Robert Blake becomes a suspect in wife's 2001 murder investigation: Part 6

Sean Stanek, who lived near the restaurant where Bonny Lee Bakley was murdered at the time of the shooting, said he was "stunned" to find Blake banging on his door, asking for help that night.
7:24 | 01/12/19

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Transcript for Robert Blake becomes a suspect in wife's 2001 murder investigation: Part 6
Robert Blake and Bonnie Lee Bakley had been married for just five months. It would so appear that Bonnie had achieved her goal of marrying a celebrity, but this would not be a traditional marriage. They wouldn't live together. She married him because he was a celebrity. He married her because she had his baby. He took her out to dinner at Vitello's, which was his favorite Italian restaurant. He goes there so often that there's even a dish on the menu named after him. They had a pleasant evening according to him. They pay for their meal and they walk out together. Blake would tell police that he would go back to Vitello's, because he forgot something at the restaurant. And he came back and Bonnie was dying. She had been shot. She was sitting in the passenger seat with blood on her head. On may 4th, 2001, 9:30 at night, I heard a loud banging on the door. When I opened that door, I was stunned to see Robert Blake. He starts going into a tirade of "You've gotta help me. You've gotta help me. You've gotta get an ambulance. You gotta call 911." My name is Sean Stanek. Do you know who the actor Robert Blake is? Yes. He walked up here and he's screaming severely. I know him from the neighborhood here. Okay. He was in my house and he was pacing back and forth and his eyes, they looked black and dilated. My wife -- get an ambulance here. Is she conscious? Is she conscious, Robert? No! Is she breathing? Is she breathing? Yeah, they're coming. They're coming. I thought we were gonna go out together and try to help and he leaves. And I go, "Where are you going?" He says he's gonna go get help. I open the door, I sit in next to her and there's just massive amount of blood everywhere. It's probably about a minute or two minutes before he came back. When I saw Robert Blake had a gun, I thought to myself, we're in deep . Wife of actor Robert Blake. Wife of actor Robert Blake. Was killed Friday as she sat in the couple's car. Police had several suspects in the days following Bonnie's murder. And Christian brando, Marlon brando's son. Who became irate after learning he wasn't the father of Bonnie's new baby, Rosie. Then there was a long list of men Bonnie had scammed in years past. The police zero in immediately on Robert Blake. Then suddenly word spread that something was happening and he was going to be charged. And the police called a press conference. I was there. This morning detectives secured arrest warrants for Robert Blake. And I raised my hand, and I said, "Who was the shooter?" Who do you believe was the shooter? And he said, without missing a beat -- Robert Blake shot Bonnie Bakley. They announced to the world they were going to hidden hills to arrest me and there were thousands of people around. You're looking at a live picture there. They're coming to arrest him. There were, reporters galore. Cameras galore. That would be Mr. Blake being loaded into the car right now. He was booked on two counts of soliciting murder and murder with special circumstances. The LAPD had been blamed by many people for the loss of the O.J. Case. They wanted to make up for the public perception that they had blown the O.J. Simpson case. Over the strenuous objections of his lawyers, Blake decides to do that interview with Barbara Walters. Your hands are okay now, you don't have that -- Yeah. There's nothing like a televised interview from someone who hasn't spoken before accused of a crime. Because it's as if the nation is now the jury. They can look at this guy and say "I believe him or I don't." And that's a thrilling television experience. You made almost a dozen movies in which you either played a murderer or somebody in jail. You give me my lawyer, you hear me? Do you think that today there are people who say, "He is that tough guy?" No. The cops invented that person and shoved it down the press's throat and the press loved it. They walked up and down the streets saying $15,000 for anything bad about Robert Blake. I think the police and the prosecutors were mixing performance and theater and film with reality. No longer a big star, Robert Blake admits to Barbara Walters that he's effectively a pariah. I moved to hidden hills, a gated community, where I had lived 20 years before and I had lots of friends and I went there and nobody would talk to me. People crossed the street when they saw me coming. The kids next door wouldn't play with Rosie. I would go have coffee with her and people would get up in the seats they were sitting in and move someplace else. While Blake is in jail, his older daughter delinah takes care of baby Rosie. Do you think of killing yourself? No, I think about dying. And I think that it would be better if I was gone. You know what scares me? If I walk outta here, Barbara, where do I go? Where do I go? I feel like the people who love me are better off without me. You could see Rosie. Yeah, that would be good for me. I'm not sure it would be good for her. Here's a little girl that's got a good life now and am I gonna come in and confuse her? When I went to sehim, he was quite distraught about being apart from the little girl, who he had become very close to. Rosie had beco his life. Robert, you did this interview because you wanted to talk to your daughter. What do you most want her to know? Talk now to Rosie. There is something in me and something in every person, including you Rosie, that's special that is a gift from god. He does not look like someone who intentionally set out to kill his wife. Robert, are you innocent? Of course, of course I'm innocent. Of course, I'm innocent! What if you are found guilty? What are they gonna do to me? What are they gonna do that they haven't already done already? They took away my entire past. They took away my enre future. What's left for 'em to take? They gonna take my testicles and make earrings out of them? When you think of him, think of this combative guy who was always fighting someone. Next time you see me, you're gonna die. And then in the 21st century, the person the person he was fighting was the law. Fighting was the law.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"Sean Stanek, who lived near the restaurant where Bonny Lee Bakley was murdered at the time of the shooting, said he was \"stunned\" to find Blake banging on his door, asking for help that night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60322501","title":"Robert Blake becomes a suspect in wife's 2001 murder investigation: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/robert-blake-suspect-wifes-2001-murder-investigation-part-60322501"}