The Royal Baby: Kate Lookalike Seeks Baby Cambridge

Part 6: A forensic scientist's renderings could hold the key to Heidi Agan finding a partner.
3:03 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for The Royal Baby: Kate Lookalike Seeks Baby Cambridge
These days you are lucky if you look like told. But how one woman he met recently it's no longer good enough just to look like her unique to be carrying a baby -- will look. But the new -- And ordinary modern fairy tales. And then there's this. -- -- I am waiting tables turned minimum wage tonight at 5000 dollars a day. Sliced into office that's very nice to ruin -- We'll get used to -- full -- looking and -- the important thing it's just meant to be a fun thing to going to invent things it's good. It takes time due to -- Guess that blemish free face and the famous Chelsea who want to just show and then while -- -- -- -- -- Keeping up with -- hasn't been easy for the last few months and religion is expected doctors called for ten. Boy of about its importance to make sure that your attention can thank you -- the fast. Now on the arrival under the oil and just popped into an authenticity. There -- -- -- hands on exercise his. It's time -- use their four year old -- dot com serves as the future -- And Biden ticket she's not happy kids have fiber one. Won't be long before a judge Karl for how you feel safe -- -- back. So Heidi is that -- -- tangible testament you confront the different -- I think and in some. Isn't long it's sort about the price of from the confines. Casting directors looking for they -- -- just might want to call upon the many forensic artist and geneticist who about it -- on their own conclusions. Kate has the darker -- a little bit darker complexion and put him as a very school clothes and eventually. Half -- pieces come together. One thing's for sure Heidi -- and one woman that does not I'll do. -- -- -- -- -- -- Seeing -- good business it is. How they have this thing that's got a long time. But all of this celebration it is important a reminder that the new blond hair is still. -- in line to the big fish found. Behind -- Prince Charles and of course daddy Prince William. And if the longevity of the 87 year old Queen Elizabeth is any indication that may need sixteen or seventeen hits. Before both little friends they need to -- Flatly say though it had plenty of practice for the job. I'm Barbara Walters fought all of us at 220 -- NBC news we're sending a big welcome to the world. The little ones across the.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Part 6: A forensic scientist's renderings could hold the key to Heidi Agan finding a partner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19755142","title":"The Royal Baby: Kate Lookalike Seeks Baby Cambridge","url":"/2020/video/royal-baby-kate-lookalike-seeks-baby-cambridge-19755142"}