Storm chasers risk their lives to go inside the eye of Hurricane Irma

Men and women gamble big by entering the eye of the storm to collect important data to better understand these massive hurricanes.
7:45 | 09/11/17

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Transcript for Storm chasers risk their lives to go inside the eye of Hurricane Irma
I would be willing to go right into the eye of this devastating storm and others like it. Wall Storm Chasers risking their lives to get the images and often the data we need to understand the fury of these storms and where they're going. These images are from a pilot who's been up in the air since early this morning flying from Marco Island up to Naples Florida. His live stream broadcasting all day getting more than half a million views. Let's take a look. It's 11 AM and I'm. Nor side of Marco Island. And they hurt his talks with sixty miles south of us at this time of the water in the bays and it was here is sure is what else. And as the right approach is that storm Trojan comeback in overworked Marco Island by plane has run l.s estate near the bridge here. This is my ex Gabriel out of Marco Island before the storm short skits are swap plan right now in this general area. As recorded total white out conditions as their main did not a feel better about our winter approaching double or total white out white paper now coming off the channels. From salt water to the white. Followed wall of water coming down out of Markel Wallin. We're before event totaled one out now. We're finished eighty born in nineteen. Look at this Martin's opener look at this writer wannabe guys don't like rush. Don't. There's work a lot of words comics gave him more forward now. Double the water source and end endorsed by the bite of what we're coming up raffle playing elm and north by the great. Why don't like gosh it's verging millionaire. But a north play electric rose like eight feet eight feet probably five navy the last fifteen minutes but while the dollar Amal gone down north bell. The worst owners probably coming up here. Now we're about ready get counted here. At around 3 to 5 o'clock 6 o'clock twelve framers could be really really wrong here. Carries breaking apart for lying to worry or look is coming up. Pleasure. To what. First there aren't aren't long and thoughtful I'll. Trip for a sliding in the fourth quarter or 45 before president Bob whole park behind me if I'm mark. I couldn't bear that was this movable I don't honestly I won't. I'll like not foul. Part gosh. Government business. We're all just thoughtful but we're here. And we've got paralyzed available on the north side of 41 and self got a 41 and amicable way back to the northwest and common over what I won't help. Big model was born into the guy coming out of if you were he came out of because there's multiple people come Italy's culture after introducing what's happened here. I'm the okay. Are okay okay. But we've got a bucket storage bridge from water line break here. This board just announced he got a big fish rotted trees and it looks like her look like Venezuela proportional and went right here but all these trees are shredded it sweat it X rays eight big people worked and this is my fingers before hurricane. It does he took this dog about possible tornado vortex what they are look at it shredded all the trees are 41 here. This is on the road or Marco. For more thoughts on who. One of the most difficult storms I've ever traced in my forty years of tracing. And this will go down and hit traverse is like no other Burke and we Gerber chase or forecasted and had a history. Pretty dramatic images there we should point out that this is a thrill seeking at least not totally on the part of these Storm Chasers they really are in search. An important data that we can use. To act to judge where the storm is going how fast it's moving and what the conditions are like in midst of that storm and right now by the way we're getting. News that the censure of hurricane Herman is currently located fifty miles eat. East north east of Fort Myers. And Fort Myers is where our ABC's timing on this was earlier this evening where he battled winds and rain. Giving us a live report and it was really hairy for a few of those moments. General Motors ready Fort Myers at this hour just behind me know when to stop sign it was a metal stop sign. It was embedding content means he's been ripped out of the post and went flying behind me. Over here you can see it's a wideout it's very tough to see right here you can see the line of the hurricane winds. In the east to west wind continues ready knows what reason at this hour yeah I don't have a radar part of me when I don't need one. Hurricane Irma is right over right now. We we are a little more in liberalism corporate executive and concerned because there's a Marino a problem right now Pamela concern about the project out. Sort of move back inside put it this out of Fort Myers is getting absolutely. The mark Burton a curfew on Baghdad o'clock it doesn't matter who you can't beat the street right now David back to you. Well he hasn't it was it was ways similar enabled I think it was a little less been able. We're about ten feet above. Sea level right now Joseph Carter there's no type of storm surge no title look at this hour but every afternoon the storm surge comes later. Wow very dramatic images from Tommy honest and many many other reporters out in the midst of hurricane Irma and various points along Florida and many of you have obviously. I expressed concern about many of our our our colleagues' safety bears and the other reporters and their teams in the field who used his frantic moments when they try to stay safe. While bringing you the story from the front lines here's a look at how they do. Com. He's gotten all of this fall if he visited not rated single drop here all day long. The defendant you could really start to feel the wind and the rain moving. I'm getting blown away here so you know I date the Harry Morgan and that fact you're getting they still had its eyes. I can tell you what I see and what I'm feeling bad deal wouldn't be out of me. I feel guilty about this equipment that voting look at it again. If we can I want to show you a little bit about what we're seeing out here just off behind me. When that rain it's your face it really hurts guys. I believe right now then included much where the storm jury says. Yeah I'd just how far I've been done that then. I know it's pretty it's pretty dramatic here at cool all right here can't. Chairman. That's voter would just. Its winds knocked. Me out it's going to be okay. Literally armor okay. Right out not. Guideline is looking at my paralegal. Not local hockey and that's not the Miami. Good things wrong here right now I'm thing. It won't even be part ballot and yeah. That some tough conditions out there is Mecca and told us earlier tonight. It's fish like physically pummeling you when you're in out working in those conditions so everybody stay safe.

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{"id":49760279,"title":"Storm chasers risk their lives to go inside the eye of Hurricane Irma","duration":"7:45","description":"Men and women gamble big by entering the eye of the storm to collect important data to better understand these massive hurricanes. ","url":"/2020/video/storm-chasers-risk-lives-inside-eye-hurricane-irma-49760279","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}