Former suspect, ex-lead investigator testify for defense at Holly Bobo trial: Part 5

Defense attorney Jennifer Thompson hoped to convince the jury that there was reasonable doubt that her client Zach Adams, killed Holly Bobo.
4:52 | 09/30/17

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Transcript for Former suspect, ex-lead investigator testify for defense at Holly Bobo trial: Part 5
county courthouse it is Zach Adams's turn to defend himself. His attorney, Jennifer Thompson, calls a cell phone expert. He determines that although Zach Adams's phone may have been in the same place as holly Bobo's at times on the day of the crime, at other times that day, Zach and holly's phones were far apart. At 8:17, holly's phone is over in this area. And at 8:16, Zach Adams's phone is over here, and they're miles apart, okay? Reporter: But it's not just about creating reasonable doubt -- Thompson is shooting for reasonable certainty that the real killer was someone else. For assistance she turns to Terry Dicus -- the former lead investigator removed from the case because of unwavering belief that his old nemesis Terry britt is the predator who murdered holly. In your opinion, what is the strongest evidence implicating Terry britt? He's the kidnap and rapist in Decatur county. He's the one that would be willin' to do this. Reporter: Aside from his notorious rap sheet, you'll recall that britt had a wafer-thin alibi, and the cadaver dogs alerted on his car. Who has human decomposition on two of their cars and four of the tools in their shed? Who has that? Zach didn't have that. Shayne Austin didn't have that. Reporter: Dicus makes his case to the jury. Terry britt has black hair. He weighs 200 pounds and he's six foot tall. So I got onto him because, number one -- he is the exact size of what our witness say the abductor looked like. He's capable of kidnapping her. Reporter: On cross examination he is forced to admit he knows nothing of developments in the case in the years since he left the tbi. But you can't tell us anything about the three and four years after that. You're right. I don't know what y'all have done since then. Reporter: And now the showstopper. Here's Terry britt himself brought in straight from the penitentiary to testify in court. Would you tell the jury what you're currently incarcerated for? Kidnap, attempted rape. Reporter: Britt has not forgotten Terry Dicus, the agent who hounded him for years. Do you know whether Dicus is still a tbi agent? No, he's lost his job. I wish he'd get on food stamps. I object your honor. He can say -- He almost destroyed my life. Reporter: But defense attorney Jennifer Thompson hopes to convince the jury Terry britt should be on trial here, not her client Zach Adams. When the police showed up at your house to talk with you, the first thing you said to them was, "I didn't rape nobody." Didn't you? Right. That's before they even said anything to you about what was going on, isn't it? That's right. Okay. Because you had already heard that there was a woman missing. That's right. Reporter: It's role reversal in the courtroom. The prosecutor -- practically holding her nose -- has to shoot down this defense ploy by proving britt is innocent, of this particular crime. After the searching of your house, searching of your cars, taking your computers, bugging your phone, bugging your house. Were you charged with anything to do with holly Bobo's case? No. No, ma'am. Did you kidnap, rape, murder holly Bobo? No, I didn't. I didn't know the girl. Never seen her in my life that I know of. So, after all of that, after all that, you still have to be here today, still answering questions about something that happened in 2011. Just like them cameras back there, they're gonna plaster me, lies on me from here to China, again. Did you have any doubt at all that they had charged the right people? No. None? None. You never, ever thought there's a chance it could be Terry britt? No. Why did I even have to hear about Terry Brit. Reporter: Prosecutors remind the jury no physical evidence connected Terry britt to the crime. Not a drop of blood, not a hair, not anything at all that connected him to holly Bobo. Reporter: Of course there's no blood or hair connecting Zach Adams to the crime either. And in her closing, Thompson does her best to torpedo the prosecution's case. There's no motive for Zach to have done this. The government wants you to believe that Zach is guilty on their suspicion and rumor. In this country we do not convict based on mere suspicion and rumor.

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{"id":50191979,"title":"Former suspect, ex-lead investigator testify for defense at Holly Bobo trial: Part 5","duration":"4:52","description":"Defense attorney Jennifer Thompson hoped to convince the jury that there was reasonable doubt that her client Zach Adams, killed Holly Bobo.","url":"/2020/video/suspect-lead-investigator-testify-defense-holly-bobo-trial-50191979","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}