Noah's Biblical Flood: New Evidence Suggests It Happened

Part 4: Underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard searches the Black Sea for signs of an ancient flood
6:09 | 12/22/12

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Transcript for Noah's Biblical Flood: New Evidence Suggests It Happened
This story and nomads -- -- then -- The banks of the relaxing in ten. Tantalizing clues from being on the continent by -- to loving man and one of the world's leading -- -- on the young achieves. Down the gas. Thick -- that we were astonished and then he believes the article I could have actually happened and says he can find. There was. If you attended discovered to -- Something that -- in science. On the -- story. How fantastic would that -- it would be pretty cool and I'm confident we can we just have to look. And -- track record for finding the impossible speaks for itself. In 1985. He and his crew tracked down the world's most famous shipwreck. The Titanic. -- -- -- -- -- The night she went down was based on -- on its discovery. Now. -- -- and technology. He's -- Play a lot of money laundering. Can't wait to see what it's. -- street archaeological team that might. -- -- story. So your saying as a scientist. That it is not a crazy thing to think that this happened. And you can find evidence for. It's not a crazy thing to think that the flood stories of the various cultures including -- Are based upon true cataclysmic evidence. Biden believes about 121000 years ago -- much should be was covered in ice could begin to melt. The oceans began to smile. Closing his series of devastating floods all over the world. We talk about the -- and part living history from. Boy they don't compare at all to the floods of ancient time and the question is was there a mother of all floods. It thinks -- Wallace and she's testing of controversial theory wounded in the -- -- happening here. Why the Black -- well because the blacks and Bob. Not just a slow moving in advancing rise of sea level but are really big flood. And people were living there. Theory goes this was once an ice amazing fresh -- and laying and they then. When the Mediterranean smiled. At some magic. And broke through and -- in this place. What did. Notable -- people who live their dream we believe to be this huge -- Would you be seen that probably -- it was a bad day hanging in the whole lot of real estate a 150000. Square kilometers away at one under. And 400 feet below the surface and not -- means he's found room and another another catastrophic event. Hello how -- -- -- it you know -- eleven. Be -- an ancient shoreline well we actually dated it. About 5000 PC and that is about the time of the Bible -- -- that Iowa and the great flat haven't I mean wow -- -- it nailed it. Valid and others who agree with the so called black -- feeling. They need the survivors of this celestial event possible story down from generation to generation. Truly inspired the biblical account. Here's the problem and he boom. Read the story they -- didn't cover the whole planet water. But -- covered from there world so that explains the stories it was handed down. Correct remember we have to take it from the perspective of the story teller. I mean they didn't know there was a North American -- South America so as far as they were concerned it was a whole. Scientists disagree with the deet tails of the -- but knowledge is confident that he's on the right track. Still love you -- your life. And they have been finding things. Tom thing -- let's just puts us. -- -- -- And like ancient possibly. And -- And even more so what do we have here looking at what she shouldn't be looking that shouldn't be there that is a perfectly preserved ancient ship bragged and all -- -- it looks like a lumber yard and. This -- bring dating back to 500 BC was in surprisingly good condition preserved because the vaccine has almost no oxygen and that slows down the process of decay. Heat even found an ancient -- if. Look closely you'll see -- -- -- -- found human remains from 2500 years ago and correct and we just. So imagine what's waiting for. Knowledge is now convinced that he will find evidence of the civilized nation from the time of -- -- 7000 years ago. It was completely washed away and. I'm -- -- perhaps most people learn the true true believers with think that it was a fool's errand to try to. Retrace no try to find yeah foolish to think you'll ever find and share. -- can you -- people men who were living can you find their villages. They're underwater now he answered yes and how long do you see continued. Maloney in their next summer wishes slack.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Part 4: Underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard searches the Black Sea for signs of an ancient flood","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"18041950","title":"Noah's Biblical Flood: New Evidence Suggests It Happened","url":"/2020/video/noahs-biblical-flood-evidence-suggests-happened-18041950"}