Officer in Breonna Taylor shooting says police shouldn’t have waited to enter: Part 7

Sgt. Jonanthan Mattingly said that if police had not given Taylor and her boyfriend time to respond to their banging on the door, Taylor might still be alive.
6:29 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Officer in Breonna Taylor shooting says police shouldn’t have waited to enter: Part 7
One David, on Springfield. Where y'all at? So many things had to happen for breonna Taylor to die that night. Go, go, go go. Whoever shot her is responsible for her death. My girlfriend is dead. I don't give a -- keep walking! Is anyone to blame? The system failed everybody. I think the system failed to begin with. And then I think it's a chain of events after that. On the night of March 12th into March 13th, law enforcement set out to execute several search warrants. All right, here you go. You want me to hit the corner and just hold? Yes. They're going to hit four different houses on one night. It's not that one, it's the one over. In one night. And they execute the warrant at breonna Taylor's apartment. Let's go, let's go, let's go. And that's how we find ourselves outside her apartment very early morning hours on which she's killed. The warrant for breonna Taylor's apartment was written as a no-knock warrant. A no-knock warrant allows them to show up at a residence or an apartment, take a battering ram and bust the door down. No-knock warrants are just not common. It's some of the more dangerous things you can do in law enforcement, both for the officers and the people inside. The opportunity to prevent the destruction of evidence is what guides the decision to ask for a no-knock warrant. Police reportedly thought that breonna may haven receiving drugs or holding cash. They wanted to recover whatever they could. They knew that he used that address on bank statements. They knew that was actually listed as one of his permanent addresses. Their intelligence was that one package had been seen by Jamarcus glover while he was leaving breonna Taylor's place. The presumption is there are drugs in there. Jamarcus glover says, absolutely not. I never had anything illegal sent to breonna's apartment. They said that they get verification from the U.S. Postal inspector. The postal inspector came forward and denied telling any member of LMPD that Jamarcus was receiving any packages. He said to me in the interview, everyone's blaming thlilice and the streets are blaming me. Jamarcus glover didn't put her in the situation that the police were even at her house? That's him putting her in this situatiothat she shouldn't have been in. Jamarcus said, they're saying if she wasn't dealing with me, she wouldn't be dead. There was a briefing that evening before law enforcement officers went out, and the ant for breonna Taylor's home was changed. Why did they change it from a no-knock to a knock-nounce? Whose decision was that? That was the detective in charge. Our intent was to give her plenty of time to come to the door because they said she was probably there alone. Banged on the door, um, no response. Banged on it again, no response. At that point, we started announcing ourself -- police come to the door. Kenny says he never heard that announcement. The police, of course, say they did. It wasn't me out there paying cowboy and being out of control. I mean, we were asked to do a job, a task -- we were doing the What would you do if somebody was knocking on your door at 1:00 A.M. And then not responding saying who they are and then they kick in the door? He may say, I was just doing my job. I think the response is, Amazon, if that's your job, then something's wrong with our job. I think it's crucial to understanding the story to understand that these sorts of problems are not new the LMPD. The department has had all sorts of issues and it's had issues with police raids specifically. In 2018, five of the officers who were involved in the raid on Taylor's home executed a different raid on another home in Louisville. Police! Police! Hey! Police, search warrant! It was scary. I honestly didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to think. In that moment figured, what happened? We ain't did nothing, so there be no reason for them to be here. Get on the ground! The police get a complaint about someone at that address was growing and selling marijuana. They wait so long to actually look into that complaint that by the time they raid the home, someone else has moved in. When I heard that five of the officers involved in our raid was in breonna's -- it's just crazy. Is it a coincidence that these two cases happen in the same police department, similar circumstances? Or might there be something cultural questionable in that police department? No-knock warrants, in my estimation, were many times unconstitutional because they were executed disproportionately against people of color, especially black people. Have you ever thought in your mind, had we done it differently -- Oh, yeah. We would have either served the no-knock warrant or done the normal thing we do, which is five to ten seconds to not give people time to form late a plan, not give time people to get their senses that they have an idea of what they're doing. Because if that had happened, breonna Taylor would be alive. 100%. If you just stormed in. Yes. And not given them time? I do. The city seems to be preparing for war. Everybody was holding their breath, waiting for this grand jury. Anything less than murder charges for all three will upset a lot of protesters. . Let's go.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"Sgt. Jonanthan Mattingly said that if police had not given Taylor and her boyfriend time to respond to their banging on the door, Taylor might still be alive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74329731","title":"Officer in Breonna Taylor shooting says police shouldn’t have waited to enter: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/officer-breonna-taylor-shooting-police-shouldnt-waited-enter-74329731"}