Playing Blackjack With Luckiest Man Alive

In October 2012, David Hayes won $36,000, got robbed that night, then won it all back soon after.
7:35 | 08/10/13

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Transcript for Playing Blackjack With Luckiest Man Alive
Reporter: Having just returned home with the biggest black jack win of his life, david hayes is lying helplessly at gunpoint in his own bed. David hayes desperately needs lady luck to glance his way again. They ran out, or at least i thought they did. And then about maybe 15 to 20 seconds later, I feel the gun pressed up against my head again. He goes, "i'm still here." You've got the money. Why are you still here? Yeah, I thought yet was going to pull the trigger. And then they left. Reporter: You must have been terrified? Oh, I was absolutely terrified. I mean, I had just -- it was shocking. Reporter: And it was mystifying -- how did the thieves know he was flush with cash? And why would they ask him this? They asked me about where my brother was, and where he keeps his gun and if he's a light sleeper. And I'm thinking, "in what world would you think he'd be armed?" You know? And that's when I remembered on the way to the cage, I told the security guy that my brother was armed and he was home and I'm not worried. Suddenly, it was just this total fear that these people are here for the money I just won. Reporter: And he ys he told only the security guard -- there in the tan jacket -- and then there was that odd handling of the payout at the casino. I figured, if I could see my full address written on that paper from five, six feet away, you know, so could a person standing behind me. Reporter: Casino security cameras show lots of people gathering around the cashier's cage, and some strange happenings. First, the computers seem to break down. She kept taking my license and jumping from computer to computer, jumping into the back room where I couldn't see her. Reporter: Then, the cashier writes his name and address on a legal pad. She had a big sheet of paper and she set my license down and just started copying all the information onto this big piece of paper in big blacink. And they say his name so loudly that they say his address to each other, "oh, this is david. This is his address." Reporter: The cashier then starts waving her arms -- why? And then there's this guy in a red hoody, talking on a cell phone. He studies david hayes closely, then makes a call. Could this be the plot for the robbery unfolding on camera? It turns out, this is 26-year-old ro, a man with a criminal record, known as "hod rod." He would later be fingered as one of the assailants. And records would show he placed a call to the phone of wendell watkins, a hardened criminal with a long record of robbery with fire arms. As david approaches the cashier window, jones is on another call with this man, 20-year-old ryan bundy. Who talked with us about that night. Somebody told me how much money he had won at the casino that night. I got a call to pick him up, ronald jones. Reporter: Jones and bundy follow david out of the parking lot. I seen him get in his car. Reporter: And they say they pick up watkins on the way to david's house. I followed him close to his house, and I returned later on that night. Reporter: Then, the three men, wearing masks, make off with the cash. Weeks later, following a tip from an informant, bundy and jones are arrested at their homes near the casino. On the local news, jones' distraught wife unwittingly implicates her husband. He was at the casino. He was. I wasn't with him. Reporter: David thinks his bad luck is in the rear view mirror now. But not quite. The day after the arrests, he gets a terrifying phone call from a police detective with an ominous message. Apparently one of the defendants on this case has made some threats toward you. My car tires were flattened. Someone broke into my car. A gentleman just started hitting my brother's car with a hammer. It makes me wonder, why our car? And why is all this starting right after these gentlemen are arrested? Now I'm finding out that there's been death threats. Reporter: Who's behind these threats? And why? Were david's attackers trying to intimidate him to keep him quiet? Did they have a friend that's upset about this? A girlfriend or a family member that, you know, is going to show up at the house? They wanted some revenge, some damage done, even if it's just to intimidate me. Reporter: The third suspect, wendell watkins, is still on the loose. He was allegedly the gunman. This is a horrible crime, dangerous crime, violent crime. Reporter: In court, ryan bundy confirmed that his cut of the take was $3,500. What is your plea, sir, of one count of aggravated burglary? I plead guilty, your honor. Reporter: In the last week, both jones and one dill were sentenced to ten years in prison. Bundy spoke to us from jail and read a heartfelt letter he sent to david hayes. Dear mr. Hayes, I want to apologize for my involvement in the crime. And there was an inside man. Reporter: And he writes, "i firmly believe that they provided information." Could it really have been an inside job? Convinced that the casino, at the very least, had not done enough to protect his privacy, david sued in civil court with help from another blackjack buddy, attorney joe landusky. The casino is at a minimum, negligent, and probably reckless. And I think it was because of their actions that this eventually took place. Reporter: The hollywood casino declined our request for an interview. They denied any wrong doing, and sent us this statement, saying, "we have carefully investigated the claims and believe our staff acted appropriately." Were you turned off gambling? I was turned off for quite awhile. I didn't want to leave the house. I figured if they're crazy enough to hold a gun to my head, they're crazy enough to do something later if they see me there. Reporter: But david's tale of luck turned bad doesn't end here. After vowing to never set foot inside a casino again, david had a change of heart on christmas eve. Incredibly, he drives right back to the hollywood casino, to see if lady luck is still his friend. I had nothing to do, my family was out of town, so -- i thought, what the heck? You know, I'll go to the casino and waste some time and they're open. I said, I'm going to go play and I'm not going to let fear rule my life. And, you know, I'm not going to live in hifding. Reporter: So, with visions of payback dancing through his head, david soon gets the ultimate revenge. He begins winning big. At 4:00 a.M., David hayes walked out of the casino with a huge christmas bonus. 130,000. This time, in the form of a check. Your luck was back? I still can't believe it. Reporter: Talk about pay back. David's check was nearly four times what he lost in the robbery. Ding, ding, ding. Can I just touch you will? Will that be enough? I hope so. Reporter: Oh, and this lucky guy now locks his doors. And by the way, that third suspect in one of the ski masks, authorities tell us he is still at large tonight. Throughout this evening's program, we're on twitter and we want to know, would you try your luck again? Would you go back to the same casino like he did? Use #abc2020, and we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"In October 2012, David Hayes won $36,000, got robbed that night, then won it all back soon after.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19923493","title":"Playing Blackjack With Luckiest Man Alive","url":"/2020/video/playing-blackjack-luckiest-man-alive-19923493"}