Teen Battles Fear Her Family is Contaminated

Act 1: Doctor tries to help young girl overcome her obsessive compulsive disorder.
3:00 | 11/16/13

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Transcript for Teen Battles Fear Her Family is Contaminated
Children contaminated by their own families their friends even their everyday surroundings. Or sold their brains tell them. But telling CNN. It's -- CD. Obsessive compulsive disorder. -- -- -- settled because I couldn't touching things. Handling can't really change things can't do anything. Our -- long journey into the medical mystery has taken a million kids happy normal childhoods. To paralyzing secrets and beer. An unprecedented look into the breakthrough science. Therapy rooms and her parents never give up. If they -- all work together the final set them free plunged into darkness. A prime time limited to you. Reporting tonight. David -- Inside this suburban office building in New Jersey -- small yellow room. We're a battle is about to play out right in front of our camera. Yeah fifteen year old Bridget looks like your typical teenager on the outside. Inside she is -- to break free from unimaginable fear. And on this sticker progress is measured in inches. What do you think we'll -- Aaron. Went out c'mon look at that. They're just measuring accounts for bridging -- life every inch counts he could lean against that. Omar armrest to hear our. From an elbow to again is good. Morning -- the woman at the other -- of the sofa. It's about to move from her chair to -- -- Tell it was not something -- -- -- he is close before it. The -- what they think that they. That woman who has -- Soo terrified. He's -- own mother. Would you believe her -- somehow contaminated. And -- fears that her mother and contaminate her to. -- has been diagnosed with -- obsessive compulsive disorder for particular attention and irrational fear that her own family is somehow contaminated. And because of that contamination. She can't be -- them. -- estimated five million Americans battle obsessive compulsive disorder and doctors say about a million of them are children. How many of us have heard someone say at some point I have a little OCD but this is far different or more debilitating. Because for children who have OCD. Never lets go. And have to prove that I can do points who is -- talking about the -- CD as if it were person trying to control her. She's not gonna win this time because she's one too many times that. -- -- assistant trip amend his ideal cooled down. But -- B state BO CD is still winning Houston corpus. For bridges it's become an all consuming. My -- is taking over most of my life in the past six months I haven't been able to -- home. Any of my belongings parent home I haven't really seen any of my friends. Long before the -- Bridget. It's a beautiful little girl smiling from -- year growing up playing with her two older Brothers a star student at school and -- gifted program. The proud mother and father at home. -- standout swimmer in the school of fish and water. The first signs that all this was deemed to crack keen interest in London with -- -- mother Karen says was -- need to be perfect school. Everything had to be untrue or if she had to know every selling learned. Then all of a sudden she started to notice that her books have to be in the second plane and she didn't want certain things -- she noticed that you're. The bit of a perfectionist had to do everything perfectly with school work. Surprisingly we're able to stand right next to project as we talked to -- -- -- -- her own family for doctor says this proves just how irrational the OCD can be. We're just mind is fixated on her own family and the OCD won't let go. Eight. Grade miraculously it was. Too much better so I stopped taking medicine stopped going to the therapist and then that's when this came up. -- OCD would come back with a vengeance. This time for fear it morphed into contamination. The contamination. And think about as being something that's dirty radiation or something like that its brands budget projection numbers and Alan -- Her convergence case how do you go from. Being a perfectionist. To someone who can't. Touch her parents can even be in the same homer but it seems so extreme you have to think about OC -- sort of entering entering a person's mind and looking around and seeing. Saying -- where can I cause trouble and so what better way for IO -- to torture than to say you can't be in the same home two of them. The doctor reminds project to -- I -- the prize and all of the things she's had to give up her family been for months and she's been home. She lives with her grandmother nearly an hour away. And all of that swimming she loved -- time in the pool. She's been forced to give that to. He can go anything. With the student. -- -- Who. Runs -- that in turn. -- so many parents 86 machine. It's overwhelming he really didn't tally. Encompasses. Everything in life and how light didn't you -- it could grow to where it's weird games now. The treatment we are allowed to witness it rarely shared on camera. -- cold exposure and response prevention therapies. Richard must expose yourself to -- -- to desensitize yourself getting closer to her mother one inch at a time -- -- -- The last week that it. Richard can talk she wanted to -- on the couch. He -- want her mother didn't want either. Now you tomorrow it's. And -- costs for Bridget he's been in of itself is remarkable progress. During the last visit -- mother couldn't even sit on the couch at all. Check of the room much like. Mom just -- how something BL OC gave me she believes more -- hear -- -- actually as. And what we lower numbers nearly yearlong journey is that project is hardly alone in her fight against OCD. But could of course it was just eight years old when his mother took this video of him. Well I don't remember get the phone and I don't remember at least get them. Iraq -- obsession revolves around the fear of getting sick. The fear about what could happen when he leaves for school. -- -- -- -- -- -- What I can't run I don't remember exactly what it. -- The fear is relentless in hand yeah. And I say. -- -- his mother to repeat yourself to keep reassuring him that everything will be okay but even the most loving moms can break Q. What I said I don't know what I. Why we do that this video was taken just weeks before his diagnosis. Buckled as -- CD to. His fear of what if consumes him. His parents told us it started it was just. Fine. I'll never forget going to carnival he was on a merry go -- client. Think you're supposed to have fun -- -- this kid crying and. And even now with times when he answered questions it's really hard to have the patience and you know -- -- flying. And so I get over is not an off for a headache and you know what you have to -- yeah. Tiny I don't know what you're saying I don't remember what I said about the -- you'll have a great day why do you do this is an incumbent -- -- What is your home this is like you -- like the school board. Coming from San Jose but I can't live like this government when god. And the word of what we did no better -- -- -- -- Parents torment watching their little boy struggled to get past his anxiety all of this -- and on this morning -- as he did -- for the school yet. Go about it. We -- -- McCann built two for four to struggle just to get out of bed for school. Just fifteen when she was diagnosed her obsession is being clean. Scrubbing herself into her skin is raw. And just one round of this. He's never -- So frustrated some warnings. She punches holes in the wall. This Washington who still have to take a shower. And -- -- her outfit. Some of these answer on this -- -- contained in this -- -- is he takes several hours even on a good just to get out of the house. -- -- -- -- -- -- Many innocent sheriff from fourteen years old and ever -- me. And finally we met Michelle can't even get to school it's hard for her even -- in public would -- be able to open the door. -- -- -- Melinda when we combat what -- whom is Michelle still afraid. How could a department store settle for panic attacks and nightmares. And why this -- bleed thoughts of giving them. The literary and click and living in.

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{"id":20911723,"title":"Teen Battles Fear Her Family is Contaminated","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 1: Doctor tries to help young girl overcome her obsessive compulsive disorder.","url":"/2020/video/teen-battles-fear-family-contaminated-20911723","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}