'Seed of Doubt' airs Tonight at 10/9c on ABC

The staggering new 20/20 documentary event airs Tonight at 10/9c on ABC.
2:53 | 04/30/19

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Transcript for 'Seed of Doubt' airs Tonight at 10/9c on ABC
When I tell my story it. They're Johnston wondered if so what point did you sit back and say. Oh my god my biological. Father. Is my mom's fertility doctors. To find out it's not the person's for who you had always thought it was. It's unimaginable. Task I. I don't want it's this X. He was so bad doctor Anna Nicole Kenyon at everybody percent false and absolutely Tressel. He was a good to doctor. Have been married for about a year and had not had any success getting pregnant she was kind of zero for my appearance he gave and he winding that they when he was a child. See you notice again look anything like your sister Ian really look a lot like your dad. And then tell me what you found I saw all of he's not about our officers and many show. We clicked on what was your reaction. He's mom was able to conceive her. With the help of sperm donor donor and one and six. Maine yes T admit. There was no doubt in my. That this is my daughter who's perfect. And Taylor all. We can't for want. Genetic tests reveal all right do they are the ultimate crystal ball. There's a long Potts he and ask me again because he knew how good hearing I don't. This god is my mom's fertility doctor. I was just in Shaw. Even. The doctor's sentence after five failures sperm from donor when no sex and her mother agreed to mix in sperm from an anonymous local talent. And felt lately. And it just didn't happen but one thing he do you agree and he never told. That other sperm say he makes donor when a six was his own. Tree. Result and so it pretty solid. He is your father. Thank. You Iowa. At the moment have you here. Who do you think the twists and turns that finally ended my victory. Coolidge and. Through. 20/20 documentary event special Friday night at 10:9 central on EBC.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"The staggering new 20/20 documentary event airs Tonight at 10/9c on ABC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62733906","title":"'Seed of Doubt' airs Tonight at 10/9c on ABC","url":"/2020/video/seed-doubt-airs-friday-109c-abc-62733906"}