Skylar Deleon is linked to a third unsolved murder: Part 7

A business card in Deleon's home led police to discover he'd been questioned in the murder case of Jon Jarvi, with whom he'd been jailed.
7:02 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Skylar Deleon is linked to a third unsolved murder: Part 7
Police have arrested 25-year-old Skylar Deleon. Skylar Deleon is now in custody. Arrested yesterday at his home in Long Beach. Police won't say if Deleon is a suspect in the hawks' disappearance. They get Skylar out of the house and arrest him, and they go inside. It's during the search of Jennifer and Skylar's little makeshift apartment that they come across another interesting find. A fellow detective of mine, Jay short, had found a business card. An LAPD officer named Joe Bahena. He's a detective assigned to interpol, and basically it's his job, whenever there's a crime committed that Mexican police need to investigate, he's their liaison officer. It was curious to us why Skylar Deleon had this business card in his property. That's an interesting clue. Why is your business card in the home of our suspect? And that's when we first heard the name Jon Jarvi. Come to find out, detective Bahena had been helping the ensenada state police come up here to California because of Jon Jarvi, who was found with his throat slit. Jon Jarvi was a petty counterfeiter, and he met Skylar Deleon while they were both serving time in the seal beach jail. They kept in contact afterwards. Jarvi, after he's freed from jail, keeps in contact with Skylar because he remembers being promised a big score. Skylar has told him that he's from a wealthy family and he has big time investments. And he starts telling him, in fact, I've got a really sweet investment that I'm going to get All Jon Jarvi needs to do is give Skylar $50,000 in cash. And then they'll go down Mexico, do this big score. Skylar is on this work release program, which allows him to leave during certain parts of the day. They drive down to Mexico. Jon Jarvi is thinking, you know, I'm gonna make some great money here. And they drive down to Mexico outside of ensenada. Except Jon Jarvi didn't come back. Skylar takes him down to a ravine, slits his throat and leaves him to die on the side of a road in Mexico. There never was any deal in Mexico. He took my brother down there with -- specifically with the role of murdering him. That evening after Jarvi disappears, Skylar's got to hurry back. Not home, mind you -- to jail. Don't forget, he's still in jail while this is going on so he has to hurry back from the border so he can make his nightly check-in over at the jail. My wife wakes me up, Jeff, they're -- you got to get up, your brother's been murdered in Mexico. Thinking of his last minutes. What they must've been. That's what I wake up to every night. When you think of how good of a con man Skylar was to convince this man to take out $50,000 and drive him across the border and then slit his throat and leave him to die on the side of the road, it's horrifying. Mexican police had interviewed Skylar Deleon way back in 2003 about the murder of Jon Jarvi. But that case was totally unresolved until the Newport beach case came along. I don't think John Jarvi's homicide would have ever been solved had it not been for our department getting involved. Absolutely not. But then police are looking for a break in the hawks' case. The other person they interviewed was Kathleen Harris. Kathleen Harris had no criminal background at all. She was a professional notary. Never been in trouble a day in her life. Still trying to track that book down. I just talked to them today and they're still, uh, they're still looking for it. Kathleen Harris was a notary who was introduced to the deleons. She says she was there when Skylar bought the boat from the hawks. I drove down to Newport met Skylar and his wife and, um, the couple. Her story was that Tom and Jackie hawks had signed these documents in front of her. She watched this transaction, she notarized the documents. It just didn't make sense. There's no way Kathleen Harris saw Tom and Jackie hawks. We had to interview Kathleen Harris, I want to say, four or five times and she would not come off her story. And I got there, and I just notarized the documents. Keith and I were having a pretty heated argument about it. I told him, I said, you need to have someone else interview Kathleen Harris. And he goes, fine. You want to interview her? You call her in and interview her. This is -- come on in. Hi, I'm Keith Krallman. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I just remember trying to confront her to tell the truth. I'm asking for your help. I know. Are you part of these peoples' disappearance? Did you hurt these people that are missing? No. I knew she was lying. I just -- I knew it, just by her nonverbal, her body language. There's no doubt in your mind that two people signed these documents in front of you. Right now. See, you're hesitating. No, baloney. This is what I'm talking about. Listen to me very well. Tell me right now the truth. Those people that are missing signed those documents is what you're telling me. Yes. I don't believe you. You were hesitant to begin with. Tell me the truth, Kathleen. I am. She was nervous, her voice was cracking, she was looking down. Kathleen, these people didn't sign these documents in front of you did they? When I filled out the log they have to sign it and put their thumbprints. Okay, and you took their thumbprints. I'm 90% sure. No, there's no 90%. Kathleen, there's no 90%. It's either 100% or it's nothing. You're being wishy-washy. Yes. They did. Kathleen. Give me a break. I mean, my 4-year-old could do better than this. Kathleen, no honestly. I want to know the truth. I want to know the truth. I know and I'm telling you what happened. She stuck to her story. She didn't come off it, she didn't change it. I remember Keith coming out saying, "I'm sorry," and I'm thinking, are you kidding? I go, I think you pushed her. I think we got her. The next call we got was from an attorney representing her saying that she wanted to come and make a statement. She finally says, no, we were not in the parking lot like I said before. She'd never met Tom and Jackie hawks. She was given documents and paid in cash to backdate the documents. And that was one of the most significant breaks we had in investigation, because now we knew Skylar and Jennifer never had that notarized with Tom and Jackie and that that was false. That was the first domino to fall. Then we started pressuring everybody else then, because we knew everybody else had lied to us, too. You know, likely this case very easily could have never been solved. It could have, like that, just been another unsolved missing persons' case except for one thing. Alonzo Machain. He's about to give cops the break they need to bring the convictions they need.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"A business card in Deleon's home led police to discover he'd been questioned in the murder case of Jon Jarvi, with whom he'd been jailed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68365132","title":"Skylar Deleon is linked to a third unsolved murder: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/skylar-deleon-linked-unsolved-murder-part-68365132"}