NJ Mom Shops for Flowers and a Hit Man

Act 1: Nicole Faccenda meets a prospective hit man to kill a love rival in a supermarket parking lot.
8:39 | 05/31/14

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Transcript for NJ Mom Shops for Flowers and a Hit Man
She felt like she's in a lifetime movie. Now, she's on "20/20." Here's Elizabeth vargas and David Muir. The tapes only seen here of a suburban soccer mom plotting to kill another woman. And the victim couldn't believe it until she saw it right here. She had no idea who she was about to meet. First came Howard and Nicole. Then came Howard and Jennifer. In this love triangle, two's company, three's a crime. Jennifer is dead. No way. Jennifer is dead. Reporter: It's like a made-for-tv-movie. The strange but true love story of Nicole faccenda, ruthless romantic. Set in a soprano-land of big hair and broken hearts. The garden state, where smokestacks grow. Where the surprisingly irresistible charm of Howard, a chauffeur, drove one woman over the edge. And as you're about to see, it could get another one killed. A 42-year-old suburban soccer mom is about to settle the score by hiring a hitman. It all starts right here. Keep your eye on that white car pulling into a supermarket parking lot. And out comes our leading lady looking for trouble. How you doing. Have a seat. I'm here to go shopping, to go get flowers. I have this big event, you know. I'm so busy today. I have all of ten minutes. Okay. Reporter: She says she's there to buy flowers. Roses, maybe, with some very sharp thorns. Nicole, hoping her problem can vanish, like magic. So what can get done? You can just make her disappear? You could -- what could get done? When you say disappear, like, you want her out of this State or you want her, you know -- Reporter: Nicole says she and Howie had it all. Fancy casinos, fine dining, first class vacations -- "An easy life," she says, at her expense, until Howie's secret worlds collided. The 54-year-old falling for a younger woman, Jennifer, just 33. Nicole and Howie have a son but Howie and Jennifer would have two sons. She's just a Who's been involved. I think she's like 30 years old. She's got two kids. We have this hatred thing because we're both fighting over this complete loser. We both have kids with this loser. So he bounces back and forth. He uses her and he uses me. You don't want to hear the whole . Reporter: You hear Nicole say she wants Howard to suffer, but it's Jennifer she wants gone. I could do it myself, but I'm -- I don't want to be -- have my hands on anything. Reporter: So here in the parking lot, in broad daylight, as shoppers push their carts right on by, there is one shopper in the market for murder. I need somebody who can just get something done, then leave and disappear. They have a big fat envelope in their pocket and then my problem's done. Reporter: When Howie walks out on Nicole, at first, she follows the time-honored tradition of jilted lovers the world over. She turns to Facebook. Posting family pictures and a furious rant about Howie's secret life with two families. But among those who see the post, one of Howie's relatives. A guy we'll call "Sonny." They start chatting online and on the phone. Chatting about murder. And then, in this New Jersey parking lot, it gets real. Nicole meeting sonny for the first time in person. 20 years, he does everything for me. Reporter: Sonny introducing his friend, the hitman. Let's call him "Jose." The cure for Nicole's broken heart, break something else. Basically you're saying you could just go break her legs or you could go -- Exactly. Anything that I need done, you can do? Exactly. From the littlest thing -- To the worst thing? To the worst thing. Reporter: Nicole and the hitman talking in a code so clever they're fooling themselves. Okay. Scott said you had a problem with somebody and I'm here to take care of your problem, but what is it you want me to do with your problem? Okay. I don't know. Fix my problem, I guess. How do I fix your problem? You tell me what you want me to do and I can see to it that it gets taken care of, but -- How is it going to get taken care of? How do you want me to? That's why I'm here. So what can you do? Reporter: And just look at this. Incredible. That man hired as a hitman, who we're calling Jose, allows us to get in a car with him too. As long as we agree not to reveal his face or identity. We're interviewing the man she hired. So as we drive this New Jersey highway, do you think any of these other drivers on the highway have any idea you're a hitman? No, not at all. A lot of people are gonna ask, "Why would she ask a relative of the ex-boyfriend to help her find a hitman?" I don't know. Maybe she was just desperate. I mean, she didn't know too many, I guess, bad people in her life that are actually committing crimes. Because she's -- she wasn't that type of person. To hire someone for murder, it's a real serious thing. You don't -- you know, just based on looking at her, you didn't really think that she was capable of doing it. So what brings Nicole to this moment? She was just frustrated. She was angered at the fact that he was leaving her. And she wanted to get even. She wanted to get even because this whole time he's had another girlfriend? Not only another girlfriend -- another family. Yes. And she wants to take that other woman out now? Yes. But she wants the boyfriend to live. She wants him to live because she wants him to grieve. She wants to see him suffer. She wants to watch him suffer? Yes. So you're sitting here in the a&p parking lot. Yes. And she's told you she's gonna do some shopping? I guess she wanted to make it seem like she was shopping, if anyone questioned her, what she was doing here at the time. So she's doing a little shopping and then she comes out to meet with the hit man? Yes. Because that's what most people have on their grocery list. She did. Reporter: Back in that parking lot, that prospective hitman, worried about the man of the house, Howie. Howie's in the house. Who? The dude she's with now? Uh-huh. What's he about? Nothing. But is he armed? Does he have a gun or some ? No, nothing, nothing. He's got a big mouth. That's it. Reporter: He's not the only one with a big mouth. Listen here as Nicole realizes she should worry about her own. I just want to make sure you're not like an undercover or a federal agent. Okay. And like all of a sudden, cars are all over. If I get arrested, I'm -- I'll lose my job. Reporter: And you're about to hear something else. Nicole fearing she's a star in the making. And I know I've watched one too many lifetimes. I'm in a horrible, horrible -- Lifetime? I've watched too many lifetime movies. This is about TV now? Reporter: Nicole's story eventually will attract plenty of agents. Not Hollywood ones. Federal agents. Among them, ATF agent Mike Alongi. There are a lot of times, you know, people will say that they wish somebody was dead. But actually going through with it and wanting them dead is -- a totally different animal. I'm totally, totally legit. I'm not You at all. I believe you. Reporter: Nicole presses ahead, sharing her own fantasies for Jennifer. I've played every scenario through my head a million times. Do I want the car to go off the highway? Do I want someone to just come up and take her out? Do I want me to go into the house with my silencer and take them all out? Like, I go to sleep every night thinking -- Reporter: The hitman is about to give the fine print on the murder contract. No refunds. No returns. You've got to be serious about this too. You know what I mean? Because once it's done, it's done. There's no turning back. You understand that. Reporter: But Nicole, in that shopping center, is about to ask for a price check. And what is pricing? Hurt is what? It depends. What kind of hurt? Do you want hospital hurt? Do you want Coma hurt? Do you want me to beat this ? I mean, really? Okay, but what's pricing? If you want her dead, it's going to be five up front and five at the end once it's completed. That's it, ten? Yeah. Give me ten. Reporter: So the whole time there are shoppers in the parking lot and there's a murder being planned. She's plotting to kill someone. Murder for hire in America. On your lunch break. Reporter: But the deal is not done. Because Nicole wants to think it over. So what do you think? How long do you think you're going to need to think about it? Tonight? Tomorrow? I need a couple of days to think. Thank you very much. Reporter: The meeting ends with a handshake. As they drive off, Jose and sonny celebrating with a fist bump. Like it's money in the bank. But not so fast. Because in this supermarket murder plot, Nicole is not the only shopper with a secret. That parking lot is crawling with federal agents from the ATF and they are hanging on every word. We had a good eyeball on her. We had multiple cameras pointing from outside the vehicle. And we also had some covert cameras placed within the vehicle, which provided both video and audio. So she has no idea that as she's talking to the hitman, you're right here in the same parking lot, listening to the whole thing. No clue.

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{"id":23939427,"title":"NJ Mom Shops for Flowers and a Hit Man","duration":"8:39","description":"Act 1: Nicole Faccenda meets a prospective hit man to kill a love rival in a supermarket parking lot.","url":"/2020/video/nj-mom-shops-flowers-hit-man-23939427","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}