Real Guns in Pink Tempt Girls in Hidden Camera Experiment

Act 4: When exposed to genuine guns that are pink, some children believe the guns are toys
3:00 | 02/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real Guns in Pink Tempt Girls in Hidden Camera Experiment
decade there has been a powder pink gun on the market. It's one of the colorful guns called my first rifle. The company's mascot, Davey crickett, which reminded us of that little character in pinocchio , jiminy cricket. And since 1996, sales have gone from 4,000 a year to 60,000 a year. There have been a number of research study to show that girls especially are attracted to pink colors. Reporter: Again, professor Marjorie sanfillippo from eckerd college, an expert in child psychology. The gun industry has taken notice of this. Reporter: And so we decided to head back to that school in St. Petersburg, Florida, specifically to see how girls would react to colorful rifles. This time, we're outside. Police say they find weapons, particularly handguns, tossed into playgrounds around the country. Our hidden cameras inside the jungle gym, the bark on the ground, and an ex-marine makes sure the colorful rifles are safe, unloaded. Keep in mind our first experiment, when girls pretty much ran away from these guns. I found a gun! Reporter: But this time, watch as the girls come out to play and grab, rattle, giggle, and pull the trigger. Oh, my gosh, why are there bazookas? I don't know. I think they're fake. I wanna shoot. This is how you use bazookas. Can you shoot this? Nope. Cool! Reporter: The girls indicate they're confused. These guns look like toys. I think those are guns. They're not real. Don't play with them! They're fake. Reporter: Professor sanfillippo walks out. They tell her about their confusion because they can read and the gun says my first r-I-f-l-e. Because it says "My first ree-fil. This one says "My first rail-eef. And this one doesn't say anything. But, on the side it has "Crickett rifle." And what does that mean? It's probably like a toy company or something. Reporter: And in fact it's not on the rifle, it's only the box that warning -- this is not a toy. And use with adult supervision. The girls also indicate the color had thrown them off. It looks like it's fake. What's the pink one? I like the color of the pink one. I like the color of the pink one, too. I don't like that color. And that's a boy's color. Yeah. Reporter: Later, one mom was completely stunned as she watched her daughter play a hunting game. It looks like a toy. It's crazy who makes toys like that for children? One of those who knew the rules. Reporter: Her daughter was one of those who knew the rules. Stop, don't touch. But says she just got swept up in something. Yeah, I kind of forgot. Kind of forgot. Forgot yeah. You have to be very careful and remember. You're not going to touch a gun again right? You promise me? You guys didn't go tell an adult that there was guns on the playground? Reporter: A father also license to his daughter try to explain. Yeah. One was pink and one was like green, red and brown so we thought it was a toy. Reporter: So what happened at the end of the day? Well a lot of girls did tell adults. Why are there guns here? Don't touch, I'll be right back. Reporter: But this time, 8 out of 23 of them also touched or played with the guns. We called the manufacturer, cricket rifles, to ask for interviews. Ultimately, their lawyer called us back and said they are doing all they can for safety. The color is not that important since kids can't legally buy the rifles, it's their parents making the choice. He added they offer free safety locks and gun safety material in the box. But, this little girl from our experiment has something she wants to say to them. I think they should make a rule, no making real guns look fake. Because if somebody picks up a real gun, but it's painted pink, they might think it's a fake gun and just a toy and start shooting it around and actual bullets could come out.

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{"id":22325745,"title":"Real Guns in Pink Tempt Girls in Hidden Camera Experiment","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 4: When exposed to genuine guns that are pink, some children believe the guns are toys","url":"/2020/video/real-guns-pink-tempt-girls-hidden-camera-experiment-22325745","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}