Steubenville: Verdict: Delinquent

Part 5: After the verdict, there was an outpouring of emotion, and at least one grant of forgiveness
6:57 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Steubenville: Verdict: Delinquent
Many of the things that we learned during this trial -- Reporter: Before the vehicle. That our children were saying and doing. Reporter: Before the witnesses testified. Were profane, were ugly. With aohol consumption shown. Reporter: Before the trial ever began, the high school athletes charged with rape had already won their biggest courtroom victory. Both of these defendants could have been tried in the adult court. I mean, if they were adults, they'd be going for up to 11 years and to ohio's prisons. They have already gotten a huge break. Reporter: A huge break. But also, their last. In a steubenville courtroom on sunday, the verdict. And it is the court's decision that boment th of the defendants are adjudicated delinquent beyond a reasonable doubt on all three counts as charged. It's similar to a finding of guilty in the adult court. Reporter: It provokes an outpouring of emotion. After the vehicle, before sentencing the boys, who are now felons, the judge gives them an opportunity to speak. Trent mays makes no mention of the rape he's just been convicted of. Instead, apologizing for the photos. I would truly like to apologize to -- her family, my family, and the community. No pictures should have been sent around, let alone even taken. Reporter: Ma'lik richmond responds very differently. I would like to apologize to you people. I have no intentions to do anything likthat. And I'm sorry to put you guys through this. I just -- his first instinct, was, i want to speak to that family, and he apologized in a way, unless he's a great actor, you have to say, was gin win. I watched the two boys in court and it was actually hard, I could feel for them. Reporter: Jane doe's attorney says the girl's mother had planned to stay outside the courtroom the verdict. And when she saw what happened and the emotions with the two defendants, she actually wanted to come in, because they were apologizing to her and the family and she wanted to accept th Reporter: Does she forgive him? She does. G[9ter: That's a lot. THE MOM I+l Yes. Reporter: Only the prosecutors, it seems, were not moved. We would have liked to have seen that on the night of august 12th, A LITTLE BIT OF COMPASSION For another human being. Reporter: In the end, the judge sentenced ma'lik to one year for rape. Trent mapes got one year for rape and another year for the nude photos he took of jane doe. But in a city eager for closure, the teaming will have to wait. Within hours of the verdict, ohio attorney general mike DeWINE JOLTS THE COMMUNITY, Announcing a grand jury will consideridening the case. We cannot bring finality of this matter without the conveningle of a grand jury. Reporter: What are the chances? I owe it to the community to get this other as quick as i can. But I understand that the community has to feel that justice was done. Reporter: Are you looking into charges parents for failing to supervise? I'm not going to say they will or won't. Reporter: But that does include the football coach, who -- that will include anybody who has any information about what occurred that night. Reporter: The ohio law seems pretty clear. If you know about a felony, you have an obligation, a duty, to report it, right? You have to actually have knowledge that this was a felony that is occurring. Reporter: So, is it possible trent mays and ma'lik richmond didn't even know they were committing rape? Is that why, in our pre-tile interview with sincerity in his voice, richmond told me this. I realize that I was doing wrong by drinking and partying, but I really did not -- I didn't rape anybody. I didn't witness a rape going on and if I would have thought that somebody was being raped or anything like that, I would have stopped it. Reporter: That's been a lot of the criticism of the other boys in the case. Everybody was sort of laughing at her but nobody was helping her. I really just think that everybody was just -- had a few drinks in them and they wasn' really thinking. Reporter: Nobody was thinking clearly? Yes, I think everybody was just -- out of their minds. Reporter: That may be the most troubling revelation of the whole case. The idea that some kids today are awash in a pornified social media world and may no long er know where that line is, between cool and crime. All these boys cell phones and girls cell phones contained pictures of girls and boys in various states of undress. This is just part of teen culture these days. What teens don't understand is that there are real world consequences for their online behavior. That once it's out there, you can't take it back. Reporter: The trial may be over. But the collateral damage nt coinues. Michael nodianos, who posted that hartless video, had a full ride scholarship to college. She's dead! Reporter: He has now left school. With some sober reflection, he is ashamed and embarrassembarrassed. Reporter: As for jane doe, she is ready to reclaim her real name and her life. What can you tell me about jane? Jane -- jane's a nice little neat high school girl that is a young lady, trying to have a good life and trying to move on with her life right now. She actually plays soccer. And she played this fall and she made the honor roll, which we were very concerned that she wouldn't be able to concentrate as much -- Reporter: Even in the midst of all this. Yeah, so, she did pretty well. Reporter: And before you know it, a new football season will be here. Although big game on friday night. But as the hometown team takes the field and the crowd begins to cheer, all of us may do well to remember another night, when the lights didn't shine so bright. And think of the girl who sends this message. If there's one girl that doesn't have to go through this and that message gets through to some boy to step up and protect and to sto things like this, then we've really done well.

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{"id":18795597,"title":"Steubenville: Verdict: Delinquent","duration":"6:57","description":"Part 5: After the verdict, there was an outpouring of emotion, and at least one grant of forgiveness","url":"/2020/video/steubenville-verdict-delinquent-18795597","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}