Lifestyle and Inheritance of the New Prince

Part 2: The heir will get real estate, jewels and, eventually, a salary of more than $50 million.
6:55 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Lifestyle and Inheritance of the New Prince
-- memorial baby heir to the throne and returns. Once again. Barbara Walters. Let me back so how much wind chill well of the new -- stand to inherit -- -- How high can you -- Imagine being drawn into this no one does pomp and circumstance that implementation issue just flip flops and bringing it. When my thoughts -- for the queen -- -- country joins. When they -- -- avoiding the whole world watches in real life fairy tale unfolds. Now imagine inheriting it. This may be in -- -- rallies before it seemed done a -- away from this bank it will be one of the richest people in the world. It will things super rich. So just how emissions control groups let's stop with the electric inheritance from -- The -- past her and pass through collection of jewelry he found prophecy which this child parent. -- a couple of capsules this sentiment and the -- 20000 acre estate about a hundred miles from London. And better tomorrow -- -- -- -- -- 149000. Acre working farm in Scotland. The properties have reportedly worth almost a 150. Million dollars and there also the queen -- cause with an eleven million. For -- five and a half million refers to me. And her personal art collection with more information. To you talking about democracy and sessions where. Whose -- pounds and there's that small chunk of change. Princess Diana left wing and that students sixteen million dollars more on the royal -- be more likely inherit prince William. To his friends say. -- this child -- -- -- want nothing. -- Kinshasa's -- on the 600 million dollars family business for duchy of Kabul. And the clean handed down her grandfather's. One of -- -- spam protection hand this -- potential net worth. Is more than one million dollars. But that's how -- much -- -- -- -- -- perfect kind of recent list of England's wealthiest people. -- -- -- JK Rollins and Richard Branson talked to list and the queen -- -- day and -- number of 268. See Islam because -- British tax that she should know as well as people think she doesn't the northeast schools it. -- Some of those things include the most and they shown rent controlled residents on the planet. Right over there Buckingham Palace the queen lives they -- vent free. With his 775. Who's 78 tough -- and a staff of more than 800. Something else the queen doesn't own the crown jewels -- this collection of GI's. Crowns and diamonds. Including that -- has done. She's -- the whole relationship. It is the third most expensive diamond in the world and his huge exclusive. But not own but -- remind. How does that we'll to violence but there's also a never ending list of titles and -- this Puget Sound. Governor of the Church of England head of state head of the armed forces found -- just just can't diminish. Under the place headed our -- -- saying today is famous speck in the world of this thing. -- an impressive one point eight big -- it's almost 13 of the bureau's current population we'll call him decade. The image of Queen Elizabeth on the currency will be replaced by her son jobs then kiss and Williams and finally he inherited by the new royal -- I remember that -- -- and Elizabeth just received bumping her majesty's I can't pay -- almost sixty million dollars a year. Well adjusting for inflation -- about seventeen years to -- Meanwhile there will be making upwards of 200 million dollars a year. Of course until then the monarch who didn't leave the life of the young prince. From the royal wave that's his father -- employees -- perfecting his own style detention. Young princes and princesses will have to -- after -- cut those and just north of San. It looks as if the new Borland will have another cousin to play this -- It was recently -- prince William's first cousin -- Satinder. Is expecting her first child early next here so my name. And the same day. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's quite maybe 128 that the amendment PT Phoenix queen's cousin has Tebow please protect -- children at five and none -- -- is -- very old friend of women. He's got a baby minute that's the cool they protect children have -- children says there are plenty of -- There's no doubt in my mind that is sure Ronald Collins -- the terms of former. But it's not all fun and games being the royal -- assignments first duty is to sit. Two family has a long standing tradition of military says. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as a mechanic and well worth your -- Johnson and general Norman native and Kane didn't hear from us. Prince William is now a full time pilot with the royally and it's a good -- -- -- groups. You have to and respect just you'll keep as well the veteran center anchored to the -- make certain names popped. Every year the queen's official finances on the news this -- how much this thing to keep the money can go. Last year the bill was about fifty million dollars paid in large part by British tax. Wouldn't that -- some say he used that had to help people in this time of economic difficulty. Because of -- ahead but person but yet to sustain this extraordinary institution was so of the country very well for a thousand years. I think it is cheaper price. I think our lives -- -- gray don't look without the moment in this country. Sounds like a lifetime my job security. For the New London.

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{"id":19754930,"title":"Lifestyle and Inheritance of the New Prince","duration":"6:55","description":"Part 2: The heir will get real estate, jewels and, eventually, a salary of more than $50 million.","url":"/2020/video/royal-baby-lifestyle-inheritance-prince-19754930","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}