim Arnold and Christa had a tumultuous relationship. They had an intense relationship. He lived with her for a while. Ava started to call him Tim mom, so he wasn't just Tim. He was Tim mom. He's a very sensitive, artistic, educated, well spoken, gentle, person. I think one reason Christa connected with Tim Arnold is that he was a literary. He wrote a couple books, he wrote this book "The winter mittens," which is a children's book, but it's a very strange little children's book. It's very dark. When she pulled on the right mitten to take it off, it would not move. She pulled frantically at them with her teeth, but the winter mittens held fast to her hands, as if with a life of their own. Tim Arnold and Christa would fight. Tim said about Christa that she criticized everything. She would criticize him for humming and she would say she didn't want ava to become a hummer. He couldn't even hum. They had broken, but he still seems have affection for Christa. Now he lived nearby with his father, only 100 yards away. Tim told the police that he was out running one day and he stopped by Christa's house and knocked on the door, didn't get an answer. So, he walks around and he looks in a window, and she apparently got extremely upset with him. Christa had voicemails left on her answering machine. They were left by Tim. They seemed to show that he was upset with their relationship. Well, I think you made it very clear where you stand on the issue of friendship. So at this point don't expect me to be around. Hi, Christa, just to clarify if you wanted to call to try to arrange for a time for me to see ava that would be fine and I will see what I can do but I don't really think that we should see each other, even briefly. Bye. Is there was a way that when she talked about Tim Arnold, that maybe he snapped. She pushed him away. There was a way in which she talked about Tim Arnold that maybe he snapped and went berserk. The jilted lover who wanted her so badly that he would take her life to prevent her from being with another man. It affected him a lot. It was devastating. To be under suspicion is a terrible thing. He told me that the state police came over once and really grilled him. You get a jab from one side, and then a right-hook from the other, you know. More than once, he would say something like, "I had not killed Christa." And he said they would come right back and say, "Oh, yes, you did." Tim was a logical person to look at, but there was just nothing to support that he killed her, and so they moved on to other suspects. Truro is a small town and Christa wasn't really a small town girl. She had a very complicated love life. Tim Arnold wasn't the only person who Christa had been involved with relatively recently, and most importantly, Tim Arnold was not the father of her child. They have to look at the father of Christa's baby. The local shellfish constable, Tony Jackett. She knew that she was getting herself ensnared in a big, angry hornet's nest, she didn't care. Definitely, Tony had a motive. The initial thought was, "It has to be this guy."

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{"id":51373744,"title":"Murdered fashion writer's ex comes under suspicion: Part 2","duration":"7:25","description":"Tim Arnold, who is no longer a suspect in Christa Worthington's murder, called police to say he found her body.","url":"/2020/video/murdered-fashion-writers-suspicion-part-51373744","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}