Plastic surgeon, Martin MacNeill's children testify at his murder trial: Part 8

The man who performed Michele MacNeill's facelift testified that when he prescribed the medications Martin MacNeill had insisted on, it was never the surgeon's intention for her to take them together.
8:39 | 06/15/19

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Transcript for Plastic surgeon, Martin MacNeill's children testify at his murder trial: Part 8
This is really a bittersweet moment for the Macneill children. Motive, means, and opportunity. The murder trial of former Utah county doctor, martin Macneill. Martin Macneill was charged with murder of his wife Michele. After long years of fighting for justice for Michele, there was such tension around finally going to trial. And we all had our photos, and we held them up. And we wanted to make sure that my dad knew that he couldn't get away with that, and that she's all around. By the time this trial happened this case was well known. It had gotten a lot of national publicity as well as local publicity and there was intense media interest in it. It was a crazy media frenzy. She finds her mom dead in the tub. People from every network television were covering this case on a daily basis. Let me just say may they rot in hell. This case was on "Nancy grace" every night. It haunted me, but I had to know more. Hundreds of thousands of people from across the country were watching this trial. The record should reflect that the jury is seated. Martin was represented by his longtime attorney, Randall Spencer, and Susanne Gustin. Martin Macneill is innocent, ladies and gentlemen. The defense's position was that Michele died accidentally. The prosecution presented a case that martin had meticulously plotted Michele's death. He gave her drugs and sleeping pills to get her to pass out and die. That he had taken her to a doctor out of town and gotten way too much medication. The cephlex is the antibiotic, the phenergan is the anti-nausea medication, the valium is the anxiety medication, percocet is the pain medication. Dr. Scott Thompson was the plastic surgeon who performed Michele's facelift. Hydrocodone liquid as well, so two pain medication prescriptions. The ambien for the sleeping, the arithromycin eye ointment and then the medal dose pack. I remember him testifying to administering more drugs than what he would normally do, because martin was going to be caring for Michele. Why did you prescribe it here? Because martin was a physician and he asked me for these things. Was it your intention that Michele take all these drugs together? No. Would you have prescribed this combination to her if martin was not a physician? No. Taking center stage, a model of a bathtub. Today they brought in a bathtub for the jury to see. Prosecutors often use props in murder trials but I don't think anybody's ever used a bathtub as a prop until this murder trial. This bathtub, ladies and gentlemen, has an important story to tell. There's about an hour and half period of time where no one really knows where martin is. Plenty of time. Rush home, give Michele the drugs, fix her up a bath, get her in the tub, hold her head down for a little while. Martin described finding Michele in the tub as if she was outside the tub but bent over, with her head down underneath the water. He described it as saw her face down, the wrong way in the tub. What did he tell you? He said he found her slumped over into the tub. When in reality, she was found entirely inside the tub with her head up above the water. Ada had described finding her mom's body laying inside the tub with her head above the water, and that was the exact same position that the neighbor who first entered the house found Michele's body in. I saw that Michele was in the tub and martin was over the tub. Will you show the jury where her head was? Her head was right here. Right here would be above the line. The eyewitness testimony was far different from what martin was describing. And he asked his son's girlfriend -- her name was Eileen hang -- and she testified at trial about martin asking them to flush these drugs. Martin seemed frustrated. He said, "I don't want to do this anymore," and then he asked me to flush the pills down the toilet. Did that request seem strange to you? At the time it did seem strange, yes. One of the more dramatic moments in the trial was when a former mistress of martin Macneill's took the stand. Please raise your right hand and take an oath. Anna Osborne Walthall ended up testifying about how martin confided some very deep and dark things with her. Did martin ever describe the process of making someone have a heart attack? Yes. Martin had described how he had the perfect way to kill someone. There's something you can give someone that's natural, that's there after they give a heart attack so that it's not detectable. And so you could cause someone to have a heart attack and the drug was supposed to be there anyway and so you wouldn't be able to tell. That's correct. It showed martin's knowledge about how he could make a murder look like it was an accident or naturally caused in some fashion. You've also written in emails to the investigators that you're really excited about the prospect of martin being off the streets for a very long time, right? Probably. Martin Macneill showed little to no emotion during the entire trial. He sat there stoic, stone-faced, no expression, which was really something given the high emotion around him. I knew that something bad had happened. The extraordinarily emotional tearful testimony of his own children. Who is martin Macneill? He's my dad. Who took the stand and testified against him. Ms. Macneill, if you will come forward here to the clerk's desk. To go and face my father and to hold him accountable for what he'd done was incredibly difficult. How close would you describe your relationship with your dad growing up? Growing up, my father was my best friend. The Macneill daughters testified about their relationship with their father, how their trust was slowly eroded. That's gypsy Jillian Willis. His own blood relatives were turning against him, his own daughters believed he murdered mommy. A jury cannot turn away from that type of evidence. What really made me turn around initially was Alexis. Walking into that courtroom I felt a calmness come over me. It was two days' worth of testifying. Alexis takes the stand and immediately gets a serious blow. Her testimony regarding what her mother told her. She said, if anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad. Was ruled out as hearsay. But Alexis' testimony was gripping. She said, "Lexi, I don't know why, but your dad kept giving me medication. He kept giving me things, telling me to swallow." And she still has bandages on her eyes. Yes. She described the first incident when her mother was practically comatose. Her story about how her dad overdosed on one day and then did it again. I thought, "Whoa. That's huge." She said that she didn't want my dad to give her any more medicine. She actually had me take out every single pill from the pill bottles and she wanted to feel what the pills felt like in her fingers because at that time she couldn't see. So that if my dad tried to give her anything she'd know what he was giving her. I wasn't scared of him and I wasn't intimidated. Ever since the day my mom died, I was concerned that my father killed her. She described it all for the jury including the arrival of gypsy Willis. Was the defendant confronted with the suspicions of an affair? Yes. So what would the nanny have to say for herself? I thought she was our nanny. Why is she up in dad's room? The nanny who was clearly also the girlfriend. She was nothing like my mom. Please raise your right hand and take an oath. People wanted to hear what gypsy had to say.

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{"duration":"8:39","description":"The man who performed Michele MacNeill's facelift testified that when he prescribed the medications Martin MacNeill had insisted on, it was never the surgeon's intention for her to take them together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63726529","title":"Plastic surgeon, Martin MacNeill's children testify at his murder trial: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/plastic-surgeon-martin-macneills-children-testify-murder-trial-63726529"}