Success: A Five-Year Journey with OCD Realized

Act 6: Five years later, ABC News' "20/20" checks in with the children who struggled with OCD.
2:56 | 05/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Success: A Five-Year Journey with OCD Realized
a bank of America near you. Reporter: This whole journey began five years ago with children consumed with fear, 9 million of them who suffer from anxiety. Rocco -- who couldn't leave the house at 8, who we got to the merry-go-round at 12. It wasn't easy, but we got him there. And just days ago, years after this journey began, we went back to that same carousel in new York's central park. Hey, Rocco. David, how you been? Reporter: You're all grown up. Good to see you. You, too. It's like we were here yesterday, right? Reporter: He got me a ticket this time. All right, let's do it. We remembered the last time I took a ride with Rocco, still a boy filled with angst. We got his mind off it, talking little league. 17-1-1. Reporter: 17-1-1. Five years later, we are talking about triumph. And what do you hope to be one day? I want to become a psychologist and help kids like I was, you know? Reporter: You're gonna help that little guy? Help that little rocco-type guy, yeah, you know. I could speak from experience. Reporter: Rocco, once so afraid of that school bus. Now driving on his own. So, the school bus used to psych you out, but now you can drive in New York City? Yeah. Reporter: That's a huge hurdle. You've got that prom next week? This Friday, coming up. Reporter: And the camera rolling as Rocco put on his tux, his bow tie. There he is, with his date. And Bridget, who we once got back into the water? Tonight, she's back home for this memorial day weekend, having finished sophomore year at Johns Hopkins university studying molecular biology. Hi, David. Just came back from school. It's nice to be home and actually be comfortable. That's not to say the OCD is completely gone, but it's definitely a lot more manageable. I'm no longer that scared little girl you came and interviewed five years ago. Reporter: There was Liz, who would punch holes in the wall, so consumed with washing her hands. Look at her now. Newly married, walking across the graduation stage, ready to help the next generation of children like her. David, I did it! I got my phd! Reporter: And Michelle, who made it to that prom? We were there when she returned to that department store she'd been so afraid of. Am I going first? I'll go first. See, I told you it wouldn't be that hard. Wow, they changed it. Let's go shopping, mom. Reporter: Tonight, she is now planning on going to college, too. All these young people, proof you can conquer your fear. But each will tell you it is a constant journey. And we thank them for taking us along on their ride. Thanks, Rocco.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Act 6: Five years later, ABC News' \"20/20\" checks in with the children who struggled with OCD.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"23852965","title":"Success: A Five-Year Journey with OCD Realized","url":"/2020/video/success-year-journey-ocd-realized-23852965"}