Salon Owner Allegedly Plotted Murder of Rival

Act 3: After Gabriel Suarez opened a salon nearby, Dawn DaLuise allegedly plotted to have him killed.
7:29 | 04/12/14

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Transcript for Salon Owner Allegedly Plotted Murder of Rival
Designing women continues. Now, Chris Conley with if looks could kill. Reporter: Before life as an upscale facialist, dawn daluise. No, not dom Deluise. Dawn daluise left the sleepy Florida bayou in hopes of becoming an L.A. Model. Nylon and lacing it coquettishly for Frederick's of Hollywood's way risque lingerie catalog, semi-undressed for success. But rather than trying to live on her looks, she studied accounting and figured she ought to live on the looks of others. As an aesthetician, she developed a client list alleged to include Jennifer aniston and Nicki Minaj. Only now she's sporting the latest in jailwear. No one ever said blue is the new black. The 55-yr-old daluise was now world famous, the elite aesthetician arraigned on solicitation of murder charges facing a possible nine years in prison. Talk about losing face. I'm not real familiar with what a facial is. But I imagine it has to do with somehow making your face better. I don't know. Reporter: In west Hollywood, by order of the city council, it is illegal to declaw a cat. But what you do to your own body is your business and theirs. The beauty industry is extremely competitive. Reporter: For cosmetic surgery, for hairstyling, for skin care, for a mani, a pedi or a Brazilian, celebrities are willing to pay through the nose and the battle for them is fierce. Ask the man who cut Madonna's hair and Pamela Anderson's and Jon bon jovi's. I opened my salon here. You open across the street? You have violated me in a very, very serious way. I would walk across the street and I would say, "Excuse my French, but are you out of your Mind?" Reporter: Yet law enforcement doesn't get much aesthetician-on-aesthetician crime. So when the proprietress of skin refinery appears to be at the center of an alleged plot to whack the guy next door, Gabriel Suarez, who runs smooth cheeks, it's unusual. It almost seems surreal. Reporter: How surreal? L.a. County sheriff's department is still peeling the masks. In 18 years, you've never seen anything like this? No. Starts out with an alleged victim, who turns out to be a suspect victim. And then a witness who, in your mind, turns out to be -- Suspect. Reporter: It was a friend of his who asked detective Mccauley if he'd speak to daluise, who'd been operating skin refinery at this address for years. Among her offerings was something called a galvanic facial, a favorite of her then friend and client, Edward Feinstein. Put a mask over your face. It's a little bit of a Hannibal lecter mask, if you saw it. It's a little overwhelming. Reporter: Over the years, daluise and her business had been talked up in a few glossy-magazine beauty roundups and in the tabloids. Dawn had a public spat with Nicki Minaj. It was all over the news. Reporter: When Mccauley phoned her, daluise said her tires had been slashed recently and that she was being cyber-stalked, harassed online. There had been craigslist ads that were posted. Solicitations for sexual encounters that listed her address and her phone number. And did she have any idea who might be responsible? She believed it was Gabriel Suarez. Did she feel like he was a competitor and therefore this was why he might be doing such things? Yes. It's kind of crazy. His response was in general. "I don't know her." He came off as very credible to me. Reporter: Daluise seemed aghast that Suarez had moved his business practically next door, even though Suarez had smooth cheeks focused on a different end of the skin care game. I liked the name "Cheeks" cause I do a lot of waxing, too. And it's kind of double-entendre. It has cheeks and, you know, "Cheeks." Reporter: Daluise thought Feinstein would back her with the cops. Feinstein flipped, telling them the cyber-stalking was actually daluise's plan to frame Suarez. She wanted me to pretend to be Gabriel, send her fake texts, post craigslist ads. She wanted it to seem like she was being stalked so she could say it was Gabriel. She asked you to do all these things? Yes. He provided me with texts that seemed to indicate that Ms. Daluise had asked him to lie to me. Lying to these damn cops to get them to step up. I'm going to tell them Gabriel was in my apartment last night and is now threatening me with bodily harm. But it was another of Feinstein's texts that would get dawn daluise on page one and TMZ and give new meaning to the phrase "If looks could kill." I found someone who is going to take Gabriel out. His name is Chris geile and he's on my Facebook page. But daluise's apparent text led cops to get proactive on the facialist. Reporter: When you use the phrase take care of, it doesn't mean to get a nice facial. Guard that my life would be in danger for doing skincare. Reporter: So the aesthetician who had told police she was being cyber-stalked found herself going from facial to disgracial in less than a month's time, arrested March 5th, and charged with solicitation of murder. Yes, your honor. Reporter: Chris geile hasn't been charged with anything. In a sitdown with KABC, he denied being dawn's hitman of choice. I was just totally astonished. There were no services to engage. At this point, he is more of a witness than he is a suspect. Reporter: Edward Feinstein was not so lucky. On March 12, Feinstein planned to sit down with "20/20." While we waited, police came to his home to arrest him. We caught up with him a week later, after his release. I'm the one that originally told the police when they contacted me about dawn's ruse so for me to be named a suspect was just mindboggling to me. Reporter: Police had decided daluise had been maliciously stalked by Feinstein. Daluise attorney Philip Dube is confident the case against her will be dismissed. It's absolutely ridiculous. Reporter: For now, the case lies in the mountain of evidence. 220 gigs worth on detective Mccauley's daluise hard drive. Do you feel confident at this point in your investigation, that you know who did what to whom? No. I'm so relieved to hear you say that. This is the craziest thing I've ever seen. It is. Reporter: The only ones not laughing are Gabriel Suarez, still trying to imagine why someone might want him exfoliated permanently and dawn daluise still sitting in stir after a competitor got under her skin.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Act 3: After Gabriel Suarez opened a salon nearby, Dawn DaLuise allegedly plotted to have him killed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"23299240","title":"Salon Owner Allegedly Plotted Murder of Rival","url":"/2020/video/salon-owner-allegedly-plotted-murder-rival-23299240"}