Raul Rodriguez Case: A Shot in the Dark

Part 1: In 2010 Mindy Danaher's husband was killed by a neighbor who later claimed self-defense.
6:05 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for Raul Rodriguez Case: A Shot in the Dark
In the trayvon martin case, george zimmerman claims it is self-defense that he feared for his life. And tonight, 1,000 miles away, a very similar case. A shot in the dark, by a neighbor who claimed his life was in danger, too. But with one big difference. There was a videotape rolling on the entire thing. 22 minutes. Tonight here, you'll see it for yourself and you can decide, was this self-defense or a man who wanted to pull the trigger? Like so many across america, mindy has been watching this trial closely. The only two people that know what happened are those two people. Reporter: But mindy is watching because she's still living the horror of a case that also hinged on self-defense. Her husband, a schoolteacher, a young father, was killed in an instant. And the gunman argued that he, too, feared for his life and pulled that trigger. Make you think right back to your own case? Unbelievable. Reporter: Two years before george zimmerman would shoot trayvon martin, her nightmare would begin in texas, where she lived with her husband kelly and their little girl, perry. It was may 2010, a celebration. Cupcakes and candled marking two birthdays. Mom mom's and her little daughter's too. She was turning 3? 3. Reporter: It was a good often? Awesome day. It was really fun. So many people were there we haven't seen in forever. Reporter: As it got late, there was drinking and karaoke. According to neighbors, raul and his wife donna, the birthday party becomes a neighborhood nuisance. Turn that down! My husband had called the constable's office to have -- to ask them to come down, because it was so loud. Reporter: The police come and go. The karaoke continues past midnight. And with every new song, rodriguez grows angrier. ♪ Fire away ♪ stupid idiots. These people are stupid and they're drunk. Reporter: Neighbors knew that night, trouble was brewing. He said, I think there may be trouble fixing to happen. I just saw raul walking down the street. Little after midnight. Reporter: That's the voice of raul rodriguez, still speed dialing police. But he now has more than a phone in his hand. He has a video camera. He's recording the whole thing. And he's marching towards their home. On his hip, a handgun. And 28 rounds of ammunition. Wish these cops would hurry up and come out here. These people are drunk, drunk, drunk. Reporter: Rodriguez first encounters mindy's dad. Why don't you turn that down, please? Who are you? I live over here. Turn it down! Hey, don't go hollering at me. I'm hollerings because you can't hear me. I told you repeatedly. I hear you screaming. Why don't you turn that garbage down, please. Some of us is trying to sleep. Reporter: Then, men indy's husband kelly appears. Rodriguez pulls that gun. Don't come any closer. I said stop right now or I will shoot you. Stop! Get back! Get back! I'm in fear for my life. Get away from me. Get away from me! You pulled a gun on me? I told you to stop. My life is in danger. You got weapons on you. Reporter: His friend, jamie, right there. He was asking, what are you doing down here, what's the problem? What are you doing down here? And he threw his hands in the airened he backed up immediately. Reporter: Tyler and the others call 911. There's a guy in the street with a gun. All right. Pointed at us. Reporter: Rodriguez still recording with his video camera puts his gun in his holster and he calls police, too. I got about 15 people here, they wanted to kick my ass. I had to draw my weapon to stop them, to keep them from coming to me. I felt my life was in danger. I drew my weapon and then they stopped. Reporter: Rodriguez says he is scared and his life is in danger. Yet, he doesn't try to live. You believe he could have just walked right back down that street? Why didn't he got home? Most normal people would have just went home. Okay, they're going to escalate this. Look, I'm going to have to defend myself. I'm going to have to defend myself. I'm going to have to defend myself. Reporter: Then comes the moment everyone would regret. Kelly's friend ricky moves toward that neighbor, already boiling mad. Latughing at him, being sill little or goofy to the camera. That's when the shooting begins. Look, I'm not losing to these people anymore. I'm going to just tell them to get back. They're drunk. Reporter: Rodriguez shoots ricky in the stomach. Mindy's husband, kelly and the others, rush in. Kelly at some point is shot also. Harris county 911. There's gunshots being fired. He's shooting off his gun. Three people down. So many people shot here. Reporter: Three shots from rodriguez, three men down. Johnson and stet son are wounded. They survive. But steps away from the party celebrating his wife and daughter's birthday, 36-year-old kelly is on the ground, bleeding to death. His friend jamie tyler holding his hand and listening to his final words. I was holding pressure on his arm and talking to him and holding his hand. Just telling him that help was on the way. And he just -- he talked back and forth to me a little bit. Told me that it hurt and he just faded away. Let go. Reporter: It was just moments earlier, mindy and her daughter were celebrating, blowing out candles. Her family telling a young mother and wife to make a wish. And I said, I don't need to make a wish, I have everything i need. Reporter: At that moment, you thought you had it all? What do you miss the most? Watching him with perry. Reporter: Then suddenly, her husband, gone.

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{"id":19655583,"title":"Raul Rodriguez Case: A Shot in the Dark","duration":"6:05","description":"Part 1: In 2010 Mindy Danaher's husband was killed by a neighbor who later claimed self-defense.","url":"/2020/video/raul-rodriguez-case-shot-dark-19655583","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}