Sheriff acknowledges missteps in handling dead woman's case: Part 2

The sheriff bows to family pressure, calling in a state agency to investigate Michelle O'Connell's death after her boyfriend, Deputy Jeremy Banks, said she shot herself.
7:22 | 06/02/18

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Transcript for Sheriff acknowledges missteps in handling dead woman's case: Part 2
Repor tarious interviews, the last H of elle O'Connell's life in Florida can be put on a timeline. It begins with a concert the St. Gustine amphitheater. It's a hoticky night and a packed house as the curtain is about to go up the band Paramore. The curtain, however, is about to come down on Michelle jeremy'sationship. As the band plays their hit "Misery business," Jeremy and michre caught up in R own misery. Fighting has become all too common. The couple hords before, during and after the show. Yeah, we don't get along. Ight all the Tim I mean, ever -- never bad fighting, it's always just in Reporter: But having purchased seats in advance, michelleided to see sh then call it quitsh Jeremy. She said, in true Michelle fashion, "I paid fhe tickets, I'm going. I'm breaking up with him starting my life over." And, you kno'more sensitive and she said, "I'll be fine." Reporter: Mice's brother an was seated with the contentious couple and desesjehis way. Just kind of withdrawd the night went on, you know, I was like, well, I're my sister and this guy's being like Debbie downer over here. I was like, "Hey, do yind sc over, if you're not G to have fun at concert with my sister, I'm te gointo." Eporter: This photo was take subdued banks at the show. Michelle is all smiles with her he hours earlier, she had lunch with her sister. I had met me for lunch at my place. And we werlkout her ING for a new apartment. That she was breaking up with Jeremy. This was kof a culmination. I was concerned with T violence the -- how the relaship had turned. Repor T were whispers of verbal and physical abuse oth sides. She said, "There's goto be a fight because he's going to want Mo T after the concert." And I said, "Don't even O the cancer use I knew Jeremy was rageful. Ew in my heart something was gonna ha. Reporter: Something is happening. Sister Chrissy begins receive curious text messages from Michelle at the concert. "Promise me one th Lexi will apply and always have a good life." "Promise you WHA "THA matter what, Lexi will always be and loved." "What's going on?" "I'm scared." It seems like a mimessage. Someone say final good-bye? Oreone who feels danger may beer way?asoncert lets out, michellerts Chrissy, who is watchiichelle's 4-year-old daughter. "I'll be there soon." It is an appointment Michell will not keep. After the shthe couple ns to drive home. That's when mile informs Jeremy it's over. Hat's whenever she said, "I'll haveings out by this end." And I Sare we breaking up?" E id yes. And I waikall right." I raised my Vo she raised her voiwed. But when we got to the house, we were fine. Reporter:oro jemichelle is inside while he remains outside with two friends who stopped after the concert. Michelle comes O T retrieve a make-up bag from the car and quickly returns. After O 20 minutes, the frieleave. Jereays he's in alone in arage. I heard it pop I knew exactly what it wa St instinct and I just said [ bleep Repor what happens and at does not happen in th hours that follow troubles former FBI agent Brad T. When you get to a small departmeyou're really talking abpeople you're friends . D so you need a level of objectivity in those interviews. Eporter: Objectivity that may have been lost, says garrhortly after help arrived. I think they walkedth door, Jeremy told them, fellow officer, "This is a suicide, everything stopped. Repor do you just take a S word for it? Of course not. The only way you find that ouo treat this scene like 'S a homicide until you prove it otherwi Reporter: That was not done in this case according T Debra maynarhoas fired by the sheriff reportedly for untruthfulness. Maynard claims it was beca the F ked her to lie in an unrelated case and she refused. We were told it was a suicide. They automatically said it W suicide, though we areined to every scene is made until proven owise. Reporter: 12 daater, banks is in the sheriff's office another interview. He's not treated like a Su but a friy colleague. Comfy spinning chair, not T suspect chair. Reporter: Jy blurts out an admission ring he's gained access to a sheriff's report on the. I've already read the rep I knowroshouldn't have. Just wanted to know what went down oe R side. Reporter:etail the tective seems to gloss over. You know that's only - ll me the basics. Tell me what you -- where you W things. How in the hell does je get to review the repoefore he's intervi by his peers. This is crazy. Repr: Some in the department would L ait to having doubts that night.hen I first walkedthom, the first thouth went THR my mind was, "This ot good for Jeremy eporter: Former tydebra Maynard is Emore critical of the sheriff's depart.scale of one to ten, ten being a great job N investigation. Where D rate this? One. Reporter: The sheriffld later acknowledge miss were made. Among them, deputiesled to canvass the neighborhood witnesses. Failed tterview the decedent's family members. Deputies fai isolate, interview and photograph B in a structured ennm and whatuty? Could he hne more? Attorney Mac Mcleod represents jereanks. He busts in Thom, she has get over." Right. Reporter: Wouldn't it occur to himdeputy? Take her P, perform life-saving measures, do erything he can to try to save her life. I don't think his F of mind ws a deputy at the time as I was saying. I thins ame of mind wa completely shocked and freaked out. Reporter: But the O'Connell family says none of this makes any sense. She wasn't looking to take her life. In face was looking to save a life. Her appointment found in the car,wslle had signed up for cpr training two daft death. And remembersels found helle's pocket? They were from Jeremy's prescription bottle. None were foin Michelle's system. E pills were accounted for. And keep in mind, she was looking for her makeup bag Tes beforeer death, and haaneet up with her friend Mindy fox. He was like, you'rt going to flake on me are Y we're still hangint tonight, right? And I was , yes. And she was like, good. Reporter: It took four months, but sheriff sh finally to family pressure owing his investigation short. He asks state investigators to take a fresh loo the case.

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{"id":55599376,"title":"Sheriff acknowledges missteps in handling dead woman's case: Part 2","duration":"7:22","description":"The sheriff bows to family pressure, calling in a state agency to investigate Michelle O'Connell's death after her boyfriend, Deputy Jeremy Banks, said she shot herself. ","url":"/2020/video/sheriff-acknowledges-missteps-handling-dead-womans-case-part-55599376","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}