The 'Neighbor From Hell' Speaks out

Act 3: In an exclusive interview, Lori Christensen tells her side of the story.
8:28 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for The 'Neighbor From Hell' Speaks out
this woman would be a first-ballot shoo-in. And these videos part of a high-light reel that's earned lori christensen an enduring if unflattering nickname. You've been called the neighbor from hell. She's behind bars. America's nastiest neighbor. The woman called the neighbor from hell. Are you? I don't think so. I think I've just been trying to protect myself of being stalked and being bullied. Bullied, she says, by her neighbors greg and kim hoffman but you won't be surprised to hear that the hoffmans and the courts see things quite differently. Actions speak louder than words. Her actions have shown, very simply, that she is the aggressor. Flash back to 1999, when lori christensen and her daughter moved into this four bedroom house just across the street from the hoffman family they say things went from cordial to combati six years ago because of a spat between their daughters. And, um, I guess immediately she pretty much went off on me she was yelling and screaming -- had she ever screamed at you before? No. And, uh, I turned around and started to walk away. Reporter: But walking away from the wrath of lori christensen wouldn't be that simple the hoffmans learned that the hard way after kim, a recovering alcoholic, suffered a dangerous relapse. She collapsed in front of me. Reporter: She collapsed in front of you. Yeah, I had my son call 911. Reporter: Christensen expressed her condolences in her own special way. She starts swearing at me, "you should have died. Why don't you drink some more scotch." Reporter: As the tension escalated, police were called over 100 times to this once quiet neighborhood. It took quite a while for, uh, kim and greg hoffman to convince me this wasn't a he said she said event. Reporter: Police chief lynn banks told them to start videotaping christensen's behavior. What their camera caught would prove to be the game changer in this conflict on the cul-de-sac. Here's lori using a remote control car to simulate drunk driving during jake hoffmans 12th birthday party. Another apparent dig. She started calling me a son of an alcoholic in front of my friends, and it wasn't something my friends were aware of, so it was an embarrassing situation. Reporter: Then there were these giant signs covering christensen's garage with insulting messages like "i saw mommy kissing a breathalyzer." But the video that got christensen the most attention was this bizarre mock strip tease. As you might imagine, the hoffmans got a restraining order that barred their neighbor from having any contact with them but christensen repeatedly violating it. It got so bad police even stormed her home to arrest her and she landed in jail twice! Lost her government job and was eventually barred by a judge from returning to her own home! In the spirit of trying to get along with the people who you live across from why not just stop? I didn't wanna get -- why do I have to get along? Why do i? Well, you've been behind bars now because of a lot of this. Why do I have to live my life to make them happy? Reporter: This week, after attempting to withdraw a guilty plea on felony charges of violating a restraining order, lori christensen agreed to sit down with us and share her side of the story. She argued that the whole hoffman brou-ha-ha was mostly about jealousy. So, and in fact, that's part of what you assert, that other people were jealous of you, the hoffmans specifically were jealous of what you had. Absolutely. And you believe that's where this all stems from? Well, that and greg wanting to have a relationship with me. A relationship? It is just another thing that lori creates in order to justify her behavior. It just never existed. Reporter: Did the neighbor-from-hell want to deny or at least apologize for some of her alleged behavior? Nope. Kim said that when you told her, "why don't you drink some more scotch," you prefaced it with, "you should have died." That was after her kid stole my bike and she came out drunk. And I looked -- but is there ever an excuse to say that to someone? Why not? Why not? Don't come out -- I think most people would say no, especially in front of children. You know what? She comes stumblin' out and she's growling. Got you know, all bitchin' at me. "Ah, you leave my kids alone. And you can't talk to my kids." I go, "you know what, during -- it's -- kim. Go and drink some more scotch. Maybe you'll die." And you don't feel bad about saying that? No. Why? Because that's was where she was headed. Reporter: Christensen also admits to those garage door signs, but says they weren't all directed at the hoffmans. I saw mommy kissing a breathalyzer. No. That was new year's eve. And all the met council buses, that was the logo that year. I have pictures of every metropolitan council bus driving down the street that said, "i saw mama kissing a breathalyzer." I'm a maad supporter. So it wasn't directed at kim hoffman? Oh, absolutely not. I find it very difficult to believe that advertising that in such a manner is gonna be very effective. Reporter: As for that suggestive driveway dance lori says she was fed up with greg hoffman constantly videotaping her. But that doesn't look bizarre or, as some people have said, crazy -- why should be -- why should a guy that shaves his head be standing across the street videotaping me every night? Do you not find that bizarre? If the guy wants to sit home and watching me I'll give you somethin' to record and watch me. Reporter: At that point, during a break, we got a taste of the christensen temper for ourselves. Move on! It's sick and tired of listening to the same thing over and over. Let's talk about what happened in 2012. The hoffmans -- when you get back let's do it. Reporter: After things settled down, we moved on -- there was the moment when police had to break into your home and I mean at that point are you thinking, "this isn't," do you know what -- "worth it." That was? But you were engaging with and you weren't supposed to. And if you weren't -- no, I wasn't -- engaging. engaging. Reporter: Christensen insists the local police, including chief lynn banks, have had it out for her from the start. Lynn banks and I have never talked I have a conversation recorded with lynn banks where she called me a monster. Why do you think she thinks that of you, though? Why? Uh-huh. Because I was a single gal and I was assertive. She told me I was a I says, "is it illegal to be a beach I can be. I'm assertive. I hold my own. But I'm also very compassionate person. Sitting in my office, across from me, I said, "lori, why? Why can't you just stop this?" She looked me right in the eye and said, "it's my lifelong goal to make these people's life miserable." If you are a bully, we are not gonna let you act like that in this community. If you're just plain mean there's going to be consequences. Reporter: Tonight, christensen is awaiting more consequences a sentence on her latest felony charge. She faces up to 10 years probation and remains barred from her home. It's on the market in case you're interested but lori's sure not giving it the hard sell. How do you describe that neighborhood? Ghetto. Pretty low class. I guess, you know, it's social classes. We were just maybe at a different rung than the rest of the neighborhood. If you could say anything to the hoffmans right now, what would you say to them? Get a life. Leave me alone. Move on. Move on, greg. It's never gonna happen between us. Reporter: Luckily the hoffmans seem eager to do just that. Knowing that she is not gonna be back in this neighborhood, um, is unbelievable. Reporter: So your long, hard fight, does it feel worth it now? Absolutely. People shouldn't have to get up and move, or relocate, because you have a neighbor that is making your life miserable. So, we took our neighborhood back. Luckily a happy ending there. We want to know, do you have crazy neighbor stories, let us know using the #abc 2020 on twitter.

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{"id":20325543,"title":"The 'Neighbor From Hell' Speaks out","duration":"8:28","description":"Act 3: In an exclusive interview, Lori Christensen tells her side of the story.","url":"/2020/video/neighbor-hell-speaks-20325543","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}