Sister survivors: Nassar accusers share their harrowing stories of abuse

The women open up about their dreams, the biggest barriers to speaking out and finding help.
3:41 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for Sister survivors: Nassar accusers share their harrowing stories of abuse
I always honest eat in the Olympics my dreams my dreams and Allan thank. Figure skater dream scene out of beyond next. My mom. Need to be a life. And to be teaching science health care. Hamas and its Madison doctor and I wanted to be collegiate athlete and a dream was to do collegiate gymnastics to compete at the age problem. My dreams very definitely deep recount after seeing him. Sister and Mel and I feel. We've heard and he's been. My prayers at the clarion as far as that he was acre scariest kind thoughtful purse and my first impressions are that he was. Very competent very charming charismatic he was carrying a warm have you believe it makes you feel at ease uses actors in the olympians that he will name is. Enemy only paying going so timing is so lovely so nice. We segments. The biggest barrier rooms left coming to terms with the south. And real I think that. What happens and he wasn't sheet actually modesty and this was something that I had married and never wanted to be true. Why you. It was and denial and it did I was talking medical treatments over excited question that I'm as a seventeen year old girl he had called proxy and the pictures engine since he had. The bedside manner this normalizing and I appreciate you this fine is doing is okay I thought something was wrong with me. That he. Was the Olympic actor so he must be doing this you know to other girls and nobody has had anything so. Something must be wrong with me thinking that it. Was wrong and me me me coming forward and speaking was gonna ruin a good doctor's reputation you know like. These are the rationalizations that you have going through your mind I was very cognizant of the reality that one anonymous voice would never be. Because Larry was backed by two very powerful institutions I didn't feel like I can tightening people fair game on time I was basically brain washed and conditioned to believe that I was it's something parents don't speak as someone screaming. You don't speak. If we talked about anything we he would get threatens to it kicked out of the jam I also thought that I could have been wrong myself you know feeling like. And that you home it's probably didn't happen and I was the only one but it. Turns out it wasn't true. Yeah. Some amazing making statements. I've never felt more confident brightly that I have to hide anymore in Atlantic be ashamed anymore and I just felt this sense of freedom. Great. Incredibly grateful completely relieved and empower empowered. The ultimate police telling the power the end. Statement. I was right. Say that I told somebody and I was not believed but today I am finally being believed.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The women open up about their dreams, the biggest barriers to speaking out and finding help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"52637558","title":"Sister survivors: Nassar accusers share their harrowing stories of abuse","url":"/2020/video/sister-survivors-nassar-accusers-share-harrowing-stories-abuse-52637558"}